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  1. It's a great club. High ball flight, soft landing. Great out of the rough. Look on tour, Brendan Steele, Fleetwood, Dufner, Jessica Korda, and many others are using them. Dustin Johnson has also been testing one.
  2. Greg - Like you, I've been grounded. Do you miss the travel? I miss the people and going places, but not the airplanes. Love your work, always look forward to seeing it. I did missed seeing you in Hilton Head this year. All the best. Maury
  3. Streelman was hitting balls at Sea Pines this past Sunday, said Watney was just the beginning, more would come.
  4. I live in Sea Pines and get to play HT a couple times a month. I played it yesterday with the Sunday pin placements. The greens were holding and very fast. Lots of trees have been removed and they grassed in some sandy areas on 2,5,6,& 15. I think they went a little too far and made it easier, for tour event. It was in great shape and as always a lot of fun.
  5. And I'm sure he will G6 into town.
  6. One of my playing partners in the Pro-Am is Joe Rice. He parks his yacht at the entrance of the harbor and it's a tight fit. His yacht is 130 ft. Tiger's is 155ft, so maybe it would fit?
  7. I live near the course. It was so pure for the April date. When they canceled and rescheduled, they got the rye grass out so the bermuda could take over. It's been sitting empty since mid March and it looks like a green bermuda grass rug. Greens look as smooth as a pool table. I'm lucky to be playing it the Tuesday after the tournament. Rumors are Tiger would stay on his yacht and helicopter in. Only problem, not many places to land a helicopter in Sea Pines.
  8. The tournament has some great commits. Rory, DJ, Koepka, Justin Thomas, Rahm, and Speith. 155 commits with one spot held open just in case Tiger commits. Should be interesting to watch them play Harbour Town with Bermuda grass and no grandstands.
  9. Their goal is to own all the land from the club to I-20.
  10. Only thing worse than iron covers is an amateur with his name stitched on his golf bag.
  11. I play in the UK 7-8 times a year, never swap wedges.
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