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  1. > @logoesgolfing145 said: > > @danattherock said: > > Yesterday I had my 2nd lesson with Tony Griffin in central NC, he is a certified instructor for Kirk Junge. Kirk Junge formed Setup 4 Impact single plane swing method. It's simple, no doubt about it, and I made quick improvements during our two hours together, with a clear plan what to do moving forward. He emailed a few videos of my swing with audio commentary afterwards, just a very clear and concise golf lesson. > > > > Following up with another lesson in a few weeks. I suspect it will be the last lesson required, this isn't rocket science. So three lessons totalling 4-5 hours of instruction. A bit ahead of myself, as I'm still learning, but wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if I have this swing figured out after one more lesson. > > > > Adding the jumbomax grips after my first lesson helped tremendously. I've got some work to do, but the benefits were nearly instantaneous. I'm very glad I ran across the single plane swing method of Kirk Junge. Lots of videos on his YouTube channel, but if you want the real info you have to join his website, which has many in depth videos on how to employ his methods. Or take lessons or attend a 3 day school with Kirk and/or Tony. > > > > Hate the term, but click bait is what his free videos seem to be. I've watched numerous free videos on YouTube by Kirk, not very useful to learn the swing in my opinion. Personal lessons or joining his website would be my suggestion to anyone interested. And I suggest it highly, just not the free videos on YouTube, they lack the details in my opinion. I'm just a bogey golfer, others might find the YouTube videos more useful. > > > > Kirk Junge and Tony, do 1:1 instruction and 3 day golf schools in Florida, Ohio, and NC. I suspect most folks just learn it from the content and many detailed videos on his membership website though. One cool free feature, you can send Kirk video often as you like and he will respond giving you his input. So there is good ongoing support to members as they learn his Setup 4 Impact swing. > > > > > > Dan > > North Carolina > I am currently playing one length irons and am interested in a single plane style swing a la Dechambeau style. What are the distances like with this swing method he teaches? Do you notice a drastic loss of power? > Nope, it's a very compact (in my case) swing, but quite powerful. I have some health issues pushing me towards this one plane swing. Near 7 year hiatus from the game till this past year. To my surprise, iron yardages are very similar to what they were in past. I did pick up set of Callaway Apex with reg flex shafts, and reg flex driver also, as my swing speed is slower. My logic, hitting more shots closer to center of face with my new swing is bridging the distance gap I anticipated.
  2. > @jaw2k9 said: > So, I'm going to send them to BOS. Face mill or hope that they can remove most of the issues without too much trouble? > > I'm thinking of having them done in aqua marine. If I don't, then all original black oxide. > I'd like to hear your thoughts. > > Thanks! I own many of these older tei3 s. BOS is highly reputable, but I would avoid the original black oxide finish. Go with a durable polymer instead, bos offers 4-5 colors, black, white, teal, etc. Milled face would be nice also, I have that done on few of mine, looks great. Black polymer below, milled face..
  3. Jumbomax discount code laborday gets you 10% off this weekend. Ordering a set of ultralights myself, for later. My current black wraps are still nearly new looking.
  4. Dicks has these for $25 now with free ship and $20 off orders over $100. All automatically applied in cart. $104 for five dozen shipped to your door. Today only.
  5. Nice pick up. BOS website has lots of pics. They offer many finishes from $100. Three week turnaround they told me last week on the phone. Great reputation. Been at it a long long time. Much more affordable than the custom shop you mention. Golf Garage also offers many finishes, but I have not used him yet. Look on his sure for many images of finished putters. PVD chameleon really caught my eye.
  6. Check out golf garage website, PVD chameleon finish. BOS has great reputation, just listing another option. Recently saw it myself, sharp looking. Reminds me of this finish on one of mine.
  7. That wrap, black, is what I have. Not slick in the slightest, after you use it a bit I am sure you will agree.
  8. I would send it to BOS or Golf Garage, both have many pics of various finishes on their website. Be sure you let them know it's stainless, because all the TEI3 putters I have seen are carbon. The metal type will determine which finish options you have. I think chameleon PVD from golf garage would look exceptional and be durable. Similar look as the northern lights finish Kevin Colbert put on one of my TEI3s several years ago.
