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  1. I'm with you with respect to the 790s being GI clubs, but, they've always looked sharp and sleek. In my opinion these look off. Again...I bought both Gen1 and Gen2 P790s brand new...and they were great irons. I just think TM missed the mark with Gen3...especially at this price-point...and competing OEM's releases and designs.
  2. The analogy is specific to the bubbled-out chrome portion of the back. It's not sharp...it's not sleek...it looks nothing like Gen1 or Gen2 (both of which had very sharp lines). The bubbled-out chrome portion of the back looks exactly as I described...like a Crown Vic bumper on a Ferrari.
  3. You're not the only one. I was hoping the bubbled-out chrome middle section was specific to the 2-iron. P790s have always had very sharp and sleek lines and edges. Heck...look at how sharp the lines are on the rest of DJs irons. The Gen3 P790 looks like someone tried to put a Crown Victoria bumper on a Ferrari.
  4. Should I tell him that if he bought the AD DI from TM his shaft is already been tipped 1" ? Or, should I just let him go down the never ending shaft rathole?
  5. Not a metallic tink off the face Not a carbon feel off the face Not a dull muted feel off the face Not a Sasquatch offensive clank off the face Just a straight-up delightful wooden baseball bat thwack...that's darn near addictive. GLWS.
  6. Honestly, this would be a pretty good duo if Bryson could feed off of Reed's stone cold "I'm gonna beat your a**" attitude.
  7. It is serious money to some folks. But...is it serious money to him? Maybe...maybe not. Kind of the whole point of free agency. You're not locked into anything and can play whatever works and feels best.
  8. Several on here have said variations of this, and it's completely false. Bryson has the cash to be a free agent...much like several others...and experiment with all OEMs until he finds something that meets his needs. Most on here are too busy bashing the dude to realize that this very well may be his point. Either manufacture something that meets his standards (unrealistic or not)...or...free agency is on the horizon. Also...to be clear...he's a very hard dude to root for. But let's not pretend he didn't know exactly what he was doing
  9. After the P770 I was hoping for more out of the P790. Maybe I'm the only one, but the bubbled-out chrome section just looks off. I was geared-up and ready to pre-order...but either these will have to grow on me...or they will be an altogether pass. I owned bought Gen1 and Gen2 and both looked better to me than Gen3.
  10. So...an all chrome updated version of the SpeedBlade. A big old bag of meh if this is the updated P790. Give me the old P790 as opposed to a chromed out SpeedBlade.
  11. 1. Every ball in the new box will have a cut in the cover...even if they've never been hit 2. You will lose 20 yards per club because it spins more than a Wilson Duo 3. The next iteration of the 4-piece ball will be released 2 weeks after you buy the 3.2 4. It only costed me $210 to post in this thread b/c I bought a bunch of other stuff 5. You'll immediately need a new name for it b/c decimals are hard 6. A deep sense of guilt will consume you b/c there are other DTC ball manufacturers that are eleventy billion times better than Kirkland What did I mi
  12. @TaylorMade Golf Thanks for addressing the approximate release date. How many more sleeps until P790 pics are released?
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