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  1. SCEX11998-QV9EG I’ve actually already used this code and received all of my trade in credit. I placed my order over the phone but received an email today that my code hasn’t been used yet. Have at it.
  2. Don’t get sucked in. I got rid of my ‘13 X forged irons and still regret it. Hang on to those puppies.
  3. Just call em. I’d bet they’d give you a code. I used mine the other day. No limit. My $850 trade turned into uh, well, uh, math. So 1.5x that.
  4. Being a CPA and having gone to law school, I feel pretty good about my decision.
  5. Any business person should have had the acumen to take the PPP money. Insane not to do so. I hate the government and all sides of it. But when they forgave pretty much all loans, there’s not a reason a business shouldn’t accept it, other than being too proud.
  6. Only trade consideration is a 14°-15° 3 wood with a stiff 70g shaft. Callaway 2020 Combo Set - $900 - 4 iron is Mavrik Pro (Standard Loft), 5 iron is X Forged (1° strong loft), and 6-PW are MBs (2° strong lofts) with like new Tour Velvet Round BCT Full Cord grips - 5-PW with KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts - 4 iron has KBS Tour 90 graphite shaft - All clubs are 1° upright - I will sell separately if I have buyers for most clubs. - Clubs are in excellent condition. I had two marathon range sessions and 45 holes played with them. - Retail for this set
  7. No Trades. Prices include shipping to CONUS. 1. Titleist 620 CB 5-PW - $725 - Standard Length, Lie - 2° strong lofts - KBS Tour 90 stiff - 5, 6, 7 irons are very lightly used with SuperStroke full cord round grips - 8, 9, PW are new still in plastic with Titleist logo Golf Pride BCT full cord grips 2. Titleist u510 3 iron - $165 - Standard lie, length, loft - Tensei blue 70g Stiff shaft with Golf Pride BCT full cord grip - very lightly used 3. Signed Brian Morgan The Collection Volume I photography book - $75
  8. I hate the shafts o have in these right now. Just need to know the tip size so I can order new shafts. Can’t seem to find that info anywhere. So, could someone please tell me what the tip size of the new Callaway MBs is? Thanks.
  9. I think that might be true. However, their customer service is the best. I had an original SL1 for almost two years. The cloth began to separate from the bottom of the bag. I sent them an email not expecting any response. They not only replied within an hour, they offered a new one at no charge.
  10. All items are brand new and have never been used. Prices include shipping and are OBO. Not interested in any trades. 1. 2020 Scotty Special Select 2.5 - $350 - standard everything - grip still in plastic - 34” 2. Footjoy Flex XP - $90 - Size 12 - Style 56250 3. 1 Dozen ProV1 - $45 - Houston Open logo
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