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  1. I remember the pooper scooping after a long snow melt......
  2. Shaq says, “me and the General got you covered Tiger!”
  3. I would agree to never bet against hIm mentally, but I might now physically. I’m just not sure his body is up to a comeback of this magnitude. It’s been through an awful lot through the years.
  4. Ours have dwindled way down. There are only a couple stroke play events left. Everyone wants to play scramble.
  5. Most of the shops I’m familiar with are pretty much in line with current pricing on bigger ticket items, putters and woods mainly (no one seems to stock iron sets anymore). It’s the clothing, accessories, and especially balls where I’ve seen the biggest markup. And what usually happens, unless you’ve won (the tournament or even your own flight) you didn’t win enough credit the buy a new driver or fw. So you buy a shirt or a hat, or a box of balls. I know one shop that is charging just a touch over $16 for a sleeve of ProV’s. It’s actually amazing how many people just pay the price u
  6. True, probably a much bigger factor for top players in big tournaments.
  7. Being the support group was so much better, then I could have a big ole reakfast burrito in the morning! Fortunately, our running days are over.
  8. You well could be correct GorT. In our rural(ish) area we had several small town courses that didn’t even have shops. They paid cash. They would typically draw 50-60 players for their “opens”. The bigger courses, with fully stocked shops (not saying having a shop was ever a factor, just that they did have the ) would usually draw about double the entries. Im sure for the guys who think they have a chance to win it would be a bigger deal. For the guys just looking to play and have a nice steak dinner, they probably don’t care.
  9. Sorry to hear thar Obee, hopefully he can at least give you some hope to make it better.
  10. Man, you are lucky GorT. Once I started taking the girls (wife and daughter) to races (not full marathons thank God) they decided if I was there I might as well be running too.
  11. It could be, yes. But the question is, why would they? As long as the course holds the option of how they’re going to pay out, they’re always going to go with credit. It guarantees them sales. At full price. They might gain a few different players with the lure of playing for actual cash, but I don’t think they’d get anywhere enough extra players that it would offset what they’ll make in the shop.
  12. Exactly what I was saying, just not as well as you did 2b. It’s a great deal for the shop, it is 100% a captive shopping crowd. There is no place else for the person to spend their money (although we have had a couple of shops help us out by working together if one had a particular item). It’s amazing how much shop credit goes unused at the end of the year. Most courses won’t carry it over year to year.
  13. I used to love the summers in Phoenix. Dirt cheap green fees and hardly anyone on the course. And always easy to stay nice and loose in that heat!
  14. I can’t imagine any proshop paying out cash. Those tournament winnings are their big selling events. Cash is only an option if they decide it is.....and they aren’t going to decide that.
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