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  1. I don’t use a 56 or 60 for full shots either. Bad things happened whenever I tried. Also don’t really see much difference in a 3h and 4h at my skill level.
  2. World Wide Golf and Edwin Watts
  3. ...And then there would need to be a BadmintonWrx forum.
  4. I’m in my mid 50s dealing with this transition as well. From what I can tell using both heavy shafts (DG R400) and lightweight graphite shafts, the big difference is not so much the weight itself, but how much shock the heavier shaft delivers to your back and shoulders when the iron digs through the turf. An iron with a sole that slides through the turf vs. digging helps for comfort too.
  5. True. The demise of Spalding comes to mind as a similar type of sporting goods company.
  6. I’m not so sure that having your wagon hitched to a major apparel brand means that much. It wasn’t enough for Nike Golf or Taylor Made.
  7. Maybe it’s all relative, but all drivers seem pretty forgiving to me currently. I see the primary key to making them more forgiving is to keep the shaft length to 45” max and under.
  8. More (thicker) metal where the ball makes contact. I also think that having the sweet spot closer to the hosel helps with the sense of feel.
  9. If you can go down to 400cc, the TM 580 is a blaster.
  10. Aside from a box starter set of Blue Ridge, I considered a used set of Lynx Predator irons to be the first playable ones I had. I think these were the model:
  11. I might guess Cleveland, if you consider them on par with what MacGregor was. If you’re talking about a more major manufacturer, then my guess could go with Cobra, Srixon, or even Taylor Made. Wilson has its ups and downs too. The ones that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon (probably) are Callaway, Ping, Titleist, and Mizuno.
  12. The Mavrik Pro is more square shaped than than some others and might have the forgiveness you are looking for.
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