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  1. First, thanks for looking at my ad. Second, I have the following putter For Sale. As you'll see in a couple of pics, this putter is not beat to smithereens...but has been gamed. I won't be too disappointed if it doesn't sell, b/c it's currently sitting in the on-deck circle in case the #1 strikes out. This putter sounds and feels better than the #1...but I have issues with blades. Specs are as follows: Putter - Piretti Cortino 2 Black Onyx Sitelines - None (she's naked) Length - 34" Grip - Almost new SuperStoke Traxion Flatso 2.0 (bought l
  2. Oh man. How did I miss this? RIP Easton Black Magic 33-30.
  3. Or has bad tile in his kitchen floor in Alabama? Or has a penchant for poking bears? Or is a PGA Apprentice that had his business (and bosses) affected b/c of trying to rip someone off? Not that I suggest pulling this lever (yet)...but, like its been metioned...it would take about 10 minutes to find out who he and and his family is...where they all work...who his boss is...and every detail there is about this guy.
  4. Something I forgot above. These guys should be engaged. @Gxgolfer @easyyy @1t2golf @Buzzkill They are here to help.
  5. A couple of things. First...the dollar amount of the item which was allegedly stolen is important. It bumps the charge from Misdemeanor Theft, squarely into Felony theft. It sounds like this fits squarely in the State Felony class...and depending on the State(s) involved, the penalty can carry amywhere from 2-10 years in the State Penetentiary. Second...the WRX site owners and/or Mods can help you identify the IP Address that this guy posted from. Unless he's using a spoof IP, or a VPN he'll be relatively easy to track down (I highly doubt he was sophisticated enough
  6. Does the Driver have a loft? Does it have a Model? Wondering if that's a shaft? Hmmm...if it's a shaft... which shaft? Some of these shafts have a weight...and flex...I wonder if this one does? Looks like a putter...I wonder which one it is? Has it been dragged behind a golf cart...or is it fresh from the pro-shop? The putter seems to have a top line...I wonder if it got carpet bombed by throws into the bag? I'm really not sure.
  7. Or you could just get a refund and use the 'old' wedges you have in the measurement pics. Those grooves look new compared to mine. Also...each time you pull these new wedges from the bag you're gonna have bad MoJo going through your head...so...why force it? Just get your money back.
  8. Pretty sure this is what you're looking for. Please just delete my data. Hope this helps. Copy of SuperSpeed Golf Tracker 1-22-21.xlsx
  9. Something I just thought of. At that age, I used to take around a softball sized hacky-sack-like ball to the course with me to toss around. There will be a lot of down time pre-round / during-round / post-round. Throwing the ball around loosened him up, and gave him something to do during those down times. Every time I took that ball, another kid, or several kids would join into the toss around. Also....after the round it was really fun to watch the kids in his age group gather around and throw that ball...chase each other...roll down hills...etc. while the other gro
  10. Denis...Keep up the good work. This may be of use to you...and may suit your goals. If not, perhaps someone will find good use (drills...etc) from it. The following was not created by me...but..I have done the practice. .......…….................. Here's the story behind it, and the disclaimer. About 8 years ago, I had a student come to me who was a 36 hdcp - best round 110, ave round 120. His goal was to shoot par that year. I've seen the threads on here about doing this, and it is possible but it is not probable. I explained to him that it wo
  11. I suggest buying and reading this book. Lot's of really good stuff in there. https://www.amazon.com/Daddy-Caddy-Bag-Second-Performance/dp/0978671791
  12. We moved from a XR16 with Recoil F1 (45gm) shaft into a Cally Epic with a Speeder Evolution 565 A flex shaft (57 gm). My son plays the same irons as your son...TS3-57 with steel shafts...with mid-70s swing speed with Driver The transition from the Recoil F1 to Speeder Evolution was seamless. He likes heavier weighted shafts though. The main reason for the switch was based on feel. For example...he demo'd a set of TS3-57s with graphite shafts...and said they felt like garbage. He said he liked the feel of the heavier steel shafts. I thought
  13. I wouldn't do this because a Hybrid Recoil shaft will likely be tipped to account for the extra weight of the hybrid head. It might turn into a shaft that's way too tip stiff for her swing speed. I've owned several Recoil F1s in different heads...and the tip to 1st graphics measurement is much less for the hybrid F1...meaning it's been tipped. Once Snowmageddon passes I'll try to take some pics to show you the difference.
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