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  1. Just found this gem of a video of Hal talking about swinging the driver:
  2. Thanks for your input. Yeah I feel like things look better with the right hip higher and deeper. It’s just always hard to feel like something is correct when the ball flies worse initially. Tough mental issue to overcome.
  3. Which of these 2 swings would you say has better (more correct) knee and hip tilts? My “normal swing” has less hip and knee tilts. I hit the ball better with this swing since it’s “normal” for me. (Obviously that doesn’t mean that it’s correct) I’m wondering it I need to work towards more knee and hip tilt. https://youtube.com/shorts/vHSYKPlzPlc?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/yIwXahnauf8?feature=share or are my two swings really:
  4. I did an online lesson with Monte in November. It’s great for helping to identify your biggest issues/flaws. The tough thing about it not being in person is he won’t be there to make sure you are doing the right moves to fix it. Taking video of yourself constantly to monitor it is important. I video my swing all the time now to make sure my feel is real (which I didn’t do in the past). If you have the improvement plan the good thing is you can send him that same video to check up on if you are working in the right direction. Monte used to (and may still) have a coupon for a first time online lesson to make it a little cheaper for someone who wants to test it out but is on the fence. As for my experience, I feel like my swing has improved quite a bit since my online lesson with him. It took me a while to figure out how to achieve the things Monte suggested to me. I am sure it would have been easier to figure out how to properly make the changes in person. I think it’s totally worthwhile to take one with him though. I’m planning on maybe trying a FaceTime lesson with him next time.
  5. Swing looks good. Are you trying/wanting other people to post their swing in your thread?
  6. What are you wearing “Jake from State Farm?”
  7. No they were out of stock unfortunately. I ordered from grips4less as they had them in stock. They are in SoCal, I’m in NorCal. Still really surprised it came so quick, usually it’s still like 2-3 days if I order from A SoCal place.
  8. I am flabbergasted. I ordered my shaft yesterday at 11:00am. It was just dropped at my doorstep just over 25 hours later. Free standard shipping to boot!
  9. Thanks for posting that. I’m guessing the tour green is the dark line on the bottom that’s the most linear? (Looks black on my screen)
  10. Thanks for the input everyone. I’ve hit the nv2kxv before in 65g and wasn’t a fan. Tour Green seems like an interesting option. Maybe check that out in the future. I just ordered an NXT NV75 to replace the old shaft. Figured its cheap and I know I like it.
  11. Thanks, that’s probably the best option. Old reliable with some very minor materials updates.
  12. Good to know. I swung a smoke green 70 6.5 today and it was really stout. I hit some Semi decent shots on the monitor with it but I couldn’t load it. I was hoping the smoke black would be smoother. I also took a couple swings with a smoke yellow 70 6.0 and it felt great, just hit hooks with it though. It was on a different head through than the smoke green. Was wondering if the smoke yellow 70 6.5 might be worth trying.
  13. Ive been playing with an Aldila NV75 for a few years and I like it. Unfortunately it broke shortly after I pulled it and inserted it into a Cleveland Classic XL I just picked up. I need to replace it with but I wasn’t sure if I should be looking outside the NV75. I don’t prefer a really boardy feeling shaft. I was curious about what shafts might be good comparables for the NV75 old or new? Thoughts on how these shafts or any others compare? Diamana D+ Fujikura Fuel Hzrdus Smoke (black)
  14. I started working on this during the lockdown as well. Found out I am constantly striking it out on the toe. Working on bringing the strike towards the center of the face. Probably for the best I'm hitting into a net so I can't fret over the ball flight.
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