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  1. His "mind game" look solid right now for sure, him and Xander are beating the taste out of the Rory/Poulter duo.
  2. I'm not too concerned with the volume of the training, but they type of training. The correlation I come to with your example involving Sixten is as a cross-country skier, Sixten proceeds to devote a massive amount of training time to... half-pipe skiing. Hey, they're both skiing, right? We've beaten the "DJ worked hard on his short irons/wedges with Trackman" to death, I know, but it bears fruit. I personally feel, after watching BDC since college, that he does things in defined segments. My thoughts are that once he gets where he feels the "long game" is where he wants, he suddenly devotes himself to being a 150yd-and-in wizard. That would be in line with his typical approach to bettering his game.
  3. My only concern for Bryson is that there is a definite disparity between long drive and tournament golf swings. On another level, there's the common MLB adage that guys who work on their Home Run Derby plate appearance play like crap for a while after the All Star Game. Bubba Watson said he trained with a long drive club, got his swing speed to around 140 or so, but began losing distance control with short irons and wedges (hmmmmm, sounds familiar).
  4. Every year there's some surprisingly good names grouped in with the bunch outside the 125 mark and some eyebrow raisers in the bottom 1/4. One of my "favorites" is Billy Hurley in 2018: dude won a great event in 2016 and was the toast of the town, did decent and barely missed FedEx playoffs in 2017, and in 2018 played 27 events for a grand total of $145,000 in earnings. Golf is a fickle game.
  5. LOL I’ve got lead tape on my driver, my 2 hybrid, a handful of my irons and 2 wedges. I’ll have to go into my office and check but I might have some on the 3 wood (it’s not in the bag now). Oddly enough the putter is the only club type that’s been able to avoid my lead tapiness tendencies.
  6. Only if Smylie has inserts in his irons and driver.
  7. I personally feel that they should have the first 2 playoff tourneys be flat pay with no staggered purse. I know, it sounds crazy. But hear me out. Point reset at the beginning except for top 25, period. Top 25 get auto-advance to round 2 with a point "bump", regardless of points or they can take that week off. Think of it as a bye week if they want to do it that way. Guaranteed flat $50,000 per player at round 1. Guaranteed flat $100,000 at round 2. They get "paid" since they qualified for each leg of the TC but their "reward" is advancing to the next stage. TC is play for all the marbles with a doubled prize pool... This would force players to enter the playoffs knowing that the real money is in the Final 30 TC and they have to beat ~half the field to get to the next event. They get a decent show-up payoff for the first 2 events but not tournament payout... they're playing for points because TC first place takes home $25MM. That would be interesting. Separate the wheat from the chaff real quick. I bet several of them show their true colors and opt out of playing.
  8. First hand stories... I've met him outside the ropes in a casual setting while he was a Junior at SMU (2015ish). He was pretty affable then but he wasn't card-carrying PGA yet either. I also do not get star struck and our interaction involved absolutely zero BDC-centric questions. Lots of these guys are pretty "normal" when you treat them like regular folks. YMMV.
  9. If I was in the field I'd want it all to be done with today, for a lot of reasons. With Rahm's luck lately, he'd get word on the tee box for the 1st sudden death hole that he's covid positive again.
  10. He sped up for a while, and his play was great during that time (US Open win). His play has dropped off recently and he's turning into molasses again. He seems like he is overly deliberate when he's having on-the-course issues. If Bryson is a bit lost (he's been playing poorly for several months+ now) then, sure as springtime rain, he gets back into his slowpoke ways. Pretty strong correlation.
  11. The PGA Tour is a non-profit, and (crazy enough, I know) non-profits pay their employees and build offices. This is another rabbit hole we don't need to go down.
  12. I agree, I don't want to create a huge segue here. There's angles regarding the presale of tickets and ticket resellers getting blocks of them (primary concern being when ABC Tickets gets 1/4 of the block of prime position seats off of first base, for example) where money might be changing hands on the back end, and those blocks are surreptitiously going to ABC Tickets before anyone has a chance. I have a friend that owns a 'legitimate' local ticket reselling business. He primarily trades with/buys seats from clients and acquires some of his premium tickets through buying power up front from the box office (he's not doing anything backdoor for presale acquisition, it's the same process anyone can participate in) and he HATES the big resellers. I've heard some wild stories from him and there's a lot of people that are getting palms greased that we won't ever hear about. It's just gross to me. Oh well.
  13. He's not a member of the PGA Tour, so it's not his official rookie season. He had a great year though, and the COVID shutdown hosed him in a variety of ways due to the "special temporary membership" status. The one that really ground my gears was that, since he's assured of having fully exempt PGA Tour status next season, he couldn't try to go into the KFT finals and grab a couple wins there. Oh well.
  14. So there's a few different angles to it all, for sure. The big issue is that tickets are often bought in bulk by resellers, which removes them from the existing purchasing pool of Average Joe attendee. Tickets are limited and this makes it harder to get one without going to the reseller at a substantial markup. I've seen instances (concerts and baseball games) where certain sections that are highly desirable go to reseller allocations before ever hitting open market: this means if you want to sit in a certain area your odds of getting that seat are next-to-none. One camp might say that a marginal price hike could be warranted if the market can easily bear a large amount of reseller premiums being tacked onto the tickets. The other camp (lots of people) don't like large percentages of tickets being allocated to the reseller ticket barns before they're ever sold to the public, making it much harder to get a good ticket at face value, and feel this is legalized scalping. I attend a lot of concerts and I am in group #2. I'm not sure where your disconnect regarding "the dude STOLE 20,000+ tickets from the USGA's events and sold them to shady ticket reselling merchants to be sold again" is. So unless you're trolling, how's this: If you stole a Ford F150 off the dealership lot, sold it to a chop shop, and I bought it from the chop shop what I considered a fair price, I'm pretty sure Ford and the dealership are going to be pissed and probably want a bevy of charges brought upon the thief and the reseller. Hell they'll more than likely want the truck back I paid for too.
