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  1. Oh... Now that's an interesting bet. Not sure who I would take. Leaning towards Hideki, but let's see if Rory gets a win before the Masters.
  2. If so, then I apologize, but it sure looks like professor = success and instructor posting on youtube = loser (with some varying degrees). But I do agree on the other point. Following Kwon as the fix to a mess of a swing is not going to happen.
  3. I like your posts overall, but this one is a bunch of shiite. Kwon may feel successful, I do not know and do not care, and it certainly is not for us to decide. And to compare to other golf instruction out there as if being a professor is righteous and being a golf instructor is a peddler in snake oil is seriously disrespectful to many instructors who do their best and/or post here. Waiting for retraction...
  4. No, he's right. Henley's back 9 was a masterclass in losing by playing too safe.
  5. One of the biggest and most effective tips I got from one of the best short game instructors (Jeff Smith) to be the final piece of the use the bounce equation was about how to expose the bounce on the back swing - lead arm pronation. So it's drag the handle bag slightly, grip to mid-thigh, pronate the lead forearm. Great things happen from this: bounce more exposed, weight of clubhead now supported by wrist extension, not flexion, and you can't really over hinge. From there you are in a perfect position to do all that good stuff others are mentioning above and Monte's moves - right arm toss feeling, right upper arm gets forward, minivan acceleration, etc.... The forearm pronation was such a big game changer for me.
  6. I dare you to finish this book before you actually quit golf. Seriously, give it a read, have a laugh. It will help you hit the reset button, then just give golf a fresh start.
  7. I don't have that kind of time nor interest. I'm not playing golf for a living. So no way I'm changing my stroke and feel. BDC is like the polar opposite of how I approach putting, and that's cool for him because $millions after riding on his putts. I like to get a feel for green speed early then everything else is just feel for line and speed. To me it's all about putting a good roll on my intended path. I don't hit putts, I roll putts. I don't mind missing putts from a misread of the line or just being a little off, or the rub doesn't quite work. But I hate missing putts from totally wrong speed. The Mezz lends itself to a more technical approach, and that's great. It's an impressive putter. 5-6 feet in, it's practically automatic.
  8. Still struggling on speed control 12 - 25 feet. Had a superb ball striking day yesterday hitting 14 greens and several looks at birdie in the 12 - 20 foot range. Thankfully my putting and this putter is nails at 3 feet, so no three putts, but not one birdie putt was even close. Granted the green speed was much faster yesterday for some reason, but still could not adjust soon enough. I'm wondering at this point if other shafts get a better feel, but never before have I been experimental when it comes to putter shafts. Still grinding though, not going to let 33 putts in a round deter me.
  9. Swing to right field is just lazy over-simplification of the real issues. The correct "result" is a swing path somewhat in to out but the face square to the path. How you get there efficiently is the issue and the more efficient you are the less you even need to think of this. The more you guide this path, the more trouble you will get into with band aid approaches and less speed. Now given all this, visuals on the ground can really help. Once in awhile, I will put two parallel alignment sticks on the ground fairly narrow between them to show a path I want to visualize. The ball sits near the end of the path and the logo on the range ball on the inside left. I put another ball on the same path but in front. So the idea is swing along the path and catch the ball from the inside but hitting it out to the right a bit. But again, it's the visual. What I am really working on is a the correct setup, pressure shifting / pivot. Get the body active, use the visual to let the brain organize the path. Net result is it is a bit over doing it, but that's the point of a "drill". Do this for 5 or so swings. Then step aside from all that visual, and hit a ball to the target without the crutches. Full circle, just thinking swing to right field is far too vague and introduces other compensations.
  10. Call them and if they don't have any, switch out. It's silly an entire iron order to be held up by grips. Titleist should have a grip option called "surprise me"
  11. This is so true. What more could you want from a golf clinic? First, calling it a clinic is a misnomer given how many "clinics" are out there where you are shown repeatedly what a pro can do and you just sit and watch. That aside, Monte's clinic plays right into what is best for your game. You are going to get an early diagnosis of what your game needs the most. That one thing to focus on. And then you are going to work on that one thing a variety of ways. Sprinkle in some fundamentals around short game designed to just get you playing high percentage manageable shots and on course lessons. But most important, you are going to get plenty of time and feedback on that one thing. If you are smart, you go home and keep on working on that one thing, send in a video every once in awhile. And about the time you have nailed that one thing never to be an issue for you again, it's time for Monte's clinic the next year where you can find that next "one thing". Golf is hard, improvement not linear, get the right foundation and coach to guide you through one thing at a time.
  12. Ordered Sept 23 T200 Driving 3 Iron, stock build T200 5 - 6 iron with PX LZ 6.0 T100S 7 - PW with PX LZ 6.0 After all the odd communications, and then finally it turns out that as of Dec 29 it was the Tour Velvet 360 grips holding up the order...switched to Lamkin crossline grips. T200 Driving iron arrives Jan 7 Received today, Jan 13, the T200 and T100S irons....just under four months; I guess not horrible. But this was after ordering T100S with Modus3 105S back on July 25 but no end in sight when that would fill and cancelling that order Sept 23 and re-ordering the above. Good thing, the PX LZ are way better for me than Modus3 105 Now of course, being the good golfwrx'r that I am, I did buy on the BST the T100S PX LZ 6.0 barely used 5 - PW almost three months ago, so I have a backup set! Maybe I can keep experimenting with the 5 and 6 iron of T100S and T200 since they are same length / loft. Or sell...who knows?! While the T200 are not as soft, they are good enough. The T100S is one of the best players CB I have played in a long while. As much attention as they get, they are still underrated.
