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  1. Mr. 6'10" doesn't appear to have unleashed the beast yet. Play to your strengths and get some publicity out of this should be the strategy shouldn't it? I'm guessing he's not expecting to win...
  2. Wunder’s IG story said something about “tested something that’s never going to see the light of day”. Or something to that effect.
  3. Why won't Cobra sell a low loft clubhead? I figured if one company would do it, it'd be the one with the two LD guys prominently featured. Disappointing.
  4. Haven't there been rumors of a "purple" Ventus for some time? Mixing elements of blue and red?
  5. 1. Birdies are fun. 2. No wind as stated. 3. If you’ve played the course as well, it’s very interesting watching them. 4. See #1.
  6. It’s worth it. So much fun to play.
  7. Sandvik and TiShaft (pretty sure they were different companies) were the two prevalent ones. I played a set of Ram Tour Grinds with TiShafts that had been my dad's when I was a teenager. Great clubs. Really liked the titanium shaft feel and look too. Shame they warp.
  8. I've got a Yonex Super ADX driver (the graphite-headed model labeled 0 rather than 1) in the basement that I mess around with every now and again. It's got some pop and a really nice low ballflight. Also have an older Yamaha down there with a maroon sort of color that has a bunch of graphite in the head. And a Top-Flite Thunder Heat kicking around somewhere for good measure. Not a new concept...but definitely new execution.
  9. I don’t want or need sidespin relief…I want consistent ball speeds across the face. As consistent as possible anyway. That would be forgiveness in my world.
  10. Loving the “whack” sound. It’s been a while since a top line driver reliably had that sound and performed without modification.
  11. Color and address view look great. I’ll grab one if I can get the numbers dialed in. Top will match nicely with my Original One.
  12. One of the favorite rounds I’ve ever played played was 18 holes at my home course in 1:45 with just a 6 iron. I’d just caddied for my dad in a tournament and they were headed up for dinner and trophy presentation but would have to wait, so I just grabbed a club out of the trunk and ripped around. Great fun. Just beat the sunset. 71 from the whites with just the 6. Wish I could still do that…somehow I’m better at everything but can’t score like that.
  13. Original One 13.5, usually cranked down to 11.5. Using it as my main tee club, but won’t on longer holes and most par 5’s as I’m getting fit for something in the 6 degree range, probably with a 46 inch shaft. Also love nuking it out of the fairway if I have to. Alternating between a Speeder Evolution 661 X tipped 2 inches and a Ventus Black 7X tipped 1.5 inches. Evo seems to be more consistent for what I need in the OO. Play it right around 43. Have managed to get the SS consistently up over 130MPH which is making me very happy. Love the club. If there was an 8* available in either the Mini or the OO I’d play that too. Wish they’d make it.
  14. I’m less interested in the putter and more that he’s gone back to less upright, a slight forward press, and a much smoother stroke. No wobbling anymore. Very nice. He should be able to do this whether using armlock or not.
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