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  1. Yes. Happened before and it was honored without issue. (As long as no one calls to verify…)
  2. Worked for me! Great catch. Similar to the SIM hybrid a year or two ago also on TGW. Titleist FWs can also be upgraded for $0. Grabbed TSi3 driver and 7wood.
  3. Gen 2 0311T 5-PW from Discount Dan’s $534 shipped. I don’t even like these irons but couldn’t pass up that deal.
  4. If you order through Discount Dan’s, you won’t pay anything for shipping.
  5. Sales people. I won’t name names, but he was garbage.
  6. Exact same experience. Just got my putter last week. I had to hound them for updates. Then I was finally emailed that it had shipped, but no tracking. Hounded then for that and got a screenshot of a FedEx receipt. Finally got the damn thing. Wrong weight, no stability shaft as requested (and for which I paid), and wrong grip. Biggest waste of $1,000+ ever. If I cared enough, I’d raise hell. But the putter is already on my bench. Total disaster.
  7. Purely guessing here, but it could be something as simple as the grips. Golf Pride lost millions (yes, millions) of grips in their trek over to North America. It’s worth a call to Callaway. If nothing else, have them shipped without grips and they can ship those at a later date and grip the new clubs yourself.
  8. This may not be appropriate for this thread, but what is the lead time on Byron putters right now?
  9. Some stuff sold. Here’s what remaining: - Autoflex w/ rainbow graphics and Ping tip - Miura irons and wedges - Mizuno irons - Wilson Staff irons - Callaway 3 Wood Send offers!
  10. Everything for sale is basically a regretful COVID buy, so I’ll consider OBO on most items. Pictures will most likely be out of order at the end of the description. I’m happy to provide any further pics upon request. I am not interested in any trades. Also, I am not interested in any trades. Thanks for looking. - (2) Autoflex SF505X Driver shafts: first is pink and black graphics with most updated Callaway tip; second is rainbow graphics with most updated Ping tip. Both are uncut with a playing length of 47”. These are to be trimmed from the butt, so you can make them a more suitable playing length. Asking $650 OBO per shaft. BOTH SOLD. - Miura Black MB-101 QPQ iron set and wedges: 5 through PW plus 50° and 54° Milled Tour wedges with KBS Tour Graphite Iron (TGI) 90g shafts and Miura Golf logo Lamkin UTX Cord grips. Specs are as follows: All lie angles and lengths are standard. 5-PW 2° strong; 50° is 1° strong; 54° is standard. Asking $2300 obo for all Miura clubs. Would consider breaking them up for the right price. I played one round with them and two practice sessions. - Mizuno MP-68 3-PW iron steel: Standard L/L/L with S300 shafts. Like new GP TV standard round grips installed. Clubs are in excellent condition, especially for a set its age. Asking $325 obo. SOLD - Callaway Epic Max LS Shaft Material: Graphite Shaft Type: Graphite Design Tour AD TP-6 Shaft Flex: XStiff Grip: Golf Pride - Tour Velvet 60 Full Cord (50.5g) Wraps: Standard Length: + 1 1/4 in Swing Weight: D1 Hand: Right Club: Driver Loft: 9° Asking $550 obo. Still in excellent condition. Autoflex listed above does fit in this head. New HC in original packaging included. SOLD - Wilson Staff Tour Model Blade 3-PW iron set: Clubs are new in plastic. Specs are as follows: KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts; Length -0.25”, Lie 1° uprights, Lofts 2° strong, Lamkin Crossline full cord grips; asking $900 obo. Epic Flash SZ 3 Wood: Project X HZRDUS Smoke 6.0, standard length, 70g. Asking SOLD Titleist u500 4 iron: Tensei Blue stiff 70g. Asking $150 obo. SOLD
  11. Ordered set of blades directly from Wilson in mid February. Not a peep from Wilson and I still don’t have them. (I actually forgot I ordered them until I read this thread!)
  12. Not long. Couple rounds. Best practice is to take out the batteries between rounds. But this is a very legit rangefinder. You could do far worse.
  13. Best place is Carl’s Golf Land but through Rakuten (aka ebates). You get back another 4% cash back and free shipping. If you want a referral, PM me. We will each get an additional $30 after your first purchase.
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