  15. It’ll be interesting to see what happens by mid-2022, IMO. Tiger came back from the fusion surgery and was swinging 120+ for a season. His speed fell off a cliff, he looked very stiff and tender at the PNC father/son, and he quietly went and had another microdiscectomy right after that tournament. I know it’s all speculation on my end, but I feel like Tiger knew he had another disc issue for some time and just kept his crap together long enough to play the PNC with Charlie. The time line from the PNC to the car crash in February is right at 2 months, the discectomy is sandwiched between there somewhere and he wasn’t scheduled to return to golf until April. So realistically he got into that crash while in the middle of his back rehab to boot. Can be get things lined up enough to play competitively in 2022? I’m with everyone else that says we more than likely won’t get a glimpse of what the future holds for another year.
  16. I told AT&T to take a hike after my U-verse/fiber internet discount codes all expired and they refused to even offer me some sort of discount for U-verse. I have found the lack of access to be refreshing, I'm not missing golf nearly as much as I thought I would. 1. Masters 2. US Open 3. British Open 4. PGA That's about it. Gimme the 4 majors and I'll be OK (and I probably don't even need those).
  17. I really enjoy the Nica Rustica from them, the Liga Privada 9 still has some great flavor as well. I was a big fan of DE's Unico stuff for quite some time (did proto testing for UF4 and UF-13), I was sad when Saka left and they sold to Swisher International. Luckily some of their higher end lines have stayed relatively constant (no. 9 for example). I still have 12-15 Papas Fritas from a cab I bought in 2013 (pre-Swisher).
  18. Picking up more Tatuaje stuff. They’ve released 3 blends of their T110 redux.
  19. It doesn’t matter if you’re a successful PGA Tour player or a cashier at Walmart, lots of people compartmentalize daily grind issues and end up using a substance to deal with it all. For quite a few “change” isn’t in the cards without a nudge. I hope he gets help without realizing a life-changing event that requires it. As long as we can trap 140+ in a terrifying “skreet legal” tin can shitbox I’m your huckleberry.
  20. Ha! Very interesting. I am also a glutton for punishment when it comes to hobbies, we’ve discussed cars in the past. You know anyone else building a 500whp Festiva? You do now. Now as for redirection you hit the nail on the head. My “poison of choice” was vodka and soda with a lime. At one point I had zero issues consuming 6 or 7 “solid pours” (jigger and a half, roughly +/- 2.5 fl/oz) in a three hour window on a weeknight. I was up and working at 630-645am and, aside from feeling somewhat sluggish, was fine. That’s where I finally took a step back. If you want to PM me for details you can. Regardless, I LOVE Topo Chico. I’ll go through 4 or 5 a day now. Topo with lime has some fizzy and tastes great to me. I think it was a fair trade in the grand scheme of things.
  21. i don’t feel that’s necessarily the point of contention here. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that substance abuse of all shapes and forms is highly prevalent amongst the PGA rank-and-file players. High stress, long hours, overwhelming amounts of solitude and a lot of “switched on/switched off” days every week. I also wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if that random Tour Player survey with wild TMI questions posed “do you consider your consumption of alcohol and/or other substances to be excessive?” and it netted a 25-50% “YES”.
  22. Alcohol dependence and alcoholism is such an interesting topic. I had several family members of an older generation that would 100% tick the box, and my mom was going through AA until she passed away from COPD complications (she decided to become an alcoholic in her 50s, wild stuff). I recognized that it resided in my family tree and (if you believe it’s genetic and a true disease) understood I would be prone to developing a taste for it. That said, I got to a point in my life recently where I decided that alcohol was becoming too common of a crutch and stopped pretty much cold turkey. I told my sister and wife I was tired of it and to hold me accountable. Some folks may say I wasn’t a “true alcoholic”, but I have friends that needed counseling/AA/sponsors/support network to kick it and I was definitely exceeding their quantity and frequency in several cases. How was I able to stop like I did? I don’t have the answer for that. I’d be lying if I said I knew how I can flip the switch off. The entire topic is so very fascinating and a big part of me says we will probably never fully understand it. in relation to the original topic, I hope Murray gets help. I’ve seen 2 friends finally bite the bullet and do rehab and dedicated AA meetings (oddly enough I am a sponsor to this day from friend #1, over 8 years now) and they’re way better off for it.
  23. Eh, its all conjecture obviously but The Masters is all about placement on approach shots. “Pin high” with mid/long irons could be less than 6 feet from the pin (Mickelson from the pine straw) or catch a ridge and go off the green (dozens of times every tournament day). All 3 guys mentioned are great iron players (tiger and jack being elite of elite) and DJ has busted his butt on the short iron/wedge game. I guess my point is, Morikawa would need to have a filthy week with the putter to get The Masters. My opinion of course, and we know the cliché about opinions. Carry on! P.S. I’d love for him to bag Augusta and prove me wrong!
  24. Without going off the rails, all 3 guys you mentioned were also 3 of the longest players of their respective golfing generation. Morikawa ain't. As for Colin, I love his game and hope he can find some consistency with his putting because he could easily be a constant force on Tour.
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