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  1. Just to put a few things in perspective, at that hotel, when you leave the area near the main entrance, you will almost hit 20 people on a typical day, it is so busy around there. Being that he's TW, they probably parked his car right near the front so in theory he can just pop in the car and leave. But some valet dummy probably did not think it through and park his car at the end of the row so he could truly escape quick. If he was near the main door, it is a nightmare getting out. If we was in a hurry or agitated by the wait, then yes, when he can finally get out of the spot and no car i
  2. Oh, that part of Hawthorne. So did he literally crash right before the truck escape lane?! Ok...I am fully off the impairment from painkillers theory, just plain bad driving. And it's too bad...his driving stats were getting better as of late. Ba-dum-dum-clash...
  3. Ya, but he was going North, right? Away from coast...that's uphill.
  4. Ah...starting to make some sense now. Terranea is a posh place, lots of big bungalows for privacy, so I can see TW staying there. A little odd though given it would take forever to drive from Riviera to there... And the TMZ story sounds totally legit because I can see Terranea being popular for photo/commercial shoots. The real legitimacy come from getting out of that place with valet, f'n sucks. It's a pretty wide U to the lobby, but so many cars parked close to each other with people just doing what they feel like to pop in and get their lattes. Last time there, i
  5. Yes, the screen capture is worse looking, but he still didn't look like his normal self. Face puffy, eyes really baggy. Now maybe it is just lack of sleep, maybe allergies combined with a windy day. But that would make too much sense!
  6. OK...to be fair, maybe it was just texting. Possible. Likely? Nah, but possible.
  7. Now I really can legitimately use the Anyway, hopefully no one here really wishes the worse for TW, regardless of the cause. We will know soon enough; I am sure TMZ is trying to "buy" the blood test results as I type this. Ultimately, TW does not need me to tell him he f'd up, or anyone else, the mirror will do just fine. And if the price is the end of golf, well...that sucks for fans, a terrible way to end it, but it's just golf. Tour will still play this week... As others pointed out, yes, lucky no one else was hurt, we all should take this as a serious
  8. Can't get to Golf Channel at the moment to see for myself...is Nobilo in tears yet?
  9. Think your history is a little off there. The "yips" were post Foley. And as the "yips" it wasn't swing coach, he was a mental wreck at the time. Guess that may happen again ?!?!?
  10. What's wrong with IBTL? I Believe Tiger Loses. Or something like that. Last time he was written off I made a lot of bets with Tiger haters on simple things to will make cuts again to will win another major. I enjoyed all the collecting. But this time around, not feeling it. No bets here. It's not so much the back surgeries as it is just age over all and the rest of the field getting quite deep. Everything that used to be an advantage for Tiger is no longer a weapon. Even the last edge of knowing Augusta and being battle tested way beyond Cupcake, Finau, and Molin
  11. This is going to sound completely like fèihuà, but do not underestimate the importance of: 1. Practice short game around the green only with same/similar balls as you play with; no range rocks 2. Keep grooves dry and clean for every shot when playing...do not get lazy about this. For a long time I was a little bit lazy on #2, in the sense I never took a towel to the green. After watching Phil towel off everything all the time in the match with Peyton/Brady/TW, I started doing this. Especially, in winter / wet course, I take a couple of practice swings near the ba
  12. Close meaning 50 yards??? The P in PGA Tour every year becomes more and more “Pampered” Even the official admitted the rules can accommodate a ball moving on the green. As others have stated, could have been an epic day; a rare test showing who truly has ball control.
  13. While the OP's rant is a little much, I see the point. It's funny, when Faldo first came on the scene I liked him and couldn't understand the haters. But over time I've grown more tired of Faldo. I suppose he had freshness going for him and the credibility of being a 6 time major champion. But that's worn out. He's just not that entertaining and rarely offers the insight of a major champion, but he's always trying hard with the jokes. But it doesn't really bother me as I've learned over the years to just tune out the announcers and watch the golf. It would be nice though if Fa
  14. Is it true, the more you bend down to set up for a putt, the easier to have that rocking motion with just shoulders to make putting easier? I.e. less hands/ moving parts. Think as an extreme Michelle Wie before she quit.
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