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  1. You’re right, depth does matter greatly. Someone has to finish 23rd. You’re using wordplay. Saying we’re going to drop all the past players into today’s field and they’ll all be competing against each other in every major. Of course then none of them would win as often (and that includes Tiger) But everyone here also knows that is not the basis of this discussion. We’re talking, hypothetically, about how individual players would fare in different eras. It’s easy to make your argument when you set up a scenario that only fits your narrative. Case in point. This thread i
  2. Fair enough, I’m ok with the Reed comparison as well. But using Kevin Na is an insult (and don’t get me wrong, I like him. The bottom line is, even though there were fewer quality players, the ones at the top learned to finish out tournaments. More opportunities to contend often translate in players learning to win. To me, it’s a bit of “chicken or the egg” situation, because of the increase of good players there are fewer opportunities to win. I think we agree on that. But to me it also lessens the creation of “champions”. Again, my opinion is depth often also equals mediocrity. I don’t thi
  3. Real good comparisons.....two absolutely average players who’ve never won anything. I realize you don’t think anyone prior to Tiger could play at all, but c’mon. The Zach Johnson comparison seems to fit pretty well. And he won two in this incredible era of stellar finishers. I figure within a couple of years you’ll have Jack about 20th on the all time list. Oh, and by the way. The extreme depth and power of this era was certainly displayed today wasn’t it?
  4. Played Highland Meadows yesterday. Still one of my favorite courses. But $79 is reaching the point where I won’t go back nearly as often.
  5. I might be qualified to put fuel in the tour van trucks........maybe.
  6. Thanks, appreciate it. And yes, soon. Really looking forward to playing Collindale again. Been too long.
  7. At this point probably not. Last time it took almost two full days to get the results back. If it took that long again I’d almost be through my time by the time the results came back. I think I’m good to go by the weekend anyway, so I’ll just finish my time. Feel badly though, wife is positive as well. But she’s actually feeling sick. But since she works from home she’s still putting in her time. Son and daughter-in-law in Highlands Ranch have it as well. My daughter is making herself awfully scarce lately!
  8. The bad part is I feel totally fine. Virtually zero symptoms.
  9. I’m off all week. Was getting ready to head out Sunday to play when I got a call informing me I had tested positive. Now I’m spending my week off cooped up in the house
  10. Foot feeling better Robot? Haven’t texted since I haven’t played in almost three weeks.
  11. But the other players were getting to the green. . Shen Shen was about a half club short on 17, but I don’t remember any of the other contenders misjudging that badly.
  12. If you can get someone to film and stream, we can have a thread for you too Tot! Good luck tomorrow!
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