  9. My instructor said I was yanking the handle from the top last week. He wanted me to work on a smoother transition and building up my club head speed toward the bottom of the ark and after the ball.
  10. I've had a very long and painful relationship with flipping. Never really figured out how to fix it although it came up a few times over the years with various instructors. I go back more inside than most, and my miss historically has been a hook or a block. I've tried to hold on to the angle with my wrist through impact, hold off release, not sure what the appropriate term is, but have gotten a nasty case of the shanks at times doing so. With my irons I've always had a high trajectory and weak distance compared to most, 7i about 145, rarely taking a divot. A picker and a flipper. Saw a video of myself when I had a lesson last week and it was pointed out to me that my hips stop turning in the downswing. Unfortunately it's not a video that I can post here, and I don't have any video of my swing currently, although I realize it would be helpful to post. Best I can do now, a screenshot at impact.. Green lines are setup, I'm sliding forward on downswing, head dipping down. Basically my setup and impact position both have my hips facing the ball. It would appear that in the downswing my hips stall when facing the ball and then my hands and arms continue forward and bending of the wrist occurs. All the above I'm fairly certain of. What I'm curious about is how to fix it. I may already be on to the answer with the help of my instructor Tony Griffin, a single plane instructor for Kirk Junge (Settup 4 impact swing). During my lesson and at the range today, I just tried to over exaggerate the hip turn in the downswing and the results were remarkable. But at the same time it seems like such a simple fix that I'm a little bit leery. Was curious if anyone thought that the increase in hip rotation alone could fix flipping, or if it was a more complicated matter that might involve retraining myself in other ways I've yet to think of. Thanks for any suggestions you may have. I'm linking this particularly impressive article Monte shared here in 2013 in case any other flippers stumble across this post. http://www.golfwrx.com/101874/the-causes-of-flipping-revealed-spoiler-adding-lag-is-not-the-fix/ Dan NC
  11. Ballistol is amazing stuff, I use it on everything. Been around forever, most of us had grandpa's using this stuff I'm sure. Axes, hand tools, guns primarily, but anything metal. Little box of Ballistol wipes from Amazon my favorite way to buy it. Would be convenient to keep a wipe or two in golf bag to occasionally wipe down putter.
  12. I put a set of jumbomax wraps (solid black grips) in size XL on a set of irons exactly one year ago. I couldn't imagine using a more conventional size grip at this point. With that said I'm a big guy and I've always used jumbo grips, lamkin or Winn Excel. The extra large jumbomax is easily twice that size, and I benefit because I'm able to hold the club lighter I'm certain. But I'm also now using a single plane swing, Kirk Junges Settup 4 impact, and need to grip the club more in the palm rather than the fingers. In this regard the jumbomax XL grip has been a lifesaver. I'm getting ready to order another set just to test out on some other irons, ultralight vs tour the question. The ultralight is intriguing and I may give that a go just to see if I can tell a difference in feel between the regular and the ultralight regarding swing weight.
  13. Love my Rife Antigua. Around 10 years old now. The roll groove technology is no gimmick. It puts a sweet roll on the ball that is for sure. If you like plumber's neck, check out the Aruba. I sent mine to Kevin Colbert for sight V line on the top, high polish, UST shaft, and red paint fill. Sweet putter and the Rife lineup is highly under rated without question. Ian Poulter was using one at one time, then Cobra (his sponsor at time) had a near identical copy made for him from what I recall.
  14. Good point above about feel. I overlooked that in my suggestion because my application with polymer was on TEI3 insert face of older Scotty, so my feel was unaffected when putter head was done. A good question to ask BOS or golf garage, both offer various finishes. PVD may offer the same protection without compromising feel.
  15. Thread I started on the putter artisans subforum here few days ago, titled who to refinish Scotty tei3, has lots of pictures of my putters refinished in PVD and polymer, among others.
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