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  1. I think it’s been brought up here already but I wanted to second that when I made the switch it was 100% because conditions and my swing demanded a shot I couldn’t produce with the GIs I was playing. Hard, tight lies and lots of wind. Trajectory started to be more and more important and with my Callaways I just couldn’t get them through the wind. MP59s with C-Tapers did the trick. Maybe the shaft alone would have sufficed, but the combo worked really well and helped me score better. If I hadn’t moved to a region with wildly different conditions I probably wouldn’t have switched.
  2. I tried this a few years ago with a Fly Z+ that I cut down to play at 44.25” Found I had a lot more control of ball flight; high or low, draw or fade...when I was swinging well. problem was the misses ended up much worse than my normal 3w. A bad 3w lost 20y and might have been in rough. A bad chop’d driver went off the world. I wish I’d held onto it, and I might build another one some day because there are courses I play where I never need 3w off the deck and the extra club or two off the tee to a target would probably net 1-2 shots a side. tldr: play
  3. Winter season at my home course is colder, wetter, but most importantly WINDY. I usually alternate Z Star XV in with my TP5 and Vice Pro gamers. The Z xv tends to hold its line better on the persistent 1-2 club wind days. I don’t feel like I have the same control on approach shots but when the wind is that strong you’re playing for the ball to release anyway.
  4. https://www.golfwrx.com/630688/adidas-launches-limited-edition-zx-8000-golf-shoe/ There's always a link. My bad. I need to try any spikeless because with my messy footwork I need to be nailed to the ground so might be a while before I can pick these up.
  5. Maybe I missed them but did Adidas ever release a golf version of their ZX trainers? with everything Nike has done creatively with their golf line I’m surprised the most we’ve seen from Adidas is a superstar model.
  6. Glad to hear you’re feeling stronger and back in the course. That ‘snap’ will come back in time. be well
  7. I'm five years removed from a back injury, in those five years I got healthy but had a job change and started family. Goes without saying clubhead speed went from, pretty good to 'I can see your club head through your whole swing old man.' I'm at a point where I can start to play more but my clubs are still built for the old swing, speed, and back. I loved heavy clubs that I felt like I could just rip through the zone without every worrying about a hook. Now they feel like tree trunks and until I get back into golf shape I've got huge yardage gaps because my 4-6i are about 10y apar
  8. Caddied for a few months at a nice private club that had boxes posted on the 1st and 10th with really nice, high quality plastic tees. Members would grab a fistful going off and again at the turn. Of the group of guys I carried for maybe one of them would pick up more than one or two of them a side. I’d just tidy up as I went along and ten years later I still use them.
  9. 29y and my left knee would swell like clockwork on the 15th hole. Tried a friend's push cart and never looked back. Between back and knee problems walking is better than riding but that sun mountain micro cart kept me on the course.
  10. Good to know. Thanks for the feedback
  11. Is that a carry model. Any idea if those sit well on a push cart or cart? I mostly walk but on the rare occasion I push or ride I don’t want to have a backup bag.
  12. I saw on Instagram too. I went back and looked through their other social media, website, etc and couldn’t find anything. I did sign up for emails about blind draw items (on the page for the item you wanted there’s an input for alerts) and they mentioned they’d be posting things to the Blind Draw Sale section of their website regularly.
  13. Looks like Jones did another blind draw sale yesterday afternoon. Was 15h late according to IG and everything was sold out. Missed by a couple days back in January too (I need to figure out an alert or something) Shot in the dark but......if anyone out there who got a stand or carry bag and absolutely hates it PM me, I'm interested. Otherwise, would love to see what comes out of the mystery boxes for those who were able to pounce on this.
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