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  1. 29y and my left knee would swell like clockwork on the 15th hole. Tried a friend's push cart and never looked back. Between back and knee problems walking is better than riding but that sun mountain micro cart kept me on the course.
  2. Good to know. Thanks for the feedback
  3. Is that a carry model. Any idea if those sit well on a push cart or cart? I mostly walk but on the rare occasion I push or ride I don’t want to have a backup bag.
  4. I saw on Instagram too. I went back and looked through their other social media, website, etc and couldn’t find anything. I did sign up for emails about blind draw items (on the page for the item you wanted there’s an input for alerts) and they mentioned they’d be posting things to the Blind Draw Sale section of their website regularly.
  5. Looks like Jones did another blind draw sale yesterday afternoon. Was 15h late according to IG and everything was sold out. Missed by a couple days back in January too (I need to figure out an alert or something) Shot in the dark but......if anyone out there who got a stand or carry bag and absolutely hates it PM me, I'm interested. Otherwise, would love to see what comes out of the mystery boxes for those who were able to pounce on this.
  6. All PMs responded to. Would like to ship today
  7. With the correct adapter it's 8.5* Only the head is for sale. The shaft and adapter are with a friend who is keeping his fly z+ For reference. http://www.cobragolf.com/fly-z-plus-driver
  8. Bad golfers don't need 2 drivers! After a torrid affair with the Fly Z family this winter I've settled on...the 910D3 I've had for years. Not that this wasn't a great club, it really does everything you've heard about on the boards. I played around and cut an 1.5" down and built up the grip and it was point and shoot for a few weeks there. But then you realize you're shooting 85 no matter what so you just look rediculous in the parking lot gauging the wind or whatever nonsense trying to decide which driver will perform best in those conditions...just hit it in the trees and move on jerk! S
  9. Mid cap. Switched from DG S400 to CT S+ and it was immediate benefit. I fight high launch high spin w my irons and the CT brought both down. Huge difference in the wind. Gained a club length easy because the ball stopped ballooning and dropping. Granted I wasn't properly fitted into the S400 but free is free so you make it work.
  10. Have utx through my bag and would say tackiness is minimal.
  11. I play the RIP 72 alpha 910 D3. Nothing has knocked it out but I did play around w a friends ahina/whiteboard bc I love that combo in my 910 5w. Here's how i would describe the difference and coming from the RIP I think you'll know what I mean; I can hit the RIP high when I want to, but it's naturally a lower, boring trajectory. I don't think I've ever connected w the RIP and been surprised what the ball did-point and shoot. I can hit the ahina/WB low but it wants to go higher. it feels really similar to the RIP throughout the swing but that higher launch always throws me. It's not a bad
  12. moncou

    Fall River CC

    Saw this as well, plus some really reasonable full membership rates. Not familiar at all w the course but it's a short ride from me. Have a couple of friends considering as well but they're a good 45-50 min drive from FR. For me this would be more about finding a game and playing sub 4 hour rounds again.
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