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  1. Cobra King Forged One length 5 thru gap wedge, plus 56* and 60* wedges. 5-gw are shafted with KBS 110 gram Tour in regular plus shafts. REGULAR + is in between regular and stiff flex. These are factory installed, original shafts. Cobra King One MIM 56* sandwedge is shafted with KBS HI REV 115 gram shaft Cobra King One 60* lob wedge is shafted with KBS Tour Flight 120 gram shaft 5 thru 56* sandwedge are griped with midsize tour wrap grips 60* lob wedge has original Cobra grip. 5-sandwedge are in used but good condition. No major nick or chrome loss. Sandwedge is in excelle
  2. I just got the Mizuno Tour 14 way stand bag....pretty sure its made by Vessel. It is a little heavy, but very functional and extremely well made!
  3. Well.... I felt much better last week. So i decided to go play. Hit a block drive on one into right rough behind a palm tree. Nice punch wedge, left me 105yds to a receptive green. Thats a good yardage for my gap wedge....hit a good shot..to about 15 feet, kept posture. Then....I stood up and immediately felt my low back seizing. By the time i got to green....i decided to call it, couldnt address the ball to putt. Went to chiropractor a few days later...he told me my left hip was 1'' higher than the right! Felt way better after adjustment. I have 2 more adjustment
  4. Thanks for the replies! All good and positive. I know managing expectations will be a large factor going forward. Practice will be my focus for at least the next month. Aloha
  5. Well, been playing this game for 32 years. Got down to a 4 in my middle 30's.....now 62. Though for the past year and half been playing more like a 10. But the last 3 months ...along with a nagging back issue, im barely breaking 90. The game has become more frustrating than fun. Distance not really an issue. I just have no idea where the driver going! My chipping and pitching have become horrible too. Honolulu has very poor practice facilities, all mats, with eggs for balls....or I would consider range time for a few months. I think I'm ready to look for another sport
  6. Izod slim fit Z Series might fit you’re needs!
  7. I put this exact set together this week! looking forward to trying them out tomorrow.
  8. Yes, both are great putters! The X5 is a hotter face....so im hoping i dont leave as many putts short.
  9. Hawaii municipal, daily fee and private courses are closed. i agree walking should be allowed.
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