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  1. Well decided to go by golf galaxy this evening to look around as I had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet lol. Wasn’t expecting to see the hyperflex boa’s, since they aren’t supposed to be out yet. Of course I had to try them on, and well let’s just say I bought another pair of golf shoes today lol. I’ll post some pics of both pair on here for anyone interested. Honestly the traditions feel lighter then the hyperflex, which is something you wouldn’t expect from a traditional looking shoe. Both are very comfortable. I think footjoy is gonna have a big year with these two. Something about t
  2. Saw these today at my local pga superstore. Tried them on and immediately had to have them. I was amazed at how light they are. They are exactly like you described them, old school looks with modern features. And the price makes them even better.
  3. Yes they are quite different from FJ standards. But I like that they are venturing out. They actually look quite good on, to me.
  4. I just noticed these on the Footjoy website. Available 2/1. I love the BOA system and these look very interesting. Look like they would be very comfortable with good traction.
  5. Lamkin deep etched cord. Keep trying others but I always find my way back. It just fits in my hands just right.
  6. I got the SD X out today. Overall it’s a solid ball, no longer for me then any other similar ball. Durability I would say seemed really good. The SD X felt closer to the regular pro v1 to me. Not gonna lie after a few holes I switched back to my left dash pro v1x. I love that ball. Nothing beats it for distance off driver and longer clubs for me.
  7. Just from putting inside the sd tour x feels a hair softer then a regular pro v1. I’ll test it on the course tomorrow. Here are the insides for anyone interested.
  8. I bought some to try because of this thread. I’ll test them out Saturday.
  9. Thank you. I like the toe up design, I had the one made by odyssey a few years back and putted really well with it but it was so dang ugly lol. When I saw this I had to have it.
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