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  1. He's 43 with a history of breaking downs. People expect any different now?
  2. This I know well. Shanking so bad that I had to stop playing for almost a year.
  3. I think golf is in a pretty good place right now with a lot of young stars who already have won multiple majors. IMO, the mid 1990's through 2010 was loaded up with "one and done" players who looked like they were walking the green mile when in contention, and especially when Tiger was near the lead. These new kids are alright with me.
  4. He's played the TPC 25 times and has a win there, but he's been missing the cut pretty regularly the past 5-6 years. I can see why he might want to skip it.
  5. I think "Kuch" was a bit light on the overall payoff, but that is his prerogative since there was no firm set numbers discussed about the bonus. The caddie is beyond obnoxious with his faux honor BS. Neither party came out of this looking good.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up next week with grey hair. Geeees! Crazy thing to go through and come out the other side.
  7. I can think of quite a few players as slow or slower than BD. Day Spieth Na Woods.... can be pretty damn slow at times. Keegan Furyk Langer Holmes
  8. Masters? Me thinks - yes. It would get 2019 moving in the right direction for ticket sales and overall public interest. It would also stem off into a new thread, "Tiger Wins Masters, Will More People Play Golf Now or Not, Because My Brother Says He will Never play?" "I Started Golfing in '97 Because of Tiger. I Keep Golfing in '19 Because of Tiger." You wouldn't be playing if Tiger wasn't?
  9. It's a beautiful game, and there will always be plenty of golfers and courses. Maybe the game is right sizing?
  10. HUH? Put away your ProV1 ball, Ping irons, Taylor Made irons,and Titleist irons...…. and every other modern ball and club if you think science is ruining this game.
  11. I have a long time golf buddy of almost 30 years who I love to death, but he drives us all crazy sometime with some of his comical & zany logic He insists on having everything from the same manufacturer, and in his case it's all PING. Him: There is no way to possibly be consistent with a mixed bag of clubs. Me: STFU....you're a 23 hdcp.
  12. The bashers, naysayers, and pseudo intellects are in full flight. This thread might be saying a lot more about some posters on here than the young Bryson Dechambeau.
  13. Sergio might just be content with his life after winning a major, getting married, and a first child.
  14. Do you realize how good you have to be just to have a shot at making the PGA tour?
  15. Golf will always have it's core of players who are passionate about the game. I knew the game would right size itself again after the boom of casual golfers on the late 80's to mid 2000's. Golf will be just fine.
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