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  1. Thanks for all the replies.....I was just curious about this finish and how it was gonna hold up. My Eye2's are 20 years old and they don't hardly show wear at all !!!!
  2. character or eye soreI finally got to play a couple rounds with the Callaway FT irons that I got for Christmas and I really love them. Very solid feel and good control. My only complaint is the sole of these irons look terrible after just a couple strokes. Obvious scratches on the shiney chrome finish. Is there any way to polish these scratches off or is this just something that is expected with a finish like this. Thanks
  3. 4-SW, as new.I have for sale my set of Callaway FT irons, 4 thru SW (8 clubs) with the Nippon 1100 Uniflex shafts. Standard L/L. I got these clubs last fall from Callaway Pre-Owned.com, listed as "Like New" . For those of you that have experience with CPO.com, you know that Like New means NEW. I couldn't tell that these clubs had been ever used when I received them. I have yet to play my first round with these irons, but have hit 2 buckets of range balls. My loss is your gain. $650 $625 $600 shipped to you. Reasonable offers with be entertained.
  4. I had been out of the game since 2004 and I was amazed at the differences in equipment that was available last year when I got back in the game. I had never even heard of a hybrid !!! Had no idea what they were....
  5. I've got a set of Vokey's (50, 54, 60) and I'm thinking about setting them aside for my old Eye 2 wedges.....
  6. Nystagmus


    I think I'm about to pull my Vokeys and replace them with Eye 2's...
  7. Go with the Eye 2's !!! They can't be beat for old-school clubs....
  8. WOW....you guys are blowing up my e-mail with all the replies to this thread. I guess I can relate this to my other expensive hobby...competition shooting. I have about $7k wrapped up in a pistol, rifle and shotgun. They are all highly customized and designed for the sport I shoot in. Yea, I could participate with 3 guns that I bought at Wal-Mart....but you do everything you can to get that extra edge over the competition.
  9. what's all the hype ?????Does no one play regular clubs anymore ??? Everything I see one here is "my Tour XXX driver...". I'm not bashing anyone for playing them or wanting the best. I'm just not equipment-savy enough to understand the difference. For instance, last year I bought a Callaway FT-5 driver....first new driver in 5 or 6 years. I like the club....hit it well....just wondering if a Tour model or a TA model would really be an upgrade for me ??? I hit the FT-5 straight.....I hit it long (for me, 250-270 approx.) . I shoot upper 70's-low 80's. I strike the ball well. Someone fill me in on the significance of these "tour" clubs.... Thanks
  10. Two nights ago I booked our summer vacation for 2010 at Myrtle Beach. Nice resort, beach for the kids, bar at the pool for me . Thought I may get to squeeze in an afternoon of golf if the wife allows. Fast forward to today.....My wife comes home this afternoon and says: Guess who's going on vacation with us ??? It's her sister and her snooty husband that makes literally 10x what I do (and I hate him for it !!!) Anyway....my first thoughts were maybe he and I could sneak away a couple days and play golf on some nice courses at Myrtle. Then I realized how bad I want to beat his a** !!! I'm a decent gamer, usually shoot in the high 70's or low 80's. As much as this stiff works, there is no way he has time to practice or play much. I will show him no mearcy !!! Am I wrong for this ???
  11. I may have to upgrade my FT-5 to a FT-9 for the muted sound alone...The 5 sounds like a .22 rifle when you strike one square !!!!
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