  13. There is not a better deal to be found for a golf clinic.
  14. Big fan of the AMG guys but one thing I feel can mess with golfers trying to learn is they are communicating a measurement at a specific point in time, but unless you have force plates and 3D measuring tech in your basement, how will you know if you are nailing the proper pressure shift at 1 inch away, or 2 inches, or the recenter at what exactly? At least with the Kwon focus and the step drill it's all in continuous motion. You will know you are getting it right checking the swing speed monitor or seeing an improvement in compression. And Kwon now has so many videos of different golfers getting it right you can compare to your own video; mostly at the top of the swing. Playing around with the step drills has opened my eyes to that Matt Wolff move. While his move is a bit extreme for most golfers, it makes better sense now as a trigger.
  15. Similar experience without the night time halos. I literally saw the halos for about a week before they started fading and a month later all gone. 17 years later and my doctor is very impressed by the quality of Lasik I received and the eyes are very healthy. Still going strong on the golf course and spend far much time telling the others in my foursome where they can find their ball! Only issue now, which is just a product of older age is I need readers at night or low light situations if I'm reading small print.
  16. I can go with that as a start. What's the definition of good hand/eye coordination? Would that be based solely on results? Ball flight? LM numbers? You can have good hand/eye coordination and produce shots, even playable ones, but it does not mean you have achieved efficiency or maximized output. I would add to your statement the caveat, those not blessed naturally with speed and consistent results, start looking at the speed killers. Some of those are fundamentals like grip and setup, some of those are those quirks that people do to rob themselves of efficient speed.
  17. Follow Monte on Instagram, there are so many videos he posts that are right in line with many of what Kwon advocates. It seems some are overcomplicating this. Kwon is pretty much just teaching/ demonstrating a proper pivot. And I'm not minimizing it, it's really good stuff. The step drill is one of the best. But it's just one component. I don't know about that rope drill, but I am all for any time you are at home, spend 5 minutes with arms folded and pivot back and forth 2-3x per day like Kwon shows.
  18. There's a standard for qualifying a kink??? I never said it was only for bad putters. I said if you were a bad putter, then this is your solution because whatever else you are doing is clearly not working, so might as well wipe the slate clean and get a putter in your hands that greatly increases your consistency. You will save a lot more strokes with the $650 putter vs $650 driver. I question the gain for anyone that is already a good putter. To really keep your index down when it comes to putting it is a lot less about getting 1 extra 10 footer vs 3-putt avoidance. Again, not sure how this putter helps me in either category. But still giving it a fair shot. I am 4 rounds into it.
  19. Taking a bit of a contrarian view, and a soft definition of "kinks" (i.e. flaws), I would say from a personal point of view there are a few kinks. But it is personal, the "kinks" are not preventing function; they fall in the category of "form". As it has been mentioned, the putter is the most personal. It really does not matter how technically advanced it is, if you are not comfortable with it, you are going to miss putts. Look at that crazy putter than can stand on its own on the green! You can set it down and walk all around it to make sure it is perfectly lined up, but as soon as you get your hands on it, anything can happen. The minor "kinks": 1. I do not like the sound off the face. The ting like noise is inconsistent other than it is mostly there. I find myself distracted and listening for it. I do believe it the metal plate where the shaft is inserted that causes most of this, but I am not an engineer so I am likely wrong, but still...I wish the sound was not there. 2. The putter head is too angular looking, it needs softer lines that can blend into the background. I liked the original DF for this reason, squared up at address, but the bigger back just blended. It was too big though. I asked Bill years ago, why not make the same ratio putter as the original DF, but at 60% scale? Same tech, same look, just more compact? I know I am being picky, but that's putting. This is a very high quality putter and the tech is amazing, the grooves and roll superb. Is it $650 worth of tech? I don't know. That's personal preference. I do think what this putter boils down to is as a player can you go with a true face balance which necessitates a center shaft and a more of the feel of straight back and straight through? If you already suck at putting, then this absolutely is your answer. Let go of all your past baggage because it was not working anyway, and this putter will make you much, much better. It's well worth $650 or more! But if you are good at putting, good enough that it is not a weakness compared to the rest of your game, then I am not sure what this putter gets you.
  20. Four rounds in, slowly but surely building confidence. Today was 28 putts and 3 SG... Nice! Drained a few 8-10 footers that you call round savers. So that's 31-30-29-28 putts over four rounds. Not too shabby.
  21. Given your handicap is 3, safe to say you are not exactly struggling with face control / contact. With such limited space, it's really only conducive to "block practice" which you do not need much of. Nothing wrong with getting in some rhythm practice here and there, but if you want to stay sharp, you need to practice a variety of different shots around the green with various lies, 1-3 balls at a time.
  22. Pretty simple, T200 utility build 3 iron with hzrdus 80 6.0 and all standard setup. Just got it from Titleist after waiting 4 months. Who knows how long you would have to wait if you ordered today??? April Fools Day? Independence Day? Labor Day? Xmas??? I hit two balls at the course today, wrong shaft for me, which I knew but Titleist rep talked me into it! Same price as new, $249. I'm saving you tax and shipping, but most of all time!
  23. It's starting to come around. Still not feeling that confident over longer putts, but it sure is money 10 feet in. I'm starting to turn the corner on the short putts where I can just point and fire. 29 putts today. There second thing I wish I could change on this putter is a design with softer edges. I'm ok with the overall shape, but it is a bit too angular. I can see though, in a few more rounds it won't matter, it will be fairly automatic.
  24. It's that time of the year! Take a few weeks off golf due to holidays / travel, swing gets way out of sync, so back to the NTC video for the refresh. This year it was inspired by this gem of an Instagram from Monte. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CYW54OIIazB/?utm_medium=copy_link
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