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  1. Hey all, There’s a good possibility I’ll be relocating to the area in the coming months for work. Haven’t decided on exactly where to live, but I’d love to know where the best short game practice areas are (i.e. courses that allow chipping around large putting greens). Also looking for a 2 bedroom condo in the $250k range if you have any recommendations for that too, preferably closer to 94/90 near downtown! I’ve actually looked at Evanston as well, but I’m not sure if that’s a great location considering I’ll be spending my time split between Lincolnshire and Do
  2. What size shoe do you wear that you were in between sizes?
  3. https://www.footjoy.com/golf-shoes/men/spikeless/flex-le3/005FLE.html?dwvar_005FLE_color=56133#start=13 A couple of things - aren't these Crocs, with a liner? And at $120 a pop, isn't there better value somewhere else for the consumer? I believe these are rubber (waterproof?), but they have holes in them (not wp). Having said all of that - if these were $80 and came in white I'd be all over them... ? Love the different ideas and variations of shoes FJ continues to put out, but I think they WAY overpriced this one.
  4. Hey all, going to try and save up for a launch monitor this off-season and so the purge of my staples starts now. Pet & smoke free home. All of these items are in great condition with no apparent seams coming apart or spots. I’d rate them solidly in the 8 to 9 out of 10. Would LOVE to sell everything together so bulk discount offers are taken first. All prices include shipping. Add $5 west of the Miss. If by chance I have any of the pant names wrong, feel free to IM. Let me know if you would like more pics of anything. Also, I’ll be away most of the day and will reply to DM’s this evenin
  5. Thanks. My strike location is actually good, I have a feeling I need to ramp the face down to “Lower” and see what happens. Thanks all
  6. Thanks, Stuart. This is a White, which I thought a bunch of folks here said felt like a whiteboard. My favorite shaft ever. I do really like the feel of something loading in transition. This isn’t bad, just not feeling it. Any xstiff shafts that have that characteristic?
  7. It’s funny you say that. Again, trying to keep it in the fairway, I have been teeing it lower
  8. Awesome to learn. I’m obviously misinformed, thanks a ton
  9. Yes, sorry meant SS. So you’re saying get fitted..
  10. Hey all, I need a little help figuring this one out. I have what I think is an average ball speed at 105-ish. My problem has always been keeping driver in play, hence why I play a higher loft. I typically play a Stiff but was still struggling to keep it straight (I know, more of a swing issue. I’m working on it). But to keep golf enjoyable I threw an xstiff in yesterday and while I was striking it well, and in the fairway, I couldn’t help but notice how spinny my drives were. I always thought an xstiff would just launch lower and have some roll and I was getting the exact opposite - high, spin
  11. EDIT: Day 2 / Page 2 price drop Hi all, Just one item up for sale today. Never worn, with box. The currently, and again, out of stock MG4+'s in Snow (white). These are 11.5's, but if you're familiar with GFore's, they run notoriously small. I'm a size 11 in almost every other shoe and these fit perfectly. I think the pics tell the story, but reach out with any questions. $240 $220 shipped in the continental U.S. Thanks
  12. Ordered a pair of the OG feels in navy/white. Can’t beat the $25 credit as well. Really wanted the Lux Pro’s but at $200... yowza. Maybe I’ll use the credit...
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