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  1. It's a great shaft if the profile fits you, very smooth mid/mid kinda shaft. A note on the weight, they are 116g in stiff but start at 35.0" at the wedge vs. 120g in 6.0 at 37.0" in the wedge. Cut weight of the 1150 will be heavier then the Project X 6.0 at the same playing length.
  2. STi2 are legit! Toe is more pronounced in the wedges PW and GW . Love the sole grind. Looking down at the 6i and it's straight up players cavity look to me! Paired mine with Nippon 1150 S straight in......took a bit of headweight to get them where I wanted, but they are super smooth and easy to hit!
  3. Isn't MBI matching the same thing as "heft" matching? I've been doing 3/8" and 0.5 increase in SW for a while (caveat = must be using same shafts and grips). Seems to work well with slightly longer short irons and slightly shorter long irons. CW shafts help and I prefer them to AW. I've tried to use the lighter weight steel shafts and middling graghite (85-105g) with limited success. I need heavier steel shafts. I've always considered this heft matching. I have no experience with an MOI machine but do have a SW scale. It's useful if one has a basic understanding of what you need up fro
  4. Someones got an ol lady with really sharp fingernails....warning scratch?
  5. ode1

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Nice write up on Sub 70 Golf in Midwest Golfing Magazine? I was not expecting an article on Sub 70 in this magazine but it's cool they hilited a small business from the Midwest!
  6. 5 - Ping, TM, Maltby, Acer, Wishon It changes quite a bit, typically 6 or 7 with a Yes putter but I have a Maltby in the bag right now as well as a Maltby 5w where typically it's TEE. My apologies to the "OCD" people?
  7. Have you ever played the Bull? If not, curious your thoughts on it after you've played it!
  8. If you go the Janesville route.....Glen Erin is a fun course to play.
  9. Love talking Lawsonia strategy?, depending on tees and wind.....4 can be a run up hole, at least the more sensible play to be short and by the mouth of the green.....and on 3, being a smaller green (for Lawsonia anyways), if I'm out of position or in the rough it can be a really hard green to hold and playing short is the most sensible play. I really like the shorter par 4,s there as the greens are smaller and harder to hit! I really enjoy #2 with the blind tee shot and run up options.
  10. It's def firm and fast and drains as good as any course I've played. As far as the ground game, while there are a few holes that are run up holes, the majority are not....I know you can run it up, but the wiser play is to fly it on the green. 2, 5, 9, 10, 11, 16, 18....all holes that invite running it on. 1, 3, 4, 12, 14 are run-upable, but IMO very narrow openings and not the percentage play if going high is an option. 6, 7, 8, 13, 15, 17 offer virtually no chance to run up......I guess 7 you could land short of the green and run up but I would not choose that option, and the rest are fa
  11. This is what gets me. When I overlook wash co. It has a links feel to it, but after thinking about it and other points made, it's really not! Still love it though!
  12. I would have thought that they used the sand from the woodlands bunkers to supplement the bunkers on the Links.
  13. Prairie style that's what I was looking for, thank you......I am going to refer to it as a Prairie Style?
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