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  1. My son played on a US Open Qualifier last year at Fountaingrove in Santa Rosa, unfortunately the club house burned down during the Santa Rosa fire, beautiful place. Anyway, those greens were lightening fast. 40% of the field WD that day. The qualifiers shot 72, even par. No one broke par. They are not as strict now but it used to be if you don't hit with 8 strokes of course rating you would receive the death letter. Saying that you have 1 year to prove with genuine tournament scores that you are truly a 1 handicap or you would be banned for life form the US Open. Last year my son's fri
  2. I guess you guys are doing all this so your child can hit longer. My son and I came from baseball so he swung baseball bats long before he became a tournament golfer. He never had a problem with swing speed. When we started playing tournament golf at 9-10 he was easily outdriving the other boys, many times Dads would say they couldn't hit their drivers that far. But looking back I would trade in a second his ability to spank a long drive for short game and putting touch. He was 4-5 years behind the boys he was competing against since they started at 4-5 years old and he started at 9, but
  3. I remember all the Dads who would scream, yell and get upset at their kids. Nowadays, I'm the only Dad out there watching as those same boys tell their Dads they don't want them there because it ruins their game. So all these Dads have been banned and no longer can watch their 17-18 year olds play golf. Their boys drive themselves to the tournaments and the Dad is no longer necessary except to pay for the tournament. In the end, my greatest satisfaction has been to watch my son fail and succeed. To share all those moments of triumph along with the agony of defeat. He's going off to coll
  4. Are you talking about Steell shafts or graphite?
  5. When my son was young he played several sports, Soccer, baseball, basketball. I was asked to coach baseball and when he played K-league soccer I watched. K-league was 1 day 1 hour of practice a week with a 1 hour game on Saturday, they shuffled the times so a team played at 8 am, or 9am and so on. The first day of practice the coach says, don't worry if you miss practice you can always go to another day, it will all be the same thing. When he said that I figured, hey, why not let Alex go to every practice for the 4 days. My wife was worried, isn't that too much she said? I said, are you
  6. Diet is more important than you think. As one of those obsessive performance dads I've seen and probably tried everything. I began to realize that performance usually dropped around hole 12-13. It was like he was going from Jordan Speith to Joe Blow weekend hacker. I knew he doesn't suddenly get stupid. It was fine muscle control. What's worse is that it doesn't appear like sudden weakness, they actually start swinging harder, which means they get into trouble more, and then the simple putts don't drop, they are losing fine motor control, the sequencing goes off. I really noticed it
  7. I know when he grows older and hopefully wiser. That he will fondly remember back to the days as a scratch golfer in pursuit of birdies and the occasional eagle, Knowing that his dad didn't even pick up a club, but he was always trying to get a hole-in-one....
  8. When it comes to getting good at this sport, there is nothing like playing tournament golf under pressure. Play as much as he can, he's only young once.
  9. Play tournaments where you can accumulate AGJA stars, you'll need them to get into AJGA tournaments. Around here we have JGANC, in SC I think you have SCPGA which is a good organization. Those will be cheaper than the FCWTs or FCGs. Sure you can enter them all, but if you are that rich, no need to ask. After all, besides tournament fees, there's hotel rooms, dining out, travel, not to mention gloves, shoes, clothes, clubs, balls, tees and every other thing that will raid your wallet. I use to tell my son all the time, hey if you are not finishing the lunch they give you, I'll eat it. T
  10. Life is not fair, when your old enough to know how to really talk to women, you're too old. And when they are young and handsome like our boys, they know absolutely nothing about women.
