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  1. I was hoping TM would realize they don't need "TUNGSTEN" printed on the cavity.
  2. They cleaned up the graphics, wow. Right on, nice. Except for that fade bias. The retail ES has a nice head shape already but ok. Did Callaway take the ES TD down to 450cc as well? Suppose I could tweak a retail head with a tour sleeve/adapter to get it flatter maybe.
  3. The TD has a flatter lie angle? That’s pretty cool. Is that the only difference?
  4. I have a slight arc and really like the Anser with a plumber neck look but I prefer more face balance. I noticed Evnroll has some with the deeper flange which actually looks good and is close to if not face balanced.
  5. How pointless right? Just a bunch of circles and music. Use the breaks to show some of field or something.
  6. That’s what she said! I had to. But as a lifelong Howard Stern fan the Ba Ba Booey resonates with me so I will always like it.
  7. Always ride so I stumbled upon their Apex aka Lux LE Midsize Staff. I need a 6-way velour top in my life and its made for a cart unlike traditional staff bags. Its no bigger than any cart bag which is a good thing.
  8. I just realized that...now. Is the cop shop still there, that must still be there. Spent a drunken night in a holding cell with a buddy. The charge? “Assault with a gyro” What a night. Back to the golf Jim.
  9. Im loving the feel of these Microsuedes.
  10. There’s like 4 Club Champion’s in the metro Chicago area. Hit em up! Swing by Cabrini Green while yer at it. Have a day.
  11. And they are a pain with pants plus nobody uses them anyway! Love BOA but I'm thinking Stratos this time.
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