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  1. I bought a new SM 4.5 bag, and I have a question. Do you guys spray anything on it to protect the fabric, or to prevent it from fading? I want to use some kind of protectant on it, but I am not sure what would be best for dirt or fading. Any recommendations?
  2. A buddy of mine was a SM 2.5 because he likes the orange color (as do I for the record). However, he never walks the course at all. Has anyone tried putting a 2.5 on a cart, and if you have, did it work? I am trying to talk him out of buying it because it just does not seem like it would work well on a cart.
  3. I have narrowed down my list to three bags; The Ping Hoofer 14, Sun Mountain 4.5 or the Titliest Hybrid 14. A little about me, I ride most of the time, and I have a push cart that I use when I do walk. Also, I want a stand bag because I find they are much more convenient than cart bags. I don’t k ow anyone who has had the Ping or Titliest, but I have heard great things about the 4.5. Please let me know things, good or bad, about the bags and your recommendation.
  4. I really like the white/blue/red hoofer 14, but wonder how hard it would be to keep the white clean. Does anyone know? I really like the bag, but I would want the white to stay as clean as possible. I was not sure if anyone has tried cleaning theirs in the past, or have any tricks to keeping it clean. thanks!
  5. Have you tried the Sun Mountain C130S? It seems like it was designed for this exact purpose.
  6. I am a 12 handicapper that plays a 4 x a month, and I consistently miss on the toe side. I also have a swing speed in the upper 90s or so. What shaft/head would work best with this miss/swing speed?
  7. Has anyone hit both? I want/need a forgiving driver, and I have hit the the 425, and it is impressive. I never hit the G400 Max, but I was curious if it was in the same ball park. For half the price of the 425, I am thinking about getting one of those before I buy a brand new driver (I think it is crazy the cost of drivers these days.)
  8. Does anyone have this bag, and if so, what are the pros and cons of it? I need a new bag, and I really like the Sun Mountain C130. However I do not like any of the colors of the C130. I really like on of the color combos on the Mizuno, but I have never had a Mizuno bag. Any feedback you can give me would be greatly appreciated. There are a not a lot of information out there for the bag. Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the delay in responding. Covid has been rough and I had my bout with it. The reason I question it is that pink dot on the head. It appears to be something that goes inside the head, but yet when I look online I cannot see another TS3 where that object is there. Does anyone know what that is?
  10. I bought a Titliest TS3 preowned from rockbottomgolf.com. I went out to hit it today, and man the sound just sounded louder than I remember it being. It made me start to think that maybe this thing is not a real Titliest. Is there a way of telling if my club is counterfeit? It has a serial number, but I am not sure of a way to tell for sure that this thing is legit. Thanks!
  11. I have the original P790 irons with Project X 5.5 shafts in them (not a shaft fitted to me). I played with a friend of mine and he had C Taper Lite shaft in his irons. I hit a few shots with his irons, and loved the feel of the shaft. what are the differences in the C Taper Lite and the Px 5.5s? I was considering reshafting one of my irons as a bit of a test, but I am not a "shaft guy". I thought you guys on here may be able to help me know if there would even be enough of a difference to make a change. Thanks!
  12. I finally got an email back from them. They will not apply the store credit to anything that has already been purchased.
  13. I am wanting to buy a golf club with Rock Bottom Golf, but I also want to trade a club in and get store credit to take advantage of the 25% extra they are offering right now. Can that be done? I assume I would pay for the club I want up front, and then if approved, they can use the store credit towards me purchase I already made? I have done this with Global golf before, but at RBG it looks like they are two seperate transactions. I tried to reach out to RBG today, but did not get an answered call or an answered email. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
  14. As much as they charge for those things you would think they would get the paint right
  15. Yeah I think the 2020 Charcoal looks better myself. I may have to look out for one.
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