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  1. Same general idea, yeah, minus the super light weight concept. And the Phoenixxes never felt whippy. They kept up. I could hammer the “regular” in my dad’s driver just like an S or X. I had a different one in my 975J that I crushed. Snagged a couple from eBay a couple years back. One is in a 3Deep, the other is still in the plastic. I think if I shaft up a retro 3W or driver sometime soon I’ll give it a go.
  2. Has anyone tried the Fiberbuilt Hourglass Performance Turf mat? I'm assuming most of the reviews are for the "grass" versions rather than this one. I like that you can use a real tee - but am thinking the lower price point may indicate some disadvantages.
  3. I'm not sure I've ever played a course laid out this way - and I can't figure out why that might be. This should be the most interesting way to build a course and doesn't happen. Any reasons? Thoughts?
  4. Yes - that’s what I meant. I have a fluted flare tip Bullseye in mine as well right now, but want to try a Stability/Accra/LA Golf or something from the current interesting class of putter shafts - but none of the companies seem to offer the right shaft for a Santa Fe. I also tend to try to do my own work as I’m up in Alberta and shipping is often quite stupidly priced. We’ll see I guess.
  5. It’s fluted. That’s always been the issue.
  6. Do any of the more stable putter shafts have a tip that fits the Santa Fe? I’d like to give one a shot on mine. Always seems difficult to look up Santa Fe shafts.
  7. Birdies and made putts. As it should be with the very best in the world. Great stuff. If you don’t like this, you don’t like golf.
  8. Had my local shop claiming it would take until OCTOBER to get one of these...doesn't seem right so I'm waiting on a follow up from TT.
  9. Why do people forget the ProV1*? The main site article neglects it again. That was my favorite iteration after the very first v1. I liked the AVX but hated the putting feel. ProV1X with AVX spin characteristics sounds bang-on for me.
  10. I'm about to put 2 GBB II fairways back in my bag. They are monsters and seem to be able to keep up with most anything modern.
  11. Just picked these up. Almost going to be a shame to re-shaft them as everything on them is perfect.
  12. Phil’s going to shoot in the mid-60s and easily could have been low 60s. Just tore that place up. Irons absolutely on point.
  13. If only just for the Masters - he needs to throw the blade back in. He putts better with it there. Stick with the 9 elsewhere...but not at Augusta.
  14. They are going to get rid of that awful font soon - right? Right???
  15. Found this on the Bay as well. Still one of my favorite wedge designs ever. Got one for my birthday in my teens...still have that one...now this shiny un-hit still with a fresh Griptec channel wrap (mine was Yonex branded) is mine!
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