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  1. Gfores for me fit true to size and are comfortable, light, stable out of the box
  2. Are you just a National member or are lib hill and t dale?
  3. I Havnt played it. The pictures look great...i really ment course conditions. A lot of said that the greens need to settle and such
  4. Galloway is the best shore course (could be rivaled by UL National in some years)
  5. I might be in the minority but i think riverton is super boring and very easy
  6. I’ve had my 915 ad bb7x 7w in my bag for 3 years. Such a versatile club for me...can flight it, work it, rough, off a tee...anything from 200-225 it’s great.
  7. I actually don’t think he uses a headcover. I’ve seen his caddy (wife) putt it away multiple times with no cover. the cover seen there could have just been something he was testing
  8. Benzo

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Ive been eyeing replacing my Srixon 785’s for a while with sub70’s but raw...that’ll do it. Anxiously awaiting the release
  9. National no doubt. torresdale is fun, but doesn’t hold a candle to National.
  10. I too am very interested. i agree with i really want to try one, but a $500 trial is out of the cards
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