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  1. PXG Gen2 Closer vs SC Special Select Squareback 2. Wanting to know which is longer in Length and deeper in width. Side by side picture would really help. thanks
  2. I am right handed, left eye dominant and seem to putt better with 38 length. My miss is usually right. Would the 38 length cause me to stand further away and help my putts go more left which would help my push putts and that Is why I make more putts with that length??
  3. Who uses putter length greater than 35 and what length and why?
  4. I guess a lot of people liked this instead CB4341CC-D13B-41FD-8E04-39F5F9A0B9E6.webp
  5. Now on their website. Anyone have thoughts on this one?
  6. Got email saying 10% off using code WELCOME10 but when I tried code it says code does not exist
  7. Without black shafts to match the black putter head where is the PXG sexy Bob Parsons? Even Ping has black shafts to match their black putter heads!
  8. Anyone know for sure if the Battle Ready Closer putter has a thud sound and not the hollow sound reported by scott406 on his spitfire? I did call PXG and they told me shafts would be chrome for the foreseeable future on their putters. Was looking to purchase the BR Closer but would like someone to confirm the sound is not hollow or tiny.
  9. Nobody else bought these putters?
  10. Adding more weight = more MOI?
  11. Which did you like better and why?
  12. My driver has a 10g weight in head. Anyone replace it with 15g or higher and what was the result?
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