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  1. 1 item for sale. No trades considered. Purchased from Callaway Preowned in "Like New" condition. Played it for a grand total of 9 holes. Can't justify having it sit around, or be a 4th in my putter rotation RH 35" Steel Shaft 350 g Lamkin Deep Etch - Black Headcover included $200 USD shipped anywhere in USA and Canada.
  2. 1 item for sale, no trades will be considered. Mint RH Cobra F9 Speedback Head NO shaft included. 10.5 Loft Black/Yellow Includes: Headcover, wrench, and a total of 4 weights (18, 14, 6, and 2) $200 USD includes shipping to USA/Canada
  3. Agreed!! Love the look!! ??
  4. Fit first. it may surprise you which neck, toe flow, and style performs best from a numbers perspective. From there you can pretty much choose any putter which matches those specs.
  5. Couldn’t care less. WAY too many talented makers who don’t play bullxxxx sales strategies.
  6. Love my 21’ TS2 Fairway. Quickly becoming my go to shot for layups and long approaches
  7. Play the 75 in my TS2 fairways, 4 and 7. Low spin player, and they suit me well. Lovely flight, mid-high, controllable. Shaft feels solid, smooth, typical blue profile.
  8. Title says it all. I’ve read conflicting information (here and from Cobra unfortunately) as to the insertion depth. Can anyone confirm, the measurement from tip to end of the shaft, and the playing length when installed in a driver. Thanks.
  9. IZ has a higher balance point than Ventus if that is relevant for you.
  10. Holy shit!!! That’s amazing. Love the 1 piece over the weld neck!! Gorgeous!!
  11. Thank you. I have actually been fit into the Ventus, but trying to cover by bases. Didn’t have a chance to hit the ZF and was curious. Much appreciated.
  12. Seeking some input and experiences. Yes, I’ve searched all I can ? Planning on buying either a Ventus Blue or Diamana ZF. Regular flex, yes, I said it. Regular. Has anyone compared both across similar weights/flexes and would one suit a “swinger” or smooth delivery better? Thanks.
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