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  1. Never heard of doing this- I'm assuming it "deadens" the sound at impact?
  2. Nice- those irons were the $h!# when I was a kid. They're in great shape! I need to stop by Goodwill this morning on the way in!
  3. Relisted- Some forum members were nice enough to educate me on the value of my club-
  4. Mine was the many years at the father son tournaments with my bro and my dad. Dad's gone now, but I'll never forget.
  5. I've always have a blade- but I keep it in my pocket, not my golf bag! I have always and probably will always play blades. Grew up on them, and can't allow myself to "give in" and get some GI irons. Maybe when I'm really old and have no ball striking ability left I'll try CBs... Nah- who am I kidding, I'm a purist
  6. It's fun for me, but sorta, kinda a little bit of an addictive activity. I play every round with the intent to try to shoot par (which I have only done once in my life, so it's kind of ridiculous). I probably put too much pressure on myself because I'm so focused on playing well. I really can't just go out and play for pure fun- I'm always trying to play as well as I can.
  7. I'm assuming a "good lookin birdie" is hitting the green in regulation then dropping the putt. If you knock it in from off the green or from a horribly lucky approach, I guess that is an "ugly" one... The ugly ones are much more entertaining!
  8. I play alone quite a bit- it's relaxing to me. But I guess it kind of depends on your course. Mine allowed singles most weekdays, anytime.
  9. Yikes, I thought ity was just me! I can't pass a flipped up divot without flipping it down and patting it into place. Fix as many ball marks on green that I see near my line. I carry a wet towel and each club is cleaned before being put back in bag- my clubs are never dirty!
  10. GP full cords are my suggestion. All weather, they seem firmer to me than typical rubber.
  11. I think that's kind of a sign of the times. Not too many petty thieves even know what a high quality set of clubs goes for! No interest in golf whatsoever!
  12. Oh man... At least for me, once I start thinking about how far I'm hitting my driver, the idiot gorilla swings start to show up...
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