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  1. If it's been in the bag for that long, don't sell it. There will be a time where you look back and wish you didn't sell it.
  2. Whatever the ball is, get it and stick with it. IMO, that's much more important than which ball is chosen. The kid will learn to adjust to whatever ball they play. But, if you put a Wilson Duo Soft in play one week, and a V1x the next week, you're doing the kid a disservice.
  3. Do not...and I mean DO NOT put that phone/camera down under this table. Do you understand? This is my space down here, and these irons are just visiting.
  4. It may be because TaylorMade tends to tip their shafts 1" from the factory, regardless of the OEM tipping instructions. Go to the TaylorMade website and go to the "Custom Shop". Then choose the SIM Driver, with whatever shaft and flex you want. Then select "Tipping Adjustment". You'll see you have the ability to adjust the tipping to 1" Soft. Now, think about it. You can't add 1" to the tip of a graphite shaft. The only way to add that 1" is to not tip the shaft from the jump. I've experienced this firsthand when I ordered a Standard
  5. 100% agree with this. I'm not sure what the logic was in this latest Rev, but the Rev from last week was almost perfect from a UI and speed perspective.
  6. Take the wedges to a reputable club-builder and have the heads "ported". Take a look at the USK or Flynn wedge headweights, and ask the club-builder to try to come close to USK or Flynn. BTW...all "porting" is .. is drilling holes in the back cavity of the clubs to take weight out of the head. Fun fact...this is exactly how the original Scotty Cameron red dot came about. He was trying to get Tiger's putter to a specific swingweight, and he ported the face to get there...then paint filled it red. The rest is history.
  7. Site looks very white and sterile again...with a difficult to read font. The 2 days ago version was very close to being just right. Two steps forward one step back.
  8. This thread leads me to believe this site is closer to where it used to be before the first SW migration. Like Russ alluded to earlier, if there was ever a rinse and repeat in 30 days thread, this is it. Welcome back to WRX, and yep Russ, see you in October.
  9. Were the irons reshafted? Those don't look like stock TM 2017 P790 ferrules. More info needed please.
  10. I've got Steelfiber i125 Stiff in the bag today, which play stiff to stated flex. X flex Steelfiber plays just below rebar in terms of feel. Due to injury, I must play composite iron shafts. Which MMT offering will offer me the stability and weight I need, without feeling like I'm swinging a galvanized steel pole?
  11. WHOAH. It's like a blast from the past, with a facelift. A couple of quick observations: The UI looks MUCH better and less cluttered The speed to browse pages has decreased significantly (BST pages no longer load in 10+ seconds) The fact that I can type this out without re-typing it 2-3 times is great I was a huge critic of the original upgrade....So far, so good this go-round, gents. easyyy, GX...Thanks for listening to your members.
  12. Just buy a 14 way adult bag. The irons will come to rest in each slot at the hosel, and you won't need to worry about those clumsy tubes. Sun Mountain has some great 14 way bags.
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