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  1. Agreed. I'm leaning Titleist and TM but will hit them all. BTW, where do you play in Northern Ireland? I had a golf trip there and Scotland a few months ago; we played Portstewart, RCD and Royal Portrush....had the time of my life!
  2. I guess it's a Players Agreement, haven't gotten any details really. In the past, they simply asked me what I wanted and sent it; balls, apparel, shoes, whatever. I assumed the same would happen in this case but maybe not with things the way they are supply-chain wise. I'm going to hit them all in April and make the call. The Titleist Rep is a good friend of mine (used to work for me) so he's always treated me well and I've a sense of loyalty as a result.....but I do like those TM woods and that's all I've had for a long time now. So, it will come down to what I can hit best. Taking lessons in the meantime to get better. Lastly, Head Pro says they will expect me to play their ball, whomever I go with. thanks for the advice Gents!
  3. Just found out all are doing Demo Days here in April so I'll get to hit what I want; not sure if I have to play their ball or not honestly. I'll ask and will post results.
  4. Tee Times over there are tighter than a prom queen's thigh at the moment. While I was there, I was trying to grease the skids for another group trip in 2022 but every course made it clear that they were already 3 deep, not to mention The Open being at SA. If I were you, I'd try Ireland and then go in 2023; that's what we're doing anyway. Maybe you'll get lucky, never know!
  5. I manage a club and have a new Pro who's going to get me set up with either TM, Callaway, Titleist or Ping. FWIW, I'm a 16 (too busy so don't get to play a lot) but can get to a 12 pretty quickly when playing regularly and have had Mizuno JPX900 with 5.5 Project X shaft and R15 Woods for 5-6 years now. Any leads to help provide a start? I've always played TM and Mizuno so have no working knowledge of the other two club offerings. As such, I'm inclined to just focus on TM and try to narrow it down that way unless I get significant intel to go another route. In the meantime, I'll do as much reading as possible. Happy to hear any advice y'all can provide; thanks!
  6. If you like a Jones Bag (I do) and are concerned with the bag getting wet, use Trestle Sticks. And to the issue of not having all your clubs....my Jones Bag will carry at least 12 from what I remember so I may leave out a hybrid and 60 degree wedge and am good to go. It helps to know the course; at my course, I can get away without Driver except for one hole and 3 wood on most. I'm not a fan of a true Sunday Bag unless I'm just going out mainly for exercise and just messing about with 6-8 clubs. That happens to the point of nearly never.
  7. Jesus....it's like the dog's breakfast; all over the place! Can't remember if I took one prior to departing for Dublin but don't think so; the UK is much more stringent than the EU I guess. Well, it's worth it....best of luck Mate.
  8. Fair enough. Since you're going out/back into Ireland, you should be good. Have fun!
  9. Remember, we are talking about two different countries. In Dublin and Ireland you are good to go with only your vaccination card (to get on the plane) and to return to US, you need the test you’ve already arranged. In Northern Ireland, they have a 2-day test you need to take. Take the test in NI at your hotel on the 2nd day there....so probably about 5-6 days into your total trip? If you’re flying back out of Dublin and only in NI 3 days, you might be able to get away without doing it but I wouldn’t roll that dice. The test is like $75 and super easy (I took it in our van) and it gets mailed. By the time you get results, you’ll probably have already left NI anyway. The test to return to US is much more a pain but still pretty easy; it gets proctored by a faceless human watching your steps and not touching the card for 15 minutes; no way to cheat. Best of luck, looking forward to a trip report! The rugged beauty of Portstewart will blow your mind....did mine anyway. Forgot to ask, playing the Strand course?
  10. You do not need one in The Republic of Ireland but most certainly do in Northern Ireland as its part of the UK. We all used Covguard and had it shipped to hotel; 10 minutes to take the self test and mail it in and it must be mailed within 3 days as they count the first day as Day Zero. Still, I’d take no chances and do it within 48 hours of hotel arrival in NI. Ironically, because of politics NI/UK doesn’t really know you’re there until you check-in at the hotel since there’s no border control. Caveat; all this is based on the assumption you are staying in NI. Post full itinerary and I’ll help you get sorted.
  11. I did not. We all had them mailed to us here in the US, took them with us and did the self-test there via proctor. It was easy. We had a group of 8 and a little unsure if it was available at EDI early enough for flights home. Still unsure as I didn't notice anything like that but wasn't looking either. Unless things have already changed, you'll need a 2-day test while there to meet UK requirements; do you have that sorted?
