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  1. Interesting that you mention this. I have had mine for about a month, and my fourball partner grabbed my 8 iron, and said, "Wow, you already have a wear pattern". Once he mentioned it, I noticed it too. Maybe there is a light coating/ finish that wears quickly. However, it is not like my previous T-100 set. They didn't show a true wear spot until 12-18 months in.
  2. My suggestion from the peanut gallery would be this....wait until you get the 53* wedge and try it out. With the extra forgiveness and "pop" of the T-300 over a "blade-like" vokey may be the same distance with higher launch. Hit both on trackman or take them out to the course to see if there is a difference before bending them. You can always go to a golf shop after the fact to have it bent 1* if needed, but I do not thing you will need to.
  3. Regardless of name, you have to EARN a Tour card. A card is not a sponsor exemption. The KFT does not care what your name is to get through to the PGA. It is so hard and anyone that gets through is a player.
  4. I am with you on this one. I play a TS2 right now and tried the new TSi hybrids, but they just felt "dead" to me. Don't get me wrong I love the old school hot melt "thud", but these had very little feel at all to tell where I hit it on the face. Hence, the TS2 stayed in the bag.
  5. I would agree on this statement Brooks. My comment was really stating how I did not think it was possible to get that much spin and height with ONLY -1.2 attack angle. Using Physics, I do not know how it happens. Must be how the shaft is unloading into the impact area.
  6. Personally, I would not like to hit it that high with that much spin. However, this game is an individual sport and you do whatever brings you the most enjoyment and allows YOU to shoot your lowest scores. I tend to try and get about 6000 rpm and peak height around 100' which gives me a good landing angle and the ball tends to stop right where it hits.
  7. First, the spin in his screenshot is an algorithm; which means the Trackman is "guessing". However, to get 6820 RPM, peak height of 131' with only a -1.2 attack angle is amazing. With that swing speed, most guys would have to hit down -4 to -5 degrees to get that spin, but that height!? Wow.
  8. Most are running at 6 weeks from order entry to shipping.
  9. I now have a couple rounds with the new T-100’s. Net-net, they are firmer than the previous version, fly the same distance, but have a higher ball flight/peak than the previous version.
  10. I received my new T100 set yesterday and hit my previous “old gen” T100 to the new set. The older set had more of a “thud” to it compared to the new set being firmer. I think I like the older feel better, but after a while of hitting the new set, the felt good and I didn’t remember the older set. Kinda like, you like what you know, but you don't know what you don't know.
  11. I received my T-100 set yesterday with this grip. Ironically, that is is NOT the grip I ordered. I wanted standard GP Tour Velvet (black) with logo down.
  12. Wow! You guys are harsh...but not wrong unfortunately.
  13. With the old slant neck, he rolled it the best in a while IMO.
  14. I doubt it will ever come to retail. Scotty probably just got tired of all of his tour players putting a SuperStroke on his putters.
  15. This is holding true for me. I placed my order 7/12 and just called Titleist. They said my set is in production and will ship 8/30 with 2-day shipping. T-100, Tour Issue DG and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips.
  16. Has anyone started receiving their orders yet? I was able to place an order when Titleist came to my club and fit our pros about 6 weeks ago. Wondering when those start arriving.
  17. All of you guys asking for more toplines....and all i want is a good old fashioned 009 with a flange line!! When was the last time you saw one of those during the practice round photos?
  18. Scotty has been vehement in his refusal to have grooves on his putters stating that they do not work. I am a big of his putters, but it has been proven in testing that they provide a quicker roll for the average player. I just hope this opens the door for a more exploratory effort on Scotty’s part. Doubt it, but hopeful.
  19. I would like to reiterate, that this theory works FOR ME. Do your own testing and use what is best for you. If you do not mind buying one extra club then get the set gap wedge and get a Vokey to test against each other. If you do go this route, I suggest getting a “real” shaft instead of the stock shaft. If I am not mistaken, Vokey uses S200’s in their wedges. I play X-100 in my irons. With a gap wedge, you are swinging almost at full speed. Something to consider if S-200 would be too flexible for a full swing gap wedge shot.
  20. I would agree with this post. I have even gone one step further and pulled the set PW out of the bag and put a 46* Vokey in for my PW. I actually did Trackman testing and on course evaluation, but I am more accurate with the Vokey, hit it with more spin for stopping power and can work the Vokey with fade/draw better than the set PW.
  21. Everyone wants to add one to the list, and I am no different. The "ONE" that will forever be burned into my brain is the ..... TM R7 425TP
  22. Above is from US Open...this is from the Olympics. I also zoomed in and the toe says, "340"
  23. I do believe it was mentioned earlier in the post, but to the OP's forum title....this is NOT the same Scotty he used before. I was watching the coverage last night, and this putter does not have the 3 black bombs in the cavity. It was one bomb and then a cirlce T. Hence, this is a new wand made for him (maybe a back up from the original), but not the once he won the US Open with.
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