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  1. Distance isn’t (and if you really want to get into it, hasn’t ever really been) difficult. Distance consistently within a controlled range and on a repeating line is difficult. I’ve been demoing recently and can hit a Mizuno 921 Forged 8-iron over 200 yards if I want to…doesn’t mean a damn thing with regard to shooting 65. Athletes playing golf will hit it far…but this doesn’t matter if you can’t control and repeat.
  2. Is there any chance they’d ever make this in driver loft - meaning 9* or even 8*? I highly doubt it, but maybe a tour head or something. The way I hit my OO 13.5 (dialled down to 11.5), I’d really like to try another in traditional driver loft. I’ll probably just end up building some ridiculous low loft long driver such as Phil decided on to whale on 4 times a round…but would love to try this instead.
  3. Still have 2 kicking around the basement. My dad and I both played it at the time. EI-70 Tour X in mine.
  4. Previous versions were on CNN International of all things…but I don’t know how to watch that.
  5. Currently playing a set of 670s that I bought a couple years ago from a local pro who had them sitting brand new in his basement. Wish I still had my 975J. That thing was the best.
  6. I got impatient waiting for this and luckily found an OO locally that wasn’t going for an absurd amount. Threw my Ventus Black 7x in it. Wonderful club. Great ballflight. Easy to hit. Keeps spin down. Love it.
  7. As I understand it, the 6TX is tipped 2 inches and in such a way that it can play like the 6X in longer lengths. That was the explanation around why Phil is using it. I’ve got a 7X tipped 1.25” in my 0811X. Really like it so far. Great feel. Still tempted to try the 6TX in a 46” Epic Speed LS TD though. I don’t love how long back to front my 0811X is.
  8. ACK!! I hadn’t seen that. That’s awful. Hopefully someone buys it but I have a hard time seeing that. Shot 68 there in 2010. One of my very finest rounds.
  9. You’d do it easily. Has no one here watched the Random Golf Club 2-parter from there recently? EAL is not close to a +1 and he broke 100 from the back, in tournament setup, in the wind and despite not putting well at all.
  10. Was looking for this - plenty more detail and elaboration.
  11. Anyone have the clip of Phil holing out that used to be the star of the ad for the Titleist Professional?
  12. Hey Callaway - sell me a 6* and reinforce your tour UT before Torrey. That thing cracking right before the final round of the PGA could only happen to Phil. Geez.
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