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  1. Fact is that no one putter or company is for everyone. Some will like Swag putters, covers, accessories, philosophy of just doing their own thing and not giving a putt what anyone thinks and others will hate it. There are a lot of guys who love Scotty Cameron but that doesn't mean he makes the best putter in the world. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. The fact that some cant see the subtle differences between a Swag putter and a Betti bb0 or a Cameron or whatever else you want to compare it to doesnt matter to them. Some will appreciate the time Swag took to even make those subtl
  2. Didn't pay retail for anything in my bag but it's still pricey for sure. -Ping g400max with Veylix Rome 688 -Callaway steelhead x's 4+ eith Fujikura Red 7 or Tour Issue TM 2016 m2 df 3hl eith Veylix 788 -2016 or so Mizuno JPX EZ 3 hybrid with Fujikura Atmos blue 8 hybrid shaft -PXG 0311x gen 2 4 iron with KBS graphite shaft -PXG 0311T gen 2 5-PW with KBS Tour custom black shafts -50/54/58 Titleist SM6 wedges -Custom Bettinardi Minovai putter
  3. Don't usually see someone do a backward combo set with the long irons in blades and shorter irons in cavity. Interesting
  4. Have a very lightly used set if PXG 0311 irons available! 3-PW and in the Darkness finish. Shafts are Aerotech Steelfiber i110 in x-flex but soft stepped once (play like a stiff+). Lengths are standard MIZUNO, lie angles are about 1 degree upright from PXG standard and lofts are all PXG standard. Swing weight is around D2 through set. Grips are like new NDMC Blackout in midsize. I believe there is 2 extra wraps of tape under bottom hand as well to reduce the taper of the grips. Used these for maybe 10 rounds tops and I don't think it was even that many. 3 iron is practically new out of plasti
  5. Depends on your needs I'd guess. Personally I went to a Titleist fitting day and hit both. I had no issues hitting the AP2's and liked the flight and numbers. AP3 flew a bit higher and had a bit more spin. Decided to just get the 3 iron in the AP3 and go 4-pw in the AP2.
  6. Ok so got a bunch of really nice Bettinardi stuff available today! Please message me if you have questions, to make an offer or need more pics of anything. Prices include shipping in the CONUS only. If outside that, we can discuss the extra shipping costs to wherever you are located. 1) Limited Bettinardi Super Bee Lime Green putter. New and only displayed. 34 1/2", DASS BB0 with green anodized aluminum fly milled insert. Comes with matching cover on new condition. Grip is a blue Tour SNSR 140 CC grip. Not many of these made. I believe it was less than 7 in 3 different color combos (yellow, gr
  7. Went to a Titleist fitting event at a local course the other day. Tbh, i haven't really hit a Titleist iron since the dci 962's. I won a set of Titleist irons so figured I'd go hit them and see what I liked and if I didn't like anything just get my free set and sell them. I hit the ap3, ap2, cb and the tmb 3 iron. Wasmt impressed with the cb and if i was goinh to play that type of club, I have a combo set of Mizuno mp18's already (4-6 SC and 7-pw mb). I was VERY impressed with ap2 and ap3 though! Felt like I just flushed 90% of my swings with both. Decided to get ap3 in the 3 iron and ap2 in 4
  8. Sorry yeah I guess there are only 2 models of T-MB, 716 and 718. Haven't really even looked at Titleist in years until I recently put sm6's in the bag so not very up to date on their stuff. I will see if I can find pure's witb thread, thanks!
  9. Obviously yes I should go try and find all the different versions of the T-MB but curious as to which anybody you found to be the highest launching version of this head? Believe I've only ever hit the 714 version and hoping to hit 718 at a demo day at the end of the month. Thanks for any input!
  10. Just curious but what was the price on the PXG wedges?
  11. Have an Odyssey metal x milled it #9 (shot the round of my life with this in the bag). Also have 2 custom Bettinardi bb34's which is same head shape. Love this style!
  12. Any TM 5hl from last few years is basically a 7 wood at 21*. Personally I use an r15 5hl because it's adjustable
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