  12. If you dress warm (3 layers) it’s all good. Woolie hat and neck gaiter a must, winter gloves or waterproof at least (I lost one so played without gloves) and rain suit of course being one of the layers in the bag. I am a HUGE Galvin Green fan now. Not that FJ isn’t good but I had one set fail on me a couple ears ago. My GG’s held up very nicely this trip. i carried a short sleeve and long sleeve top and wore one depending on weather, the other in bag. You’ll be surprised how much you’re taking off/putting on clothes. I took 4 dozen balls as I’m a high-handicapper but only lost 6 balls the entire 10 rounds.....due to Caddie excellence. Your mileage may vary.
  13. I’d guess it was very low 50’s or high 40’s. We watched it come across the water but had to finish the round! But that was at Muirfield and at least during our trip, N. Ireland was warmer in the mid-50’s. Best of luck on the trip; I loved Portstewart and RCD. If you can, pop over to Portrush as well. If you make it there, visit Rathmore next door for a friendly pint. Small club but awesome place and people. If the group is so inclined, get to each early for pro shop shopping because when you come in, they’ll likely be closed. Lastly.....get the Caddies! They’re like 55-60 pounds each plus a 20 pound tip and well worth it. The experience will much, much better. Keep the camera handy, they are amazing places and pics just do justice.
  14. Long and short, the restrictions were less of a hassle than previously thought and now that season is winding down, will likely be a non or less of an issue next. Staff and Caddies were happy to see Americans again there spending money and having a good time; the hospitality everywhere was great and felt genuine. Strangely only had a total of about 14 holes of rain out of 180; rain and sleet on our last 2 holes of course! If you've never been, you MUST do what is needed to get there and see these courses. Having worked with Caddies at clubs I've managed but never actually using one, they are also a MUST in my opinion. Nearly worth the cost in potential lost golf balls alone ;)....but seriously, they add to the experience more than I would have imagined.
  15. Good to know. We leave in 11 days for Dublin, Belfast, St. Andrews and Edinburgh.
  16. As of reading today, it looks like as of 4 October some of the restrictions are relaxed. Namely, in Ireland no contact tracing nor the 2-day advance test are required. In UK, no advance test needed but still need contact tracing and a test taken 2 days after arrival. We don't go for another 3 weeks so hoping some of this will relax even further. We've since added Muirfield to the itinerary (and another day) and really looking forward to getting on with it!
  17. Copy and thanks. One of us traveling is a Scot so between him and my tour operator guy, we’ll get it sorted. Supposedly, some of this will relax 1 October unless something hits the fan. Fingers crossed! Now I’m on the search for a Stiff Arm....or alternative.
  18. Playing there October 16-26 and curious to hear reports. I see the Ireland version of same question so hopefully can get same intel for UK? I know the rules re: entry are more stringent....or at least last I reviewed, and hope for further relaxation between now and departure date. Playing Portstewart, Royal County Down, Royal Portrush, Turnberry, Carnoustie, Old Course, Kingsbarns, Crail (or other SA course, still not sure) and Muirfield if that info helps at all. Cheers.
  19. Thanks. Every one of the models are young and thin.....do they have a bald, old and slightly fat section? Asking for a friend
  20. Playing Muirfield in about 8 weeks and a jacket is required for lunch. Will also wear it to dinner with Club Members at two clubs we are visiting. We'll be in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland for 10 days. Cheers!
  21. Well, if the bag is everything I’m told, they’ll have a customer for life. We are leaving town and I’ll be hunting in West Texas when the sale starts so they allowed me to buy with the discount! Can’t believe they bent the rule. I manage a country club and I try to train staff so that they can make one-off decisions on the fly.....just like this. Outstanding CS with all my questions too; and I had a bunch. Happy Thanksgiving y’all
  22. Damn, $60? Awesome deal. Sorry, no clue re the emblem. Will report back once the bag is received. I’m not a ‘reviewer’ sort of guy but happy to provide an overall yay/nay.
  23. I did look at the Rover and it was in fact recommended by the CS guy there but ultimately, I thought it had too many pockets. It sounds weird even writing that coming from a guy who always uses a cart and loves the pockets. I really want to simplify the gear and lighten the load.
  24. I like them all tbh. Ended up ordering the Stripeshow as it's simple like the Original but the materials seem more water repellent. And yes, that Red, White and Blue version is really very cool; may have to revisit in the spring if I love this one!
  25. Thanks for that. I believe the Original is the way to go. I looked at Linksoul and dig their stuff but not that bag; really want a single strap. I read an article online that said Jones is doing a 40% off sale so the price is really attractive over the competition. McKenzie and Seamus are WAY out of my league and being a high handicapper, I don't want to 'invest' that kind of money. However, I do want something a bit out of the norm (titleist, callaway et al) so the Jones looks like it hits the mark! Now just have to pick a color ;)
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