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  1. Rancho Palos Verdes CA 4 105 Custom Japan Miura Giken 5002 muscle back w/ 6.5 Precision rifle No
  2. I believe it was JFK that said: "those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it". There are many instances where top money winners and major winners changed their clubs and the following year fell off the face of the earth - wayne levy, curtis strange, paul azinger. Even Tiger isn't the same as when he was playing the Titleist stuff. And he's definitely not putting better since he stopped using his Cameron.
  3. Just got back from Bandon. Played Trails, Pacific Preserve Day 1, Dunes Day 2, Old Mac and Trails Day 3. Caddies definitely worth it if you're playing more than 18. They save your feet and your back. Secondly there are some very tricky holes on all the courses except Preserve where you need the caddies local knowledge. They will save you from some serious blow uip holes. Third, the greens are still young on all the courses at Bandon Dunes. They all putt very inconsistently and its is something I saw when Poppy Hills first opened in nocal. It takes courses a few years for greens to really develop and play true. I say this because I was getting frustrated with the greens and at least you will have another pair of eyes to help read the nuances in the greens. You have to just realize you and the caddy will be fooled from time to time. Two putting is at a premium on all the courses. Caddies will only help keep the putts down.
  4. This is the first set of irons I've seen in a long time that has me interested in purchasing a contemporary set. I'm still buying mint condition Mizuno MP, TN, and MS product and haven't found any iron to date that can hold a candle to those blades. But I'm definitely going to give these a try when available. The driver looks awesome too. Wish there were more pics of the driver as well.
  5. Superfast Long hosel is one of the best Taylor made heads I have hit and owned.
  6. This club is a hammer - 7.5 with Oban Devotion is sweet! I would say plays as exactly as described above in that the Classic DF launches a tad lower.
  7. [quote name='franklin--J--franklin' post='1938094' date='Sep 7 2009, 03:43 PM']Nice work, tour issue and didn't even know it. I just picked up about 50 or so of these, they are the best drivers in golf IMO.[/quote] Couldn't agree more. All the Adams stuff I have tried - Classic, Classic DF, 9016D, 9016LS - have all been great.
  8. [quote name='stage1350' post='1868396' date='Aug 6 2009, 07:45 AM']I can only hope that the new driver is as low spin as the J33 460. Unfortunately, the face doesn't look as deep. Much like the R510TP, the J33 460 will be legendary for years to come.[/quote] Best driver they made was the 460P - open face adn low spin and long!
  9. To see if it will knock out the two FT-5 TA I have in the bag.
  10. [quote name='Siteseer2' post='1856452' date='Jul 31 2009, 05:13 PM']why even talk about retail and tour issue... apples and oranges in COG, spin, face angle, feel... How about tour 9015 vs Classic vs Deep face Classic vs 3458 Proto vs Tour 9032... NOW, your talking baby, what a line-up. Best IMHO...[/quote] Quick question - where does the Tour Issue Speedline with paint break fall within these models?
  11. Goosens have a thicker sole and topline than the MB. I think all the TM MB models are awesome.
  12. I think this shaft plays perfect with 1" to 1.5" of tipping depending on flex and length.
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