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  1. Seems like it’s ok to me. I know a lot of people were appreciative when DeerHunter’s (I think that was his name) son came on here and updated everyone. You always wonder when someone disappears…..
  2. Seems like it’s always a good game between MSU and Nebraska. Personally, I wasn’t as impressed by my Huskers against Oklahoma as many were. Still way too many mental mistakes and undisciplined play to beat a decent team. Oklahoma didn’t look to me like a top five team. QB Rattler is way too inconsistent. I’m guessing MSU by a couple TDs.
  3. I’m surprised that so many are surprised by the fact that a card is handed out with the stroke holes marked. I’ve never played anywhere where it wasn’t done this way. I normally check, but just to see where everyone pops. Every course and pro uses different percentages, so I don’t know how many each person should be getting. Just want to know where the strokes fall. It probably actually happens a lot more than people think. They never know something was incorrect. Have to remember, the vast majority out there have no idea how handicaps work, so they also don’t know how they get applied.
  4. Money….I want their money! A fistful of cash makes that poor round not seem so bad.
  5. I guess I don’t see how it takes any pressure off. I don’t see how it can be better to change change it up from how they start every other tournament round. Golfers are almost as much creatures of routine as baseball players.
  6. I think the difference, at least to me, is those are reactionary responses to something the player did. Celebrations if you will. I guess in the grand scope of things it’s really not a big deal. I’m admittedly old and crotchety and this is relatively new. Like most of us old gleebs, we much prefer the game styles we grew up with.
  7. I don’t understand why they would want the frenzy. Other sports at least thrive on adrenaline, where being or getting “pumped up” can up the level of performance. But I can’t see where that feel is going to help in golf where calm and even keel is desired.
  8. Love the picture! It’s awesome. It would be perfect to wear into the bar after a round. But the thread title is “What did you shoot today”
  9. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I just don’t like it. In any sport. If you’re worrying about what the crowd is doing then all your focus is NOT on executing on the playing field. Seemed like almost almost all the players who did that on the first tee then promptly hit their tee shot into the fairway bunker. Pump up the crowd with your play, not by flapping your arms.
  10. Maybe if the US team would worry a little more about hitting some good shots as opposed to trying to get the crowd yelling……
  11. Well, unfortunately Frankie looked like was he was going to be too big for our place ( he has since been adopted which makes us very happy). So we have now welcomed Petey into our house. Mom is a beagle/chihuahua mix….no idea on dad.
  12. I’d like to be outraged too…..but I’m too tired to put in the effort. Personally, I don’t care (as long as the club throw isn’t in my direction). Some of the meltdowns I’ve seen have been far more entertaining than the golf.
  13. Several nice items for sale. No trades at this time. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, I can get more photos if you need something specific. Cobra Pro Forged combo irons, 4-P. KBS $Tapers 120 stiff shafts. 4,5,6 are cavity backs and 7-P are muscle,backs. As far as I know they are standard L,L,L. Clubs are in very good shape. The eight iron I think shows the most wear on the face. I think you can tell in the picture it is on the bottom. I don’t think it is nearly as bad as the picture makes it’s look. You won’t be disappointed with them. $475 Taylor Made Sim9*. Ad DI 5s shaft. Excellent condition on both face and crown. There is an area above the adaptor (approximately 1/2” ) that it looks like paint was removed due to an adaptor change. You won’t notice unless you’re look8mg for it. No headcover or wrench. $375.00 Titleist TS2 16.5* 4 wood. Tensi blue 65 in regular flex. Very good condition. No headcover or wrench. $150. TaylorMade 18* UDI. Veylix Rome 988. Shaft. I can’t find a flex marking on it, but it was listed as stiff when I purchased it. Club is in very good shape. There is some wear of the graphics on the shaft, and the V in Veylix is covered by the grip. $125.00
  14. A thread bump after 12 years! I think that is the largest I’ve seen here! Unfortunately, I don’t reach many par fives anymore.
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