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  1. I'd like to get out Friday or early next week.
  2. My bags at 800 I’ll just post that g400 Max 150 f7 3 wood 100 f6 baffler 70 765 4-a 300 rtx-3 58 80 karsten craz-e 50 hoofer 50
  3. Have any of my brothers transferred over to the sim? I was looking at one today and it looks amazing!
  4. What courses do you guys like to play in the fall? Leaves can make for a good deal of headache on the course, and it looks like we’re going to start dealing with that problem here in the next few weeks. Hickory stick in bargersville is a solid course for fall golf I’ve found so far. Legends in Franklin was pretty good too.
  5. I played ironwood this past weekend. It has been quite awhile since I’d been there. For late fall the conditions were ok. I feel like it would be worth another go come mid summer.
  6. Played plum creek tonight for the first time in several years. We had a blast and the course is in fantastic shape other than the rock hard sand. I love the layout and the challenge that the course offers. The greens were as good as anything I’ve seen in several months. Course is playing very firm.
  7. Trophy club is an incredible course. IMO the toughest public course in the Indianapolis area. Links style prevailing wind is biggest defense. Lots of collection areas around the greens. Lots of water, bunkers and think rough. Great staff great price.
  8. I have been playing around the state of Indiana over the last several weeks. I played Lost Marsh up in the region a few weeks ago. Its a great course especially if you've never been up that way. We also played Sunrise Falls down in Madison this past weekend. This is a wonderful course.
  9. Everything is perfect? weather, pace, cost. I'd play 7 days a week why not?
  10. I’d like to shout out to the players club I’m Muncie. The course was in fantastic shape a couple weeks ago when we played it. Everyone in the Indy area should make the trip up this year.
  11. Halliedog check out the circle city chili dipper thread in the Midwest region page. We’ve a group of guys that play regularly.
  12. It’s been 2.5 seasons since I’ve posted in this thread. September 2020 bag is as follows: ping g400 max 9.5 tour 65 shaft Cobra f6 baffler 17.5 matrix code 8 ping g25 23* Oban devotion srixon 765 5-A Nippon rtx-3 58* karsten series craz e
  13. How are the north side courses this season? I haven't made it up there much.
  14. Threat needs bumped. Mid season evaluation. How has everyone been playing mid pandemic?
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