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  1. This is a no-brainer...especially with your kids playing. You mentioned that they were 'young'...but at 13 and 10...they can easily handle 18 holes (especially in a cart). For what it's worth...13 and 10 year old's are playing really good golf in my area. Think of this as an investment into your kids time (and lives). To put things into perspective, I see families with similar aged kids as yours that minimally interact with each other (video games...parents working...etc). Every time you take one of your kids to the course it's uninterrupted Family time. Now, try to put a price on that...and I'll bet it's much more than $2,700.
  2. I've owned several Cottonwoods, several Cortinos, several Potenzas, and a Cuvio. Each of those putters were fantastic...and this is around the time of the year that I talk myself into believing I can finally putt with a plumber neck blade...knowing darn well that I'm better with a toe hang mallet. Anyway, the Midnight Series will have a firm click off of the putter face. The Midnight Series feels very different than the Elite series. The Elite series has some of the deepest milling I've seen on a putter...and has a very distinct "clink" sound that is pretty infectious.
  3. Not gonna lie...thread title made me laugh. Been quite a while since that Ad.
  4. Unlike others around here, you have a legit shipping gripe. I suggest calling and raising a stink. Then, maybe you'll get your order shipped and they might re-shaft your irons sometime in the future for free...and give you free grips as well. If all else fails, order a set of PXGs...log on here when they haven't shipped in (1) Business Day...even though a rational person would do their homework and realize PXG commits to (7) Business Day shipping. Then, call PXG and raise a stink, only to have the PXG irons ship on the 6th or 7th Business Day (as they advertise). Does all of this sound absurd? Yeah...it does to me too. Don't do this. Don't be "that guy". In all seriousness...I'd call PING directly with your order number and ask them similar questions you've asked here.
  5. I don't come to this thread with problems. I come to this thread with solutions. https://pirettigolf.com/product-category/milled-putters/
  6. The answers and configurations are going to vary based on the Region each user lives in...and the normal course conditions of that Region. Bounces and Grinds for West Texas hardpan will be very different than Bounces and Grinds for the Pacific NorthWest. Just something to keep in mind.
  7. Congratulations on your trip and FREE bag fitting!! We're going to fit you in the best gear that free sh*t has to offer.
  8. Funny...I didn't even know about the Pinehurst trip/fitting. Ironic though. I wonder if Ian is going to be the next advocate for pure-ing shafts? After all...99.9% radial quality isn't good enough. Easily 10 yards left on the table.
  9. Looks like TXG is going to have an overnight epiphany that Oban iron shafts and VA Composite wood shafts are... and have been... the best shafts players across the board...for years.
  10. Make sure you don't call and talk to a PXG rep...then get all worked up when they stick to their 7 Business Day shipping policy.
  11. I wish you the best of luck b/c it seems debilitating. I hope you can take humor in this.
  12. Nah...no need for follow up...and you certainly don't have to answer to me. I just ask that you please don't buy anything from me via the BST. That's all.
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