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  1. The B.2 keeps calling my name. Every time I go into pga superstore I pick it up. The ball just goes where I want it to.
  2. When you sell.......”easily the best club I’ve ever played.”
  3. I got a set of i210s with glide 3 wedges
  4. The two pics you posted show two different grips. The top is in the fingers and the bottom is in the palm.
  5. Exactly. Those pics demonstrate a grip in the palm. These pics show a grip more in the fingers.
  6. I would be interested in trades for ping S or I iron sets.
  7. Phantom X 11 35” includes original grip $395 PLD Tyne 4 35” $575
  8. Ping PLD Tyne 4 SC phantom x 11 O-works #7
  9. I have all ping clubs so I’m a little biased. The putter is beautiful to look at. I like the overall weight and size. It’s a little firm off of the face. I really like the grip. And the fact that I found it at a ping authorized dealer new for $380 was a bonus. I wasn’t even looking for a putter but I had to buy it.
  10. I just purchased this putter. Can we please hear from someone whose putter didn’t fall apart?
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