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  1. Looking for input on only these 3 GPS devices. No range finders.
  2. Looking for someone who has used the 3 devices I mentioned above who can give me what their results have been.
  3. does Arccos or shot scope have a shot distance button that drops a breadcrumb? if not, what device does? I want to know my average distance taken over several rounds for each club and do not wan to have to do calculations while playing or writing them down.
  4. that will show how far you need to hit the green but does not show you how are you hit your shots
  5. Which of these do you think is more accurate in giving you the correct distances that you hit your clubs? If that is what you are mainly interested in for now. 1. ARCCOS CADDIE LINK with the Arccos smart sensors 2. Shotscope V3 watch 3. Garmin Approach S62 watch
  6. No one uses this?
  7. PingPoncho

    Blast Golf

    Anyone use or try this putting aid? Good or Bad? Watched some videos that they talk about trying to hit some number. How do you do what should be the correct number? For example they mention Tempo and trying to hit 2 to 1 ratio. Does the app tell you what should be the best number for the criteria that you are trying to achieve.? Without a standard, how do you know if you have achieved your goals? https://blastmotion.com/products/golf/golf-player-2/
  8. As long as the G425 is accurate, solid, forgiving and provides good distance who cares that it does not meet your sound specs. You are outside hitting with all kinds of sounds around you. I have never heard so much whining about how much a driver hurts your sensitive ears. Get over it!
  9. Easier to launch, more distance, more forgiving
  10. Anyone hit these new hybrids yet and can you offer can opinion on how they are for distance, forgiveness, feel? Do you feel they are better than the PXG 0317 X GEN2 HYBRIDS?
  11. Read that others found Ping drivers have heavy heads and think counter balanced shaft can help this but if you lack club head speed would it be better to get a lighter shaft and not worry about counterbalanced ones? Which would provide more benefits?
  12. 16 handicap wanting to replace 5, 6, 7 irons with hybrids but making the length of each hybrid match the length of each different irons so it would be easier transition but provide me with advantages that hybrids do. Found that replacing irons with longer length hybrids makes it harder for me. Going to get order new hybrids with these lengths. Anyone done this?
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