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  1. Picking up more Tatuaje stuff. They’ve released 3 blends of their T110 redux.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you’re a successful PGA Tour player or a cashier at Walmart, lots of people compartmentalize daily grind issues and end up using a substance to deal with it all. For quite a few “change” isn’t in the cards without a nudge. I hope he gets help without realizing a life-changing event that requires it. As long as we can trap 140+ in a terrifying “skreet legal” tin can shitbox I’m your huckleberry.
  3. Ha! Very interesting. I am also a glutton for punishment when it comes to hobbies, we’ve discussed cars in the past. You know anyone else building a 500whp Festiva? You do now. Now as for redirection you hit the nail on the head. My “poison of choice” was vodka and soda with a lime. At one point I had zero issues consuming 6 or 7 “solid pours” (jigger and a half, roughly +/- 2.5 fl/oz) in a three hour window on a weeknight. I was up and working at 630-645am and, aside from feeling somewhat sluggish, was fine. That’s where I finally took a step back. If you want to PM me for details y
  4. i don’t feel that’s necessarily the point of contention here. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that substance abuse of all shapes and forms is highly prevalent amongst the PGA rank-and-file players. High stress, long hours, overwhelming amounts of solitude and a lot of “switched on/switched off” days every week. I also wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if that random Tour Player survey with wild TMI questions posed “do you consider your consumption of alcohol and/or other substances to be excessive?” and it netted a 25-50% “YES”.
  5. Alcohol dependence and alcoholism is such an interesting topic. I had several family members of an older generation that would 100% tick the box, and my mom was going through AA until she passed away from COPD complications (she decided to become an alcoholic in her 50s, wild stuff). I recognized that it resided in my family tree and (if you believe it’s genetic and a true disease) understood I would be prone to developing a taste for it. That said, I got to a point in my life recently where I decided that alcohol was becoming too common of a crutch and stopped pretty much cold turkey.
  6. Eh, its all conjecture obviously but The Masters is all about placement on approach shots. “Pin high” with mid/long irons could be less than 6 feet from the pin (Mickelson from the pine straw) or catch a ridge and go off the green (dozens of times every tournament day). All 3 guys mentioned are great iron players (tiger and jack being elite of elite) and DJ has busted his butt on the short iron/wedge game. I guess my point is, Morikawa would need to have a filthy week with the putter to get The Masters. My opinion of course, and we know the cliché about opinions. Carry on! P.S. I’d l
  7. Without going off the rails, all 3 guys you mentioned were also 3 of the longest players of their respective golfing generation. Morikawa ain't. As for Colin, I love his game and hope he can find some consistency with his putting because he could easily be a constant force on Tour.
  8. Augusta favors a right-handed draw for the most part, but I was more referring to his putting. He's super-streaky with the putter and Augusta is certainly a course where you need to have that aspect of your game shored up.
  9. On a personal note, I don’t know if he has the right game for Augusta. Call it a hunch. I already called him as the dark horse to surpass the current crop in major tally. It’s wild how many guys have 3 of the majors and find one to be their Achilles Heel (Spieth, Palmer, Phil, etc)
  10. In God's name I wear a watch. As for how the sponsored players can help, I'll give you an interesting angle: watching the guys or seeing the guys with the watches on also gives you some perspective into how they might wear on yourself, if you were in the market to buy a Rolex/AP/Omega/etc. Jordan Spieth wore his Explorer II a bunch and renewed my lust for a white-faced II.
  11. On the surface and being solely golf subjective, I loved watching Cabrera play... no nonsense, hit the ball hard and far, fade the pressure, and win majors. From the humanitarian aspect, which is separate from the guy we would see on TV, I feel horrible all the way around. It vividly illustrates the dichotomy that exists between a (at the time) popular golfer on your TV screen and who he is at home away from the golf course.
  12. Well, Did Chantel McCabe write it...? I'll see myself out.
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