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  1. Was he purposely skulling every shot with the 0211 or was he just having a "bad session"?
  2. DON SVO

    AK in 2021

    Well... to play Devil's Advocate here... that depends on where you want your land, your idea of "a little land"/"a house"/"a boat", and other expenses. For all we know, his dream was 250 acres in Manhattan with his own damn lake being overlooked by a 10,000 square foot villa and fishing from Tiger's yacht. It's all perspective
  3. Man, if it makes you feel any better about your take, I glanced at that photo quickly looking for Scott's hat logo (from the previous conversation about it) and thought Cam was just Scott's goofy local caddie for the practice round or something. That picture is a fantastic example of how some folks fared 2020 so much better than others.
  4. Richard, I know we've only bantered back-and-forth a bit on here, but I'll reply with a slightly different angle but a similar "feel", if you will. I'm 38 now, and didn't start playing golf until I was 27. I'm blessed to have great friends who play, and a few who play to a relatively high level. I'm highly competitive, and playing with a handful of -3 to +4 players regularly took me from an 18.x to 10.x in less than a year. Playing that way either makes you get better or just drives you crazy. It's a mix of both for me, really, and being younger and not a parent gave me lots of fre
  5. If I'm not mistaken, if he won again next year he would have back-to-back majors and back-to-back Masters... that would be pretty cool. Think he would stand up at the awards ceremony, put his own green jacket on, spin in a fast circle and put his arms out like David Hasselhoff after a magic trick?
  6. Ha! we had a pretty deep thread on here a while back about whether or not they "enhanced" the PGA Tour coverage via sound effects. The sound of a 3 wood swoosh when the player is hitting a wedge, things like that. One thing I really appreciated about the Masters coverage on ESPN (for the most part), was there were quite a few natural audio bytes. I love hearing the snap of an iron in a tree-lined golf course. There's a very specific sound to it that the sound engineer can't reproduce in the truck. Seems like he tried though! LOL!
  7. Hey... s#!t happens when there's water, or no wind, or a lack of fans. Them's the breaks and the Golf God's gotta tax you fairly, especially if you win one in one country but live in another. Double Golf Tax, Google it.
  8. I really thought that, when Rory won the British Open, that Royal Liverpool looked like a dump AND it was overcast and dreary. Coupling this with how wet the conditions were for the rest of his Majors, Rory is actually in the hole a Major. Let's see if he can climb out sometime next year and get back to even.
  9. I lucked out, I have a decently-shaped head for shaving. My hairline’s been retreating faster than the French army since my early 20’s and I’ve been chasing it with a BIC ever since. Tiger took his hat off to shake on 18 a bit ago, he’s definitely not had any work done LOL
  10. I want to say that I read his lofts are all over the place due to the single length iron deal, to get the right gaps.
  11. Real talk man, as I was scrolling down and reading the post above yours, I only saw the top 1/3rd of your picture... my fat @$$ totally thought you were about to show off the biggest, baddest, 6 patty bacon cheeseburger ever. The octopus looks great BTW.
  12. I believe it is spelled, "Thaiwanese"
  13. God himself stirred their mac N cheese, it's divine.
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