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  1. Yeah me too. I found the code after the fact just messing around and shortly after the code stopped working. I thought they would sell out fast. Boy was I wrong. Six months later and they’re all still available. Oh well. I can’t even find another thread on WRX about ‘em.
  2. No offense but how do you know what Tiger was playing? Remember, peace & love...peace & love.
  3. Good grief! Who's the dude at 1:26?
  4. P790 w/Modus 3 105's are just what the doctor ordered, for me at least. I was spinning my MP63 w/KBS Tour's off the planet, great feel but homie don't play that.
  5. They always state available only through PXG. Going retail might not be worth it even with the higher revenue it would bring. Maybe Bob got most of his original investment back and is able to maintain quality at a more “reasonable” price, I dunno
  6. Great question. I thought Toll Bro’s built houses etc etc. But seriously I’m a Diamana fanboy and they/he seemed like a great source for those.
  7. I noticed MCA has a Bassara TB-Series...”Considered to be a mythical and supernatural being in many cultures, the thunderbird is known for its power and strength. We’ve taken the spirit of the thunderbird and incorporated it into the new ultra lightweight BASSARA™ TB-Series.” Perhaps TB = Thunderbird ? Edit: I did see JT with one in a TSi driver after the 3rd round at the US Open.
  8. Toulon Garage. You can make a lot of changes to it. I think the stock double bend hosel makes the Chicago face-balanced. I'm afraid the plumbers neck (+$100) adds some toe-hang. I know the plumbers neck suits my eye along with a sight dot, lol.
  9. Top right corner click the ... and select close. I believe it can be done from the forum list and within the actual listing.
  10. According to MCA's Instagram Q&A they say "the AV weave in the handle is a tighter weave than the CK weave. The AV is stiffer in the butt section and the best players in the world love the more stable feel." I'm just saying, YMMV.
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