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  1. Biggest difference for me is with the s300 shaft I feel it more the next morning. With a 105 gram shaft I have no trouble.
  2. Does anyone go from 3 hybrid to 5 and skip the 4 because the gapping is too close? I have a 20 degree 3 hybrid and 26 degree 5 hybrid. I was thinking about getting the 22 degree 4 hybrid but find it redundant. What have you experienced?
  3. SC Triple black LTD $1250 brand new. Never touched a ball SC Newport $295 mint condition. New grip. Ping S55 3-pw zz65 stiff shaft $425 Bridgestone J33b and J33 cb. Both 3-pw with s300 shafts and brand new grips. $250 for either set L.A.B DF 2.1 35”. 71* lie $295 SM bags $150 for either Please contact me with questions or additional pics
  4. Anyone still playing Ping rapture v2 irons. I just bought a set, 4-uw, for $200. I’ll give them a go this weekend.
  5. I haven’t tried these but did try the launcher hb turbo the other day. I play I210s now. I wanted to like them but my initial impression wasn’t great. I just thought they were ok. They didn’t feel particularly good but that isn’t a real concern. What I didn’t understand that was despite the differences in loft I was getting about the same distances from both sets. If I felt I was gaining something I would have bought them. In fact I tried them out with the thought I would be buying them. The closeout price is great on these right now. I don’t care about looks if my score is better. Maybe I will give them another chance.
  6. Anyone still playing these irons?
  7. I’m just north of Boston. I have a set 3-pw with zz65 I’d let go. Prefer to do a local deal.
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