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  1. Im going to be as honest as I can here, why LOW launching when a 2 iron goes low? I prefer to have a 2 iron which I can hit high or low... PXi 6.5 has done that for me I can hit my 2 iron around 230 on wet conditions, and on dry conditions around 245-255 This past week I played Grand Cypress and Orange County National, conditions were excellent, and I used driver only on the par 5's... Im never going back to a hybrid, well not never, but I will when I hit 50 years old, or when I cant hit the gym anymore...
  2. [quote name='borgore23' timestamp='1364392964' post='6705929'] Also heard Poulter yell "b****". Big deal? Also maybe your grandson could give you some grammar lessons. Unless that's "in necessary". [/quote] LOL!!!!!!!!
  3. Where the heck you found those????? Shoot me a PM, Im looking for a set
  4. He said "puta" In english you can refer to as: "who*e", "bi*ch" Hope that helps Who has not called the ball a bi*ch after a missed putt? I sure have lol
  5. Ping Nome 355, 34" with Winn Lite Jumbo Grip Slight Arc Version Took my 3 scotty's out for good, at least for now.
  6. My sig.... Not sure if I will go to the Covert Woods in 2013, but my bag is holding strong still, my putter isnt.... Looking for a Pre 2012 Newport 2.6 with heavy weights and 33", its been a nightmare...
  7. Want to trade it for a new Newport 2? 35" Exactly the one in your Avatar... PM if you're interested
  8. Stats: Fairways Woods: 47.9% Missed right: 27.8% Missed left: 24.9% long irons: 100% GIR: 40% Scrambling: 19.8% Sand Saves: 20% Putts Per Hole: 1.87 Highest round of the year: 88 Lowest round of the year: 72 Index 6.9 And as you can see I still need to work on my putting.
  9. Send me your email or PM me i will forward a couple before and after videos, you'll be as surprised as I was. Good to see someone else on this forum interested in this methodology. For me it has helped me not not put so much stress in my left ankle which is due for surgery 3 years ago... For the record, I took classes at Jim McLean and Rob Campbell is an excellent teacher as well, but the arm swing and aggressive transition with the lower body really gave me nasty pains after a round and during it, specially walking 18. The core swing and the more quiet hips have decreased my pain after
  10. Core Golf Academy is located at Orange County National Golf course. I would suggest at least a 2 hour first class, that's how I did it and it has worked and helped me really well.
  11. Well I can explain you what I was taught by a Sean Foley instructor in Orlando at the Core Golf Academy. But it will be in my own words of describing it: The takeaway starts with the hands to do the early hing to those who dont have forward shaft lean. Then comes the arms and the core sort of of a one piece takeaway with the arms parallel to the target line. Once you complete the turn and someone takes a picture of you down the line, your arms should look ala Mahan and Rose. Do not take Tiger as an example. Once you are in that position in which both your knees are flexed at the top of
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