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  1. I had a 64. Thing was basically a sand only club.
  2. The big mistake I have made with wrenches multiple times is tightening weights until the "click" happens. I have broken more than one plastic cobra weight this way.
  3. Right now I’ve got 3 woods in my bag as I am running a senior like set up experiment. Historically I’ve only carried a 4 or 5 wood. Realistically 5 wood has always been one of my favorite clubs. Cobra baffler f6 is the best fairway I’ve ever played. Wish I could get my f7 three wood to cooperate more like the 5 wood. I don’t think I generate enough club head speed to warrant a 3 wood, but it’s fun to try.
  4. Anyone played martinsville this year? I keep meaning to get down there and play it. Maybe later on this week or next I’ll finally get a round in:
  5. After a LONG delay I am finally back among my band of brothers. I got the 7 wood mentioned in posts from 8 years ago back from my uncle. She’s not as pretty as she once was, but still hits like a dream. I don’t know if he hardly ever used it. The grip still feels like new. 21* nv 75s playing at 41.5” swingweight d2! This thing has been great out of the rough and perfect from about 190 yards. Happy to play what work!
  6. Better late than never to the hybrid party I suppose. I have added ping g25 hybrids in 23, 27 and 31. I have them all shafted up with 85g stiff flex shafts. I hit these things so we’ll I’m not sure what to do with the rest of my set. Mid bag has gone from a weakness to a strength in my bag in a few short weeks! I am torn on whether or not I need my 7 iron anymore.
  7. At the end of the day in my heart of hearts I am a ping guy through and through. I deviate from them to try new things, but could go all ping anytime and be happy.
  8. A set that i never hit thin would be great!
  9. YES! putters are great. My dad has been playing the same tracy since probably 2007. I bought a callie and played it for a couple seasons. They set up nicely behind the ball and roll the ball well. I'd still be playing mine if I didn't prefer mallets so much.
  10. I was gonna say champ bailey is an all-time great cornerback. He played for the redskins and broncos that I can remember. As far as no woods or hybrids. I've never done this. Could see it on a shorter course, but a 5 wood has been a staple in my bag as long as I can remember.
  11. If its ever been more than 3 i'd be shocked.
  12. I am fall into this category. I am a streaky golfer, and I can have days all over the place. Over the past 5 seasons I've shot from 73-109, so anything is possible. Had a few rounds with 0 pars in them.
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