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  1. I’ve played some iteration of Mizuno forged irons for the past 12 years. They feel/sound (subjective I know) amazing, just flat out perform. No reason to shy away, just as good, if not better than any other OEM. Ultimately get what fits you best, but never sleep on Mizuno Irons.
  2. I think it’s the best of both options for me. I can choose which putter I want to look down at, and put the same stroke regardless….or try.
  3. My mallet and blade specs match in all aspects except neck style - plumbers vs slant Virtually the same toe flow so allows me to switch between without much difficulty.
  4. https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/speeder-nx
  5. Coming from a Sun Mountain 4.5 14 way to a 3.5 was surprising. Very minimal club tangle, and easy to navigate when it does. Zero club chatter/banging around that I experienced with the 14 way top. Went with the navy/black, great combo, easy to keep clean and not gaudy.
  6. Echo the 7 wood comments. I go 4/7 woods, then a 24 hybrid. Covers my gaps nicely and gives me options into the greens.
  7. 1 item for sale, no trades. Original owner, ordered directly from Callaway. Used for 9 holes, indiscernible from new. 35" Steel Shaft 2 Up Standard grip and loft $195 USD shipped, USA and Canada. OBO. Want it moved, send me an offer through DM. Thanks! pin 8/27
  8. Don’t sleep on the Tour AD HY, fantastic shaft, slightly lower price point compared to the AD DI
  9. Play what you perform the best with, regardless of brand. I too have struggled with this concept at times.
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