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  1. So if you hook it like a fool what’s the remedy? Rib towards 5:30 to promote a weaker left hand?
  2. I’ve seen 4 shots in the past 20 minutes
  3. I came across this shaft but can’t find any info in it. It comes in 2 flexes and they both weigh the same at 135g. If I were to gamble I’d go with the softer flex but because of all the recent trends in ultra stiff putter shafts I’m a bit scared it would be too soft. But at 135 grams there’s no way it could be a noodle, right? This would be going into a 350g oven 006 proto. Currently has a nippon heavy shaft and it doesn’t feel great. many experience out there?
  4. I’m redoing a butchered cobra tip for a buddy. I’ve never worked with cobra tips before. I pulled it, tipped it 1/4” to cover up some over prepping, and glued it back up. There’s a narrow gap at the top. Wouldn’t this be a prime candidate for snapping? Is there an additional plastic ferrule involved? couldn’t quite focus camera very well but here it is.
  5. I’ve never seen one I liked. KZG have some nice cavity designs but for some reason the engineer concluded that 3 hosels worth of offset would be a nice touch. That and the .370 hosel are a no go.
  6. Gonna try 1/2” at first and leave it long. Thanks for the insight
  7. This has been discussed before. It seems that the ventus shouldn’t be tipped no matter the club. Rules schmuells. I’m moving from a 44” ventus blue 7S driver to a 45” ventus 6X in search of more distance. Preliminary results are exciting. The bonus is now I have a sweet fairway shaft available for my 3 wood. Kinda in that tweener zone for flex at 107-110 driver but that’s all out. Hopefully they’ll be more through training but that’s a different topic. With 3w I’ll be swinging much smoother and I usually play them a little shorter (42 1/2”). Should I tip the 3w? thx
  8. Just received tsi3 driver with ventus approximately 3 weeks after order
  9. Glad to hear the op is having success with this endeavor. This is the exact path I’m on. I’ve been watching the same videos (AMG and Malaska) and it just makes so much sense. So far the slow motion swings feel good and hitting into a net feels solid. Like the op said, a naturally shorter backswing and a fuller follow through. It will be at least 8 weeks before the snow is gone and flight can be confirmed but I’m very optimistic.
  10. Any sort of plastic on a club. Idiot underscore markings on the 6 or 9 iron. Every modern headcover that doesn’t protect the shaft. Overbranding. Wingtips on EVERY damn pair of foot joys, get with the times fj.
  11. I tipped 105 S 1/4” into a set of pings. I’d bet you could go a little further with a sanding.
  12. I don’t know why I’m not enamored with them. It’s the straightest iron I’ve ever played. It’s plenty soft enough. Make the sole width 15% smaller with 2* less bounce, make the overall size 10% smaller, make the long irons 5% shorter heel to toe and with less offset and it’s the perfect iron. Pretty much an iblade/i210 dna blender
  13. Try... lil shorter lil heavier lil higher loft in a low spin head
  14. Ideally I would test each shaft in a warm tropical place with a launch monitor. Not going to happen. Of the current offerings the ZF looks too have the stiffest handle with the DF being softer. I prefer to feel some load with a pop, but with a super stable tip. Then there’s the Tom Brady model. Don’t know why my first reaction to TB is Tampa Bay or Tom Brady, but it makes it extra disgusting. Anybody compare ventus blue to the aforementioned shafts?
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