  11. Whenever my son would hit a great shot, like a tee shot or approach shot that was almost in the hole, maybe a 3 inch tap. I would try to say something funny like, why don't you just hit it in and save the putting? Or when he sinks a 60 foot putt, I'll say, why don't you do that all the time? He's gotten so used to my sarcasm that he just flicks me away with his arm. I never wanted him to get a big head. To do great things and to walk off like you do that all the time, its just a golf shot, nothing more, nothing less. Inside I might be cheering, but outside he mostly saw me just talki
  12. I think too often we as parents look at developing talent and think of it as some sort of linear progression. it is, but during the process there are a lot of what seems to be setbacks. That's life. Everything doesn't go according to plans on whatever you do. I recognized early that growth spurts make for tremendous variables. What did I do. I bought the next highest flexes and stronger clubs and had them ready before I detected the growth spurt happening and shots went awry. I got my own Scotland bender. I always went under the assumption that he didn't all of a sudden get stupid. I
  13. Great post! I always took the attitude that a bad shot was the prelude to the great shot! Crap happens, it's what they do to extricate themselves that builds character. I always think that in their minds before they shoot, they aren't envisioning failure, after the shot the most important thing to do is to execute the next shot. My son told me about what happenened 2 weeks ago in a high school match against the #1 school in his league. He pushed his tee shot and was in the rough, 189 yds uphill from the pin. Bad lie. So he took out a 4 iron and flushed a laser shot to within 18 inches o
  14. I remember when I was walking with this Vietnamese mom during a 11 year old tournament that our sons were playing in the same foursome. My son had just had a 10 in the first hole and they were on about hole 5 when she tells me. They aren't even concentrating, they're just talking with each other and having a good ole time and she was disgusted about it. I looked at her and said the following. My son has told me that the greatest thing he liked about golf was that you could meet 3 other guys for the first time at the 1st tee and by the end of the round it was as if you knew them like
  15. Just shows you how much respect these animals have for us golfers. I can imagine the conversation from 1 goose to another. "Aren't you afraid of getting hit by a golf ball out here on a golf course?", the other one says, "are you kidding me? have you seen these guys play? they can't hit the broad side of a barn, much less put a golf ball between my eyes, hell we're safer than their playing partners..."
  16. Thank you sir for all you do and have done. I wish everyone had a school administrator that was so thoughtful of the process. You are so right, there are so many things that people take for granted that have to happen just to have a competitive sport. And I appreciate what you say about "educational funding priorities".
  17. Look, in the end. All of these rules are because despite your best intentions there have been too many dads who lose their heads when it comes to their kid in junior golf. I remember a dad in US Kids berating his son in Korean and instructing him on every stroke, even a 12 inch putt, and the kid was so nervous he missed the 1 footer. I've been through it all, I'm usually the last man standing as a Dad out there. You don't know how many times I've heard boys talking to each other saying, I'm sure glad my dad is not here. I know what they mean. My son has been used to me being with him si
  18. Here's the problem. Cal Poly SLO is an engineering, ag. business school. He is liberal arts, I simply had added it to the list of California schools I helped him apply to. They are not known for History majors, so he would be choosing a school that ranks near the bottom as far as his major is concerned.
  19. I want to thank everyone on this forum for providing me guidelines and tips on golf and life. This has been a valuable place to come to regarding junior golf. My son is a senior this year. He's been a pretty good joiner golfer, high school league champion, etc. He's also decided to be a History and Economics major. He's not good enough to impress D1 coaches, but over this year has been approached by several D3 coaches for their golf programs. He has a 3.8 gpa which is not bad. His brother had a 4.7 gpa and graduated from Berkeley as an Astro physicist who is currently studying for h
  20. Agatha words speak volumes, full of wisdom. I've walked so many tournaments, I'm one of the last Dads that still do. I've seen kids that weren't intially very good become better, the best get worse. I also knew from way back that you can't buy a game, you can't buy desire. You can practice every minute of every day and there will always be someone better, someone stronger. Even with all the ability, all the work, all the success now, there's no guarantee of success in the future. Life can get in the way of the best laid plans. See the movie, "the Natural" to get an idea of wh
  21. I'm in California, I've seen the economy ravage junior golf, but I also know that the economy isn't the only reason. Most of the kids my son competes against in junior golf have well to do parents. My son is the top golfer on his high school team, last years high school league champion. But when he's at school you wouldn't know it. He's quiet. He has a closet full of some of the most expensive golf shirts you could buy. He wouldn't be caught dead wearing one to school. He came home a little upset one day 2 years ago when a bunch of guys were talking and saying how golf wasn't a sport
  22. Based on what I've seen, the Bridgestone is more precise in its spin around greens and approach shots. The TP5X is longer off the tee.
  23. When you are spending thousand of dollars during all these years of tournament golf, they are learning course management. Some kids learn a little faster, some a little slower. But in the end, tournament fees are the tuition for course management lessons. You can practice all you want, in the end, they have to do it, under pressure and filled will adrenalin. There are hundreds of things to be aware of, and in the end, the few things you forget tend to bite you in the a** so you can remember them well the next time, no matter who the kid is, I've yet to see the perfect round by any of them
  24. My son says the Bridgestone feels much better when putting. Not necessarily longer than the TP5x, but feels better in short game and putting.
  25. My son's 5'6", plays Mizuno MP-4s 1/2 inch over length KBS X130 shafts 4-6 3 flat 7-9 2 flat PW .5 flat. ultra strong grip.
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