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  1. I’ve played in a few of these. Always 3wood, 7;iron, 54*. 3 wood just offers a touch more versatility than the driver. And at the time when I played in them, I hit it quite a bit farther so the added length of driver wasn’t really needed. Might be different now.
  2. Exactly how I feel. Just can’t seem to find a stand bag with a putter well. It’s not as big a deal when I’m carrying an Anser style putter, but when I’m using a mallet is when I really wish for the well.
  3. No, Big Stu isn’t there yet. He still has some room to care less!
  4. My goodness. The way I hook the ball, on the second pictured hole I would be praying I hit a tree or my ball would be heading towards I25
  5. Sine I only walk on occasion, and when I do it’s on very easy to walk course, how is TPC to walk? It seemed like it was pretty long with some pretty good hills (noticing from the cart of course)
  6. Boomerang is going to look really different next year. The new holes look pretty good.
  7. Same in Greeley. But it seems like people showed up this year.
  8. That’s him, couldn’t remember his name. He was really fun to play with. His partner played at UNC as well. Was fun to watch him hit it.
  9. That’s what I’ve found out. I’ve always been a predominant drawer of the ball. That obviously doesn’t work there. While I still don’t move it left to right very well I have been able to straighten out the ball flight a bit. Another buddy from hone played with me a while back and asked, “since when do you hit a straight ball”? The thing that I’ve really noticed is that not only do you need to shape it well, it also needs to be hit a pretty specific distance of you end up through the fairways on the “other” side. After three years I’m not even close to figuring out the greens. Our last match in the Winter Skins we played the guy who holds the course record……60!
  10. Thats why I rarely get anywhere else anymore, because i work there I play Highland and Boomerang for free! That’s really the only reason I work there. Im like you, I enjoyed TPC. I think we payed about $125. But as it gets closer to $200 I get real hesitant about it. My best friend from Nebraska really wants to play it though, so I might once next summer. We’ll see.
  11. It’s a fun course. But it is pricey. Im detecting a theme……I must be cheap.
  12. I’ve been getting emails for that special too. It’s so hard for me to spend that kind of money for10 rounds. It was less than that for an unlimited play season pass at the courses back home. It is a pretty good value though considering the current fees.
  13. I really enjoy the course. Like you said, a lot of variety. Fun and playable. But they’re starting to get up in price to where I’ll have second thoughts. I think last time I played there (early this past summer I think) it was something like $80. That was with a cart.
  14. Question Ro, on one of my drivers few years back, don’t remember which one, the screw in the weight track was stripped and wouldn’t hold its position. It normally just sat, kind of stuck, in the front position. But occasionally would break loose and move during the course of a round. I never touched it, just played with it sitting wherever it was. Was it damaged and should I have not had it in play?
  15. Hey Connor, completely off topic, but do you work at one of the Fort Collins courses?
  16. Yep, if you’re a Cubs fan use it, it has meaning. A constant reminder of that season.
  17. The one by the Budweiser Event Center? And Highland Meadows? Have you played there?
  18. I used the special a couple of times just so I could get the number I wanted on the ball. But I haven’t for several years.
  19. Same for me, no golf during that beautiful weekend. I did go by Highland Hills Sunday and the parking lot was absolutely packed. Not slowing down here yet.
  20. I should be able to make Sunday work. Hopefully!
  21. I’m biased being from there, but I really believe Nebraska is a terrific destination. Outside of the biggies we’ve mentioned, there a bunch of other good tracts that most people haven’t heard of. And if you hit up some of the little town nine holers you’ll be blown away by the value you get.
  22. Sandhills is harder, but doable. Dismal isn’t nearly as difficult. And man is it a lot of fun. We spent several hours in the evening playing pool in their pool room…..their wait staff was incredible, I don’t think they ever let our drinks get empty ( we could tell when we looked at the bill). Limited menu, but very good. Plus you get to try to lasso the “steer head” out by the back patio! And you can also throw in Prairie Club if you want. A little longer to drive, but the cabins are phenomenal. The golf’s not bad either.
  23. I admit to having Dodger fan bias…..but I still believe they were the most talented team. Especially pitching wise. But combine horrid hitting (they still think you can hit a 3 run homer with the bases empty ), with a mismanaged pitching staff and you simply don’t win. The Braves got hot at the right time and capitalized. Congrats to them. I still hate the “chop”, both with them and FSU.
  24. I think it works out pretty well for them as well. Take a shortish par four, or maybe a par three that’s rated in that 12-16 range. It’s still hard for the low caps to make a natural birdie. But the higher caps have a good chance at a net birdie for a skin. And for someone in your range (6-8), playing with a bunch of scratch players, you’re going to have a handful of holes where you’re going to get a pop while they won’t. it really did work out pretty well for our group. Might be worth a try sometime. Even if you just get everyone convinced to try it once.
  25. It really does work well. When our men’s day had a big turnout (20 or so groups), by going to half strokes it really helped to spread out who won. A lot of the lower handicappers had actually quit participating in the skins portion.
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