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  1. I just wanted to add... In some of the online reviews, the reviewers stated that the sound is slightly louder than the more muted Taylormade Sim. Which is true. It is louder, but certainly not in an annoying way (in my opinion). Yesterday afternoon, I was on the range hitting balls with the Zx5 and a few other clubs. While I was hitting, one of our course marshals came up behind me to tell me that he loved how it sounded. I am not sure if I've ever had someone come over to me to tell me that they liked the sound of any club I was hitting. I just thought th
  2. My mistake. You are correct. Although, I do feel that everyone is chasing Vokey at this point and has been for the past 15-20ish years. Cleveland really faded into the background for a while for some reason. I, for one, am really happy that they are back in a big way.
  3. Ha ha. Amen to that. A friend upgraded his iron set from some of the old (non +) Eye2's about a year ago. He gave me his old set to give to a junior golfer or someone who needed a set and couldn't afford decent clubs. I took them to the range and course for 9 holes and could not believe how much I still like the Eye 2's. They still suit my eye after all these years, and they feel softer that I remember them feeling. When I hit a set of Game Improvement irons that are bigger or more offset, it makes me concentrate on hitting the center of the big face, which has always been
  4. I am not sure about the Spinner shaft specs, but I am assuming that it is less heavy and less stout than some traditional wedge shafts. The last few shafts that I have tried were KBS Tour V wedge shaft, the old standard Dynamic Gold wedge flex shaft, the dynamic gold s200 that was accidentally put into my PM grind wedge, and the KBS hi-rev (this was in a friend's set.) I have always thought that the lighter the shaft, the less control I have of trajectory. However, I can flight this spinner shaft low or high pretty easily. I honestly think that the weight has more to do with spin
  5. I haven't played the PXG. In the past 5 years, I've played the Epic SZ, bought the Cobra F8+ (super underrated driver) only to have my high school son put it in his bag, and the Ping G410.
  6. I am going to be accused of being a Srixon/Cleveland fanboy because I just posted a rave review of the Zx5 Driver. (I may well rave about the Zx Fw and Hybrids later too!) I am not a fanboy and will always play with whatever equipment I like the most. But I do need to say something about these RTX Zipcores. I know. I'm late to the party. These wedges have been out for some time now, but I am just starting to play again after some injuries and a wet wet winter. I'll give you a little background and then some of my thoughts on the looks, the sound and feel, the features, and the perf
  7. I actually hit the 5 and the 7 very similarly. I much prefer the shallower and slightly longer look of the 5. I am always hearing that "better players" prefer the deeper, more pear-shaped heads. Short Rant: (in no way is meant to be a criticism of your post, it's just something that I have taken note of.) I am a low single digit handicapper and work in the golf industry. I personally like a bigger shallower head. I like FW woods that are low profile and hug the ground. I personally don't mind offset, chunky clubs at all. Like many, I grew up in the early 90's when nearly all
  8. The Srixon is stock at 45.25. The stock Ping is .5 longer, but the one I have is maybe .25 longer.
  9. I've had my Zx5 for the past few weeks. I'll give you a little background and then my thoughts on looks, feel and sound, performance and my overall assessment. I've been playing the Ping G410 Plus since about the time it came out, (1.5-2ish years?) I totally do not need to replace the G410. It's been one of my favorite drivers ever. Srixon/Cleveland have been one of my favorite companies lately with high quality irons and wedges, but I haven't had any experience with the metalwoods and hybrids. My curiosity was piqued when the local rep told me that some of the Srixon staff are rav
  10. I agree 100%. RTX 3 and 4 both felt lighter and more harsh in my opinion. These have a heftier feel on the end of the DG Spinner shaft, but they feel so much more satisfying to hit. They have that softer feel that a lot of players seem to really crave. I asked for mine to be 2 degrees flat with the standard length. (More players should consider this. Manufacturers have been sneakily making wedges and irons with a more and more upright lie angle for years. Check your specs and get fit.) These sole on the ground as good as any vokey ever. These are really r
  11. Marketing is certainly starting to evolve over the past few years. A few years ago, every driver was marketed as the longest, hottest face, Jailbreak, Speedfoam, Urethane Microspheres, blah blah blah. I think companies are starting to be more honest about reaching the limits of distance and now we are seeing more manufacturers talking about maximizing ball speeds across the entire driver face. Stability, consistency, spin-consistency, and forgiveness are the bigger buzzwords. I have to admit, as I've been trying out drivers this year, I haven't once really been concer
  12. I've been on again and off again struggling with a set of irons for this year. I had a talk with the local Srixon rep and he asked if he could bring a set for me to demo for a few weeks. I was blown away. I called and ordered immediately Not only are they great looking, but they don't have gimmicks or frills all over them. They look simple down next to the ball. I have the Modus 120's in them and the feel is unreal. This might sound hyperbolic, but these irons offer the most pleasing feel of any iron I have ever hit. Muscle back or Muscle Cavity, these feel as good or better than anythi
  13. The G410 is my first Ping driver and I am loving it. I originally received it with the Tensei Orange because I am a fairly low spin player. I had a Aldila Rogue Black Shaft laying around and purchased the Ping adapter for the G410 to put in it. I have to say that I like the Rogue a bit better than the Tensei. The Rogue has been my favorite shaft in my last 2 drivers (Epic SZ and M2.) I haven't seen the launch monitor numbers with both shafts side by side, and I don't need to. I like the feel with the Rogue better and for whatever reason, I have been quite a bit more accurate and prob
  14. I just tried the 785's for the first time over the past week. They felt fine on the range, but when I took them onto the course, I was blown away by the feel and performance. I've had them on the course the past few days after work for a few holes, and can't stop being impressed by them. Knowing that they are $300 cheaper than Mizuno's and $500 cheaper than the Apex 19's; makes me feel like they are comparatively a great bargain. They have the most solid and soft feel of anything that I have hit recently and are surprisingly forgiving. I can't say enough about these clubs.
  15. > @Zigzog said: > They are great clubs, I still use mine every so often. Played with them in July - shot 1 under and hit some great iron shots. > > No reason not to use them, just adjust the club you are hitting to take account of the old school lofts and you will be golden. > > I just like new gear, part of the hobby. I Never buy new clubs because I need them! I agree. I love new gear. I love to learn about it and try it. I normally don't spend a lot of time trying to hit the new Game Improvement Irons. Everyone that I talk to (or read comments from on Golfwrx)
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