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  1. Keep in mind who is responding though. Not the general golfing public. Ive played with at least three members here who hit multiple drives in that range. And several that were longer, some by quite a bit.
  2. Although I never got to play them, when I did look at them, the S55’s looked so good over the ball. Maybe someday I’ll find a set cheap to play. But since I haven’t actually played them I’ll have to put them in 2nd place for me. My first choice would still be the S59’s.
  3. I clicked on the 260-280 box (57 years old). But I play at elevation near Denver, so at sea level would be quite a bit less. I did play with one of the posters in this thread a few years back though, at much lower elevation, and was pretty comfortably at the upper end of that range.
  4. I don’t have many scores posted this year, and most of the few were in normal conditions, so I haven’t expected to see any adjustments up,to,this point. But Sunday we played in sustained 25mph winds with gusts topping 40, it was nasty. Scores from my group were higher than normal. Haven’t seen any adjustments yet. There is a possibility that there weren’t enough rounds posted. A lot of people packed it in when the gusts started hitting.
  5. I don’t use them simply because to me, a set of smaller forged irons sitting in a smaller carry bag is just such a classic look of the game. I just like to be able to see them. I understand it’s a completely weird reason, but it’s just an aesthetic thing. When the college team comes out to play and their bags are sitting around, the small blades in a small bag with basically just a towel draped over them.....it just looks right to me. That being said, I don’t care if anyone uses them. Although my buddy can get quite annoying with his at times. Especially when there’re covering his s
  6. And if that 90 seconds happens to be while showing Ciganda, you only get to see one shot!
  7. I gave up caring what is in style along time ago. If I have (and I do) a pair of pants that fit well and are comfortable, I’m wearing them. Pleats or not! No one is looking at what this grandpa is wearing anyway.
  8. I know it gets old because it seems to be brought up on a regular basis, but does it seem there are even more commercial breaks than normal? I’m watching the 2nd round this morning and at least twice I’ve seen them come back from commercial, do an interview, show two shots and go to break again. I guess their feeling is that the “playing through” idea allows them to show more commercials? Anyway, really like the tournament so far, like Argonne said, should be a fun weekend. Wish Lexi could hit the ball hole high though.
  9. Didn’t that happen (players played wrong ball) on the previous day of the tournament? Two players with 2 putt doubles instead of pars. You’d think the coaches would have really stressed to be aware of that.
  10. Soloman and Ro, have those always been matchplay formats?
  11. That is very true. I just thought of an example of how the word “press”gets used in our groups. We typically play the seven point game Umbi. In a 6-6-6 format. So for us basically if someone (always the team behind) says press, then we are playing the hole for 14 points. And for us, once pressed, the press stays in effect until the trailing team gets to even, or the teams change. I guess to keep it simple, in our world, press simply means double. But not “double or nothing,”. win them back one hole at a time, just like you lost them. But that’s a discussion for another time!
  12. Sorry 2B, I had forgotten that a press (in what I think is the normal betting terms)is basically a new bet for what is basically a second match And I think maybe more in tune with matchplay (again, not sure on this). Hence the term “automatic two down”. So the new bet. It’s easy to reset to all square for a new bet, never really figured out how it would apply to a stroke play format. So for us, the word press always essentially meant doubling the bet, giving the trailing team a chance to catch up. Possibly the only “press when behind”is a local variation. Like I said, since we never
  13. I was always under the impression you could only press when behind, so how could press still be in effect on the third hole. They were ahead at that point. Sounds like instead of saying press they should have just doubled the bet for the remaining two holes.
  14. For me, it’s almost always been the driver that is key. Our course is tight, but not overly long. If (and that’s a BIG if) I can have a shot to get the ball on or at least close to the green, it will probably be a day where there is a chance. Have to be really solid and convert those saves, and convert at least a few birdie looks. But pitching our sideways on the second shot, or adding a penalty stroke almost always kills any chance for me.
  15. Speaking for myself, I think “hater” is a little harsh. I think most people prefer the style that was predominant when their favorite (yes, Jack for me) people were playing. I don’t like the “bomb and gouge”, much like I dislike the way baseball and basketball are played now. But I don’t hate it, and I certainly didn’t have an aneurysm about it. I actually think we found the real benefit of BDS’s increased strength, getting the ball out of the rough. I think that was far more important than the length. Just my opinion though.
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