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  1. Ordered a 64 from PGA Superstore yesterday for pick up... Hours later the order was cancelled. Went to different golf shop today and they had a handful of the new full face, looks good, but no 64. So I bought a TM hi toe in 64 since Cleveland seems to have no clue how to do a launch.
  2. 1. City and State? San Francisco, CA 2. Handicap? 6 3. Search for your home course HERE. 4. What is your home course? Harding Park 5. How could a StrakaLine guide help your game? As a user of GolfLogix and PuttView, I am looking for the highest standard in green reading. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely, and comparisons too!
  3. I wouldn't over think it. 1 shot penalty in water, two shots OB, so favor the left with as much distance as you can. Depending on wind, I am probably thinking tee it low and squeeze a fade down the left. Once committed, that is all I am thinking about, not guarding against the "what ifs". I might be in the water a few times, but it still looks like with a drop I can go at the green, get lucky and save par or make bogey. Regardless, I am not playing any shot that flirts with the right.
  4. Wow...I never put that all together for all these years- the major winners of 2009. The 2009 PGA Grand Slam of Golf must have been the worse TV ratings in the history of golf! Calgon, take me away!
  5. The OP's findings and question suggests there is a different stroke and feel for 3-5 foot putts. That does not seem like a good idea. Grip steady on 3 footers but move it more for 20 footers? As pointed out, there are many ways to get it done, but I do not know of different ways for different lengths strategy. What works for the 3 footer should be the same motion, thought, alignment, etc...for all lengths with the difference being it is just a longer stroke to impart more energy. I am also confused about this description of "sometimes I swing the grip back". I am
  6. I see a lot of energy and opportunity in the top 50. It's very competitive and hard to dominate. It makes what DJ has done of late fairly impressive. The bottom 50 is exciting for a different reason - competitive to hold onto a spot. But that middle 50? With a few exceptions, by and large there is a lot of settling, check cashing...and from my POV it shows there is too much money in golf. Or at least, the distribution needs to change.
  7. Flag is for Council of Europe which the goofy Brits are still part of. Not to be confused with the EU (European Union) which uses the same flag but the Brits did drop out of. Millionaires playing golf together do not have much resentment. But they do insist on having their own nicknames or else they start tossing fans.
  8. Separate thought. Jack needs to go back and renegotiate. Let's change this to Americas vs Europe. Or better yet, take a page from America's Cup. Defending champion is in. Challengers would be (in this case) Americas vs APAC, winner plays Europe.
  9. I would like to think the "team" thing is overrated, but is it? Pretty simple history. Big Country with lots of great golfers beat up on tiny island with a few good golfers for 50 years. Tiny island won 3 times out of 22. Jack got bored and suggested the rest of Europe join up or the Ryder Cup is dead. U.S. still shellacked Europe the next two RC's because there really wasn't anyone that great coming from Europe. And then it all changed around. A lot more talent came up from Europe, even GB got better and it became competitive....Europe, with its rise i
  10. Normally, I do not want to see epic meltdowns played out over 9 or more holes when a player has a big lead. I certainly do not mind when the leader is up 5 and being conservative at a tough track, playing for par, and out of nowhere someone comes from behind with a birdie-fest back 9. In this case, and I hate to sound harsh but it is reality, I do not want to see underserving champions. Lexi did not earn it yesterday. It would have been worse to watch her stumble in 3 over par and win by 1 because everyone else chasing with momentum upwards ran out of holes. In part, this is wh
  11. Congrats Yuka... Excellent example of never giving up.
  12. NBC won't be told! Move it to Golf Channel!
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