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  1. So Xander is an extrovert... ...and Bubba is a introvert. Got it.
  2. Would be nice to see grown men fall on the floor like they've just been healed by a Televangelist at the mere sight of a real life Napa. ...wait...that's already happened.
  3. I appreciate the accurately described condition of the Driver head. Unfortunately there are some that would have taken out of focus pics...and described the Driver head as "Minty Fresh".
  4. This is really just foreshadowing...and a warning to you. If your clubhead is already flying all over the place...just imagine what this is going to do to your golf ball. Might want to reconsider taking delivery on that club.
  5. So either WRX sold our email addresses, or, WRX was hacked? Correct? I just saw this thread, and have already responded in the other thread. Patriot Golf didn't just accidentally come across our email addresses in August of 2020...spam us with their crap...then coincidentally do the same thing a year later.
  6. Edit...Nope. Not even worth it. The remedy is to Unsubscribe from WRX emails.
  7. If you don't absolutely need the money right now...don't sell it. Signed - Many of us who've sold a reliable Fairway wood...then wish we hadn't sold it...and may or may not have tried to buy it back.
  8. ...says the guy with no Ryder Cup record, calling out others. Irony.
  9. Brooks' nonchalance, and the US Team 'me first' Ryder Cup attitude --> Cat Attitude of the guys sitting on the sidelines, hungry to compete (Reed/Na/Kisner) --> Dog
  10. Help me understand the twisted logic...smothered in Reed hate here. Reed is on a Team. The goal of the Team is to Win. Reed wants to Win. A result of Reed Winning helps the Team. A result of Reed Losing hurts the Team. Reed wanted to Win...and he Won (even under your made-up pretense) Reed helped his Team. ...but yeah...let's get wrapped around the axle about supposed media driven nicknames...which have zero to do with the results. Call him "I-Hate-Reed-For-Fill-In-The-Blank" if it makes you feel better. I don't really give a damn if he's called "Captain America"...or "Chump that hits golf balls". The bottom line is that he wanted to Win...he did...and he still does.
  11. I'd much rather Reed be on the squad than Brooks. Love him or Hate him...Reed wants to win for the USA. He wants to win so badly that he's not afraid to stand-up and call out the politics...even if it hurts feelings...and pisses people off. Remember this?? Then about a minute later...nope...not in MY HOUSE...USA...USA...USA!!
  12. Any interest in trading the whole set for this? 20% Less than what you can get it from the dealer. As always...you ship first.
  13. First, Thanks for looking at my Ad. I have a 10.5* Callaway MAVRIK head that I'm looking to Sell or Trade for a 10.5* Epic/Epic Flash (or another 10.5*) head in similar condition. As you'll see in the pictures there are a alignment stick marks on the crown, and a scratch on the sole. Driver headcover is included. SOLD.
  14. Not obsessed with Rankings. Not constantly looking at others trying to game the system. Not accusing others of cheating. Not looking at the game through ulterior motive lenses. Nope...none of these.
  15. First, Thanks for looking at my Ad. As always, First to send PayPal gets the item. Pricing includes USPS shipping within the Lower 48 CONUS. My WRX BST Feedback speaks for itself. I kindly ask that no Trade-Offers are submitted. I'm done trying to fit a square peg into a round hole...also known as trying to putt with a plumber neck blade putter. That said...I've own/owned multiple Camerons and Bettinardis...and in my opinion the deep milling of this Piretti is better feeling than almost all of the putters in my stable. if you care to learn more about the Piretti Corino Elite...please follow this link (BTW...It's SOLD OUT) : https://pirettigolf.com/product/cortino-elite/ I have the following putter For Sale: Model - Piretti Cortino Elite Length - Shown measured from end of grip cap to the middle of the putter face Weight - Adjustable Weight Kit - Included and pictured Headcover - Included Grip - 2 week old SuperStroke Flatso SOLD.
  16. Step 1 - Weigh the head on a digital scale...as-is If I remember correctly...the G400 LST head total headweight was 208gm. Step 2 - Buy GolfWorks branded high density lead tape. You can get this for $10 at DSG. 1" = 2gm Step 3 - Apply high density lead tape to get the headweight to 208gm. Step 4 - Call PING and they'll likely either repair the current head...or send you a new head. Source = This exact same thing happening to me.
  17. How is this even a contest? I present to you something that you can't un-see. The one and only IJP.
  18. The very high morality and judgement chair...suggesting my way is the only way...and it's unequivocally correct chair. Duh.
  19. You guys should be thanking TM for this snafu. You get to cancel your order and pick up better looking 2019 P790s...which perform exactly the same as the 2021 P790s...at a fraction of the price. IMO...this is a WIN for the pre-order folks.
  20. The shaft is iffy as well...it's still got the reshaft prep showing. Pass.
  21. It really depends on what you're trying to get out of US Kids or Local PGA chapters. I don't see an issue with parents wanting to spend uninterrupted time with their kids on the golf course in a Tournament, regardless of the circuit. I consider it time well spent. You see, you're never going to get this time back. Once it's gone...it's gone. Just take a look at several posts above mine. Parents are looking back at their time with their kids during the US Kids years and remembering how cool it was to take pics of kids with their medals, and watch the kids just be kids after the Tournament. So, if the kids want to play US Kids / PGA Jr. League / Other, why does it matter? If US Kids is a conduit to more parent/child 1-1 time, I think it's a good thing. It sure beats the heck out of things like iPad babysitting with minimal interaction. No?
  22. I'm with you with respect to the 790s being GI clubs, but, they've always looked sharp and sleek. In my opinion these look off. Again...I bought both Gen1 and Gen2 P790s brand new...and they were great irons. I just think TM missed the mark with Gen3...especially at this price-point...and competing OEM's releases and designs.
  23. The analogy is specific to the bubbled-out chrome portion of the back. It's not sharp...it's not sleek...it looks nothing like Gen1 or Gen2 (both of which had very sharp lines). The bubbled-out chrome portion of the back looks exactly as I described...like a Crown Vic bumper on a Ferrari.
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