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  1. When I had my bruised rib it took about a month and 1/2 to heal... but since i started swinging the golf club before my Rib was totally healed it took me about another month to get my impact position back to where it was.. my advice to you is wait until your rib is completly healed to start playing again
  2. I just saw it on T.V. last week, and i live in Va Interesting... I haven't seen it on TV here in US... How was the ending? did it have the Nice.com.HK at the end or only the Nike.com?? I'm surprised to see it playing on US airtime... Probably it hasn't gotten much airtime and seems a little old too, out of date... I could see the guy from the 19th Hole, Steve Duemig I believe, ripping Michelle for that add... (Not to turn it into a bash fest... let's keep it friendly! :)) No, it didn't have the Nike.Com.HK at the end but I remeber it having the subtitles(the English ones), and the s
  3. I just saw it on T.V. last week, and i live in Va
  4. Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, And My Dad Augusta
  5. Masters: Tiger Woods US Open: Henrik Stenson British Open: Geoff Ogilvy PGA: Adam Scott
  6. None.. I "tossed" a club once and lets just say my dad didnt allow me to play golf for about a month so, ill never break or even throw a club anymore
  7. Is there a difference in grooves, i kno the retail irons have an a groove or sumthin? do the tour issue have that aswell?
  8. Ok, heres the deal ive been playing with these old wilson staff blades. They feel solid when, but very hard. What are some new blades I should consider buying? P.S. im a big Titleist fan, but love the Mizuno feel
  9. Congressional Country Club Blue and Gold Chevy Chase Club
  10. Golf has brought my Dad and I close together. I just turned 18, but when I was younger my Dad and I would fight alot. My parents split up when I was about 6, and there were a few years where my Dad and I didnt even speak. But ever since I started playing about a year and 1/2 ago, we have grown very close. Sometimes when im having a bad round or ive hit a bad shot he will make comments which I kno hes trying to help but they end up just pissing me off. After awhile ive just learned to block it out and enjoy our time together, and realize that hes only trying to help. And sometimes.. his commen
  11. Adam Scott !! http://s8.invisionfree.com/Adam_Scott/inde...&s=&f=4 - Fan forum Tiger Woods Camilo Villegas Geoff Ogilvy
  12. Well Greg Norman makes some very good microfiber shorts/pants, and as far as warmer shirts.... i just go with underarmor
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