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  1. Except for the fact it is the most viewed and replied topic by far on Golfwrx instruction forum, but you are right...big secret.
  2. Giving my PF-1/2 combo a workout this week...1 round in today, 2 more rounds tomorrow/Thursday. Early review - awesome! And the new Project X IO are a great fit. More details later.
  3. The music is from the videos done by Be Better Golf where Monte appeared...they are not Monte’s production content. He had no hand in the music. Blame Brandon. The Rebellion Golf videos from Monte don’t have cheesy music overlay.
  4. Personally, I do not look for "fresh" opinions but coordination. I look it as layers or another perspective, but it has to be consistent with the overall pattern. The Gears 3D system has been a big help with the initial shift. If any of the early moves get in the way of what I have been working on using NCT or Efficient Swing, then forget it. It has to be complimentary as I cannot process a competing focus. I really do not feel I have an ounce of natural athletic ability, or at least, it is hard for me to use that idea productively. In golf, my so called natural m
  5. Wow...that's rough. After all we have been through honey, you know you are the only one for me. That other woman doesn't mean anything. Look...you hitting 9-3s from the 3:00 - 4:00 minute mark in this video will always be golden in my heart. BTW, you have the analogy backwards; the instructors are the sluts, just follow the money And in all seriousness, your YouTube collection of videos is awesome, and I do watch your 9-3 move all the time, it is the gold standard to check my swing against.
  6. I flew all the way from SF to Atlanta during a pandemic to spend a few hours with Mike Granato. Well worth it. Getting on the Gears 3D is so much of a revelation. Being able to get real time feedback of pressures and angles with Mike telling me what I should be doing allowed me to discover my own "feel" and own it. Mike/Sean are so knowledgeable about what the golf swing is really about it's ridiculous.
  7. Not sure, a long time. I'm guessing around 2011 as brand ambassador. But his relationship with MB goes way back...as far back as 1987. MB was the main sponsor of German Masters golf tournament which was started by Bernhard and his brother.
  8. Not sure, a long time. I'm guessing around 2011 as brand ambassador. But his relationship with MB goes way back...as far back as 1987. MB was the main sponsor of German Masters golf tournament which was started by Bernhard and his brother.
  9. Not sure what that logo is on his left pec (weird UFO looking thing), but you can make out the right pec as the Bogner logo; ski wear before they had a golf line. Willy Bogner, who is quite an interesting character himself (filmed all the ski scenes for early Bond films), signed up Langer a long time ago...still a sponsor; long time friends.
  10. DJ might be the one major winner that instructor's do not have to worry about as almost every weekend golfer cannot possibly get into any of his positions. They may try it once, shank or miss, then just give up, and go back to trying to copy Rory or Tiger! Note: I said "might"
  11. Smh...all we need now are the Tiger fan boys to say it was different this year because it wasn't vintage Tiger playing. Vintage Tiger and DJ loses by a shot on the firm/fast conditions, in the soft conditions, beat up Tiger allowed the "picker" to win. Seriously, is it really that hard to appreciate DJ's week and call him a Masters Champion? So the conditions and fan energy were different, so what. It all balances out. Still a tough course, still a major, still has pressure, still have to close the deal on Sunday. And you get the same green jacket. Remem
  12. The only downsides I saw in the Covid edition of The Masters were: - Starting/Ending R4 early to get in some football. - Pin placement on 16. I kept getting confused on every tee shot at 16 replayed. - Someone trying to sell their Masters facemask on Ebay for $300 - Too much coverage of the mad bomber with a tummy ache Missing fans? No big deal, nice change of pace. Soft conditions? So what. In so many years we see a back 9 run snatch the title from the front runner. Where was that this year? Conditions were ripe for it, but it didn't happen. And the
  13. That "begging" BDC was doing for casual water was ridiculous. Reminded of me of many I have played with before begging for a gimme putt. Guess we are seeing how to Bryson proof a course. Make it just wide enough to tease going for it all, then put a lot of trees on both sides. And take away the greens book. Nice.
  14. Let's just hope G. Lover's wife is not in Augusta...duck!
  15. A lot of fluff posted here, way too presriptive, but among the posts is overall the best advice, the pre shot routine. Get one, stick to it no matter what, be oblivious to everything else aorund you. It does not matter if you are playing through a group or by yourself, stick to the routine. And here is an idea rarely mentioned or seen - practice this at home and on the range. And to give you an idea of how many reps. Try 500 reps before you do a “check in” to see if it is sticking. And if not, do another 500. No joke. Think of this. It seems like every time someone gets waiv
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