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  1. Not taking anything away from Stricker. I guess he could have made bad pairings, but the U.S. team just flat out played to their potential and that's far too much for the geriatric Euro team to handle.
  2. The British have long fantasized about foursomes / fourball...it's in their DNA
  3. How am I going to do all that and not spill my drink?! That's an impressive workout if you are doing all that. And no doubt exhausting. So kudos to you if this is your routine. For myself, it's totally unnecessary. It's not like I am overweight or unhealthy, doing just fine, but not looking to be a Navy Seal on the golf course. 100 yards in; that's where this game is mastered.
  4. Now that is brilliant! Conor Moore, go home, you can't compete.
  5. @bladehunter said it best when he learned to focus on the process. I am convinced this is one the important secrets of life/success - be present in all things you do. Have a bad shot/round, own it and move on. In a boring job, start paying attention more to the people around you. There are so many things you can do to focus on the moment and not look too far ahead, and definitely spend very little time looking back. I had mental breakdown at a big multi-day golf tournament / group outing, and it was a miserable few minutes here and there but mainly I just focused on the moment. The cool sip of a well made martini, the laughs other guys were having, the laugh at my own ridiculous shots. Did I feel bad? Kind of. It was more like a "wow...moment" as I faced the realization I was on the wrong path to get better. So I took some time off, then set out on another process. But never once was it tied to self esteem. Golf is hard, like really, really hard. To fail at it and then let it knock down your self-esteem off the course is pretty ridiculous. Even putting it more mildly, to let it affect your mood in a negative way...there is absolutely nothing good that can come out of that. But by all means, let a good round or a good shot put a smile on your face, bask in the glow, enjoy success, just for a little while, then get back to the process. No doubt the 19th hole cocktail tastes extra special after a tournament win; especially when I see the looks on those smug faces I beat; the ones letting their self-esteem take a hit - don't be one of those guys. @b.helts shared a very good story. Among the things I took away from it, it was also a reminder that again, golf is hard. I have come across so many good sticks in this game...really f'g good, but so far away from ever being on Tour. A lot of them did have a tough transition when facing the reality that golf was not going to be their life. The ones that got through it the fastest were the ones who latched onto a new process and treated it with a similar drive and passion as they did golf. But again, be present in the moment. It matters.
  6. Dude...come on...you are a foreigner in Japan and got a job, surviving there during a pandemic, you get to play golf, you break 90... I could go on, but already this makes you good at lots of things. Keep your chin up!
  7. $1500 - $2000 "pre-sale" on EBay already....wow. Feel lucky to get my H20 well under $1500. Scotty should have released 10,000 of these. For some reason he likes to see that secondary scalping more than meeting initial demand.
  8. It appears the Duck will be gone a lot longer than 2 years. He has potentially two more trials to face. His short game is going to get really good.
  9. if the U.S. had won 4 of the last 5 RC's, most everyone would say we can't stop the RC; it's the most important tradition in golf!
  10. That's definitely a LVMH move to be expanding LP brand into a RC range. I am sure the quality is still superb, but the appeal not so much. The cashmere from LP is unsurpassed and even better is the vicuña which is the best fabric you can ever find on a sweater or coat. It looks like they were bargains 10 years ago compared to today. Glad I was lucky enough to get a "deal" as I would not spend today's prices, but do not need to...the pieces last forever. But polo shirts??? No way.
  11. He could have, but that's not him. But he is the guy that can play, far better than Azinger ever did. I'm not some Koepka fan, don't care really about almost everything of every player outside the ropes (few exceptions). And I don't expect anything different from the media other than a lot of garbage. But gee... For one event, for just a couple of weeks can the pressers actually support their team rather than tear it down and stir the pot??? I haven't read one article overseas trying to play up dissension on the Euro team. And they do have their own characters and dislike of each other.
  12. Why did it need to be suggested? And suggested ad nauseum? And suggested after his so called reading of the interview. Who the f cares what Zinger thinks? Yes, Zinger was asked and he answered, but would it have killed him to say "I read the interview and as a past captain I can see where he's coming from. I don't necessarily agree, it's not how I approached the RC. But the bottom line is, a healthy Koepka can play and win. Once that first tee shot goes off, there is no doubt in my mind we will get his best. We are talking about a 4 time major winner; the clubs will do the talking." See? That's how you conduct yourself with class and support your team and all the "characters". Any idiot can chirp with the rest of the media troublemakers.
  13. And yet Brooksie had enough passion, drive and heart to win 4 majors. How many does Azinger have??? 1 It won't be long before he has more tour wins than Azinger. For Azinger to take shots at Koepka based on his interpretation of the interview, did that take passion, drive, or heart? Or just a microphone? Recently I heard Hal Sutton say on his podcast 50% of the media/commenters know nothing about golf, the other 50% just want to tear you down. No surprise where Zinger is.
  14. That seems a bit over simplifying. No one is going to be a world class golfer unless they... Wait for it... Play golf. These guys are not going to just circle for tournaments on the calendar. Still, Tiger was very selective in where he played. 40 wins at 6 courses, not exactly grinding it out at the Tick Tock Open. There were many tournaments "beneath him". But not faulting him one bit.
  15. Don't sell Poulter short; he is a tremendous slouch. You are correct about Poulter. But give him his due, in and of himself, he is quite an overachiever.
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