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  1. I'm with you on this one. I grew up gaming the TM burner tour irons from 93'. Every couple years they make it back into my bag for a season. I am so glad I still have them, and other than the juiced up lofts of my T200 irons...I don't see much of a difference at all. Iron technology to me is a hoax. I do believe fairway woods and drivers have come a long way, however they are maxed out now as well. @Stephen8802 said it best: "Grab the clubs you want, hit the ball, and if you find it, hit it again."
  2. I felt bad for Scotty Cameron's social media pages when he missed that 3 footer...gonna get some low blows from the peanut gallery on those 'Another tourney won with our putter!' posts haha
  3. Dude grass and mud still on the bottoms of the shoes...haha. COME ON MAN!!!!
  4. PayPal claim opened and seller has approved refund. Case closed. Thanks all for the advice and help on this!
  5. Thank you for the advice guys. Seems like I should go through PayPal to ensure protection.
  6. Absolutely will. Plan on returning the club today. Question for anyone that has been through something like this before, do I need to open a claim with PayPal to ensure I am protected before I ship the club back? We agreed over the phone that I would return the club and he would refund me once he received it...
  7. Spoke to Gofrogs20 just now. Seems like a standup guy and he is going to take care of this for me with a full refund.
  8. Box is a typical driver box, 48 1/2” x 6x 6 so not sure on why it would cost that much to ship. I live in the heart of Sonoma County right near Sonoma State University so not exactly a rural part of CA by any means. Box has no impact damage at all, just your typical “squoosh marks”. And yes the headcover was on snuggly when I opened her up last night
  9. Nope I paid Goods and Services so I can file a claim if need be. I’m hoping he realizes he made a mistake and is willing to make it right without a claim. We will see...
  10. I sent him an honest PM addressing the issue and to see why he did not disclose this in the ad...no response yet
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