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  1. I still have a couple boxes of the skinnies, they're great and you could also buy them in boxes of single blends if you had one you really liked. I went through my Monster Mash box in like 5 days, hahahaha! A little birdie told me that the MM *might* be available as singles as well in the future (sold in bundle format). I still haven't cracked either of my Franks, I had a single I picked up and was impressed with it. I was bummed out to hear they aren't doing the Frank Redux in non-dress boxes of 10, but oh well. I had several of the original release and I was pleasantly surprised with some of the similarities.
  2. As a lefty and someone who is at least happy it's being made lefty in the first place, they currently only have a 19* model in LH and I bet Callaway sent them 19* so people could see Ian (who swings slower than Matt) with a comparable head loft.
  3. If you’re a Tatuaje fan, October is one of the best months as the Monsters come out.
  4. Pumped full of molten leaded oil. PS @bscinstnct only quitters skip leg day
  5. Very, very nice. I'm remiss to say that, even playing at my best of 9.x hdcp ( I was king of 81-85 for over a year with consistency), I have never cracked into the 70s. For shame. Just before my daughter was born, I was playing my best and shot 5 rounds of 80 even (yeah, I know) in just under 4 months. The last round before she was born (3 days prior) was the last of 80: I was on pace for 77-78 and took a "lost ball" on the par 5 18th... the group ahead of us said someone from the other hole picked up my ball. I didn't consider it right to take a free drop since I didn't see it, and double bogeyed the hole for 80 on the nose. Golf is fickle. When the golf Gods smile upon you, enjoy it man. One day I hope to be able to hang something like that up in my office. Terrific round.
  6. I'd bet on a "speed cartridge" being able to go into that screw port behind the face. Have one side of it weighted heavily compared to the other, and you can use that to raise or lower CG.
  7. The tall guy would be a Tyrannosaurus.
  8. There's video of him and Charlie Rymer on the range with a Trackman going "long drive" and Rickie hit 123 or 124mph. His swing change dropped a ton of speed over the past few years, but whatever he is doing recently is increasing his speed and his swing is looking way better. Ball speed for Rickie Fowler: 2014 - 174.14 2015 - 174.37 2016 - 175.78 2017 - 172.37 2018 - 173.70 2019 - 174.52 2020 - 171.21 2021 - 171.80 2022 - 174.90
  9. Good mechanics, thousands upon thousands of hours to groove the swing, lots of tournament testing to make sure the swing and mechanics hold up well under pressure. Scary part: that's the on-course driver swing and he can notch it up a bit if needed. The guy I used to play a lot with who was a +4hdcp in high school and college was maybe 5'5" and averaged 290+ with ease. I'm not tall by any means, I'm barely 5'6" and that's only if there's enough humidity in the air that day. When I was playing a lot, my fairway-finder drive SS was in the 114-117 range and I've put together strings of 121-123 on a Trackman stepping on it for fun. Good mechanics, lots of seat time.
  10. Woodland is one of my favorite Tour players, I follow him just about any time he comes to DFW and plays either the Byron or the Colonial. Him and Finau both use swing depth to regulate club speed and a lot of average folks don't understand that, even with those abbreviated backswings, they both put a ton of shaft load into the club. You can visually see his shafts flex when he transitions into the downswing from the top. Fascinating to see.
  11. Hell, I never knew Rory Sabbatini was from Slovakia!
  12. Off-topic but anyways... Norm absolutely crushed OJ before, during, and even after the trial. Personal favorite was "O.J. Simpson's lawyers have decided to skip hearings on DNA evidence, and go right to trial. Asked why they did this, the lawyers replied, "We want to get OJ acquitted as speedily as possible, so he can get back to doing what he does best: Killing people." You couldn't get away with half of that stuff nowadays.
  13. BDC has always been an outlier in terms of showing up for media day with a PC, organized playlist. It’ll keep him from winning ALL the hearts and minds for some time, IMO, because he’s always going to go off the cuff. It’s who he is. … that being said, I think a lot of opinions changed after he dropped the hammer on Sergio’s a** with the first tee shot Sunday morning. I literally laughed out loud when the eagle putt fell and said “well, so much for that match point for the Euros.” I hope nothing but the best going forward for him and I think he’s going to be great.
  14. His "mind game" look solid right now for sure, him and Xander are beating the taste out of the Rory/Poulter duo.
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