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  1. @TaylorMade Golf How many sleeps until the P790 pics are shown?
  2. Ummm...you mean guys don't already carry 14 Drivers for 18 holes? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  3. Removing this post, as it could be taken out of context. Made the parties laugh though.
  4. Love C-Tapers. Player 125 S+ forever...then moved to 120 S with ProSoft inserts. Total linear feeling throughout the shaft...like its a one piece shaft...as opposed to some crazy Nippon 120S feeling where the grip is like a noodle and the tip is very stiff.
  5. First, thanks for looking at my ad. Pricing includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to the lower 48 CONUS, in addition to PayPal fees. I sincerely ask that no Trade Offers are submitted. I will only ship to "Confirmed" PayPal addresses. As always, first to PayPal gets the item. I have the following Putter For Sale: Piretti Cuvio - 303 Midnight Series Length - 35" Lie - Standard Headweight - 375 gm Grip - Piretti Branded Lamkin Deep Etched Paddle Headvover - Pictured As you can see in the pictures, this putter has be
  6. Ugh...have another cup of coffee. Topic of the thread "$3,000 bag versus lessons" $800 for a Driver. If trying to stay under a certain amount...which I proclaimed is relatively easy to do...as I can build an entire bag for $1,000...$800 for a Driver is way out of line relative to my position. We back on track?
  7. Ironic post is ironic. I'm doing me. He's doing him. Yet, TiScape comes in and tells us how we should do things. Again...ironic post is ironic.
  8. What's driving the need to change Drivers? If the 917 w/Kiyoshi Black works, why jack with it? BTW...I'm pretty sure Rose is still bagging a 2017 M1. Technology hasn't revolutionized equipment in the last 5 years. .830 COR is still .830 COR. Face hotness is maxed out. New bells and whistles are just Marketing. Take a look at Finch's or Shiels' YouTube channels on Drivers over the last 5 years. There's minimal (almost non-existent) gains YoY. It looks like you're a good enough ball-striker to understand what you like/dislike in a shaft (both Irons and D
  9. You're doing it wrong.
  10. I'm not understanding the need for a $3,000 bag of equipment? I can build a kick-a** bag from top to bottom for around $1,000 or less...with equally as good of performance as a $3,000 bag. So...I would suggest spending 1/3 on equipment...and 2/3 on lessons and range balls.
  11. Two things. 1. Strengthen your forearms by getting something like a green Flexbar for ~$20 2. Buy an iron set with either SteelFiber or UST Recoil shafts. Otherwise, you're going to keep kicking the pain can down the road, and eventually you'll either do #1 and/or #2...or you'll quit altogether.
  12. The Buyer should have filed the PayPal dispute before he opened the Ad and sent the money for the club. Never can be too safe.
  13. I've done several deals with Jeff. Number 1...not the right Forum to bring this up to begin with. Number 2...I'm going to give this the 24 hour rule...something isn't adding up...and I'm sure Jeff would like a word. But...what do I know...I've only done >300 Transaction on this site?
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