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  1. Bringing you 7 items today…not to be confused with my newest wedge project: Jordan Retro Cement IV’s brand new size 13…I’m not cool enough for these. $SOLD Adidas CodeChaos brand new size 13…I play in vans who am I kidding??? $100 Wilson Milled 8802 35” slight brush marks on sole…I’m not as good as Phil. $SOLD Brand New Ping Scottsdale Anser Limited Edition Manganese Bronze 35” Original headcover and all stickers still on grip and head…collecting is hoarding to me. $115 Brand New Limited Edition 35" Bobby Grace Golf NGK B
  2. Nice to see my workbench isn't the only one getting bombarded with kids art projects! GLWS
  3. Gotta love the mid-round classified post! We’ve all been there haha. GLWS
  4. Will most likely ship with UPS. Only trades would be for other NIB Jordans (size 13) NIB Jordan Retro V's Metallic (Only selling cuz I got the Cement IV's) Size 13 With original box $265 Titleist Driver and Fairway Cover Set White Leather Some use but overall still in great condition $SOLD
  5. Sorry to hear about the shoulder man, hope it’s a speedy recovery
  6. Haha thank you Sir, put in a massive turf section myself when I redid my backyard and somehow convinced the wife we needed a putting green as well! Score one for the GolfWRX husbands!
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