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  1. I was watching a little of the John Deere this morning and was wondering why Dylan Fritelli was playing with his shirt tail out. Very unbecoming for a professional in my humble opinion!
  2. After Ralph Lauren pulled the crap they did with Justin Thomas I threw everything in my closet that was RL. Will not buy anymore!!
  3. I just had cateract surgery and my opthomologist tells me I will likely 'not need glasses' anymore. I need to get new, uncorrected vision sunglasses and wonder if I should consider 'polarized'? Help!
  4. I had a set of Tommy Armour 845 knockoffs that had Graffalloy Attack Lite shafts in the early 90s and they were very good! Played them for a long time!
  5. Ping G400. I have hit more fairways with this driver than any I have ever owned. And, for my advanced age and diminished swing speed the ball goes fairly far!
  6. Ping TISI Tec fairway woods. I play a 3 and have never found anything better for me. Miguel Angel Jimanez (sp.) played one until just a couple of years ago and I think DeMarco did until he started on the Senior circuit!
  7. I have the 2-5 G410 hybrids and went to the Tensei Blue in them. I could not be happier, but I really need to remove all fairway woods from my bag!! I can hit the 2 which is 17* just as far as my 3 wood! Also, I don't carry any iron over a 6. The change has put me in the fairway and "way down there"!
  8. I had a set, but hit them so high that I was afraid I would set off the air defense radar system!! I wish I still had them!!
  9. Ping TISI Tec fairways are the best ever!
  10. Naples has no public practice facilities . Claims to have the most golf holes per capita and zero ranges, nor does Collier County have any municipal golf!! Collier County just bought last year a great little course that was costing the owner too much for his taste. The county commissioners are taking the course and converting it from 18 to 12 holes!!! If you are now wondering if Collier County, probably the wealthiest county in Florida, is managed by morons you are probably right!!!!!
  11. My wife and I stayed at the Inn and played the Red and the Black about a year ago. We had a great time. The golf was great and we had a super caddie, 'Utah'. Everyone was very pleasant except a couple of the staff in the pro shop on the Black, arrogant for no apparent reason! We look forward to going back, but will likely not stay at the Inn.
  12. What turf is on fairways and greens at Bandon?
  13. Octabogey

    Ping v2 irons

    I had a set and loved them. The problem was that with them I hit the ball so high that it was ridiculous !I wish I still had them!
  14. Has anyone had any experience with Harry Taylor wedges? I play off Bermuda with mostly tight lies and need some help!
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