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  1. Spam by the following users that just joined today. Posts reported, hopefully they have a common IP mask that can be blacklisted. vinasayang26 joemyls1121 streaming21 amanda Candy Fimolla Nazmul anggela chaa marcelina reuven amandaoraopoopo febiola
  2. The dual core design of the XV would be more concerning to me (I haven’t considered any dual cores in years due to the potential of the inner core being off-centered).
  3. Depends on the flex. For all non-TX parts, the AV Blue and AV Raw Blue are identical with exception to the cosmetics.
  4. I was referring to the non-TX shafts as the AV is technically a different shaft and the OP did not specify flex.
  5. Several models are literally recycled from the previous HB Soft line with the Premier line differences only being cosmetic vs the regular line. SOFT face milling has remained the same. Differences in perceived feel could be due to the stock grip change.
  6. According to an MRC rep on one of the WRX podcasts, the AV line targets the same profile as the CK Tensei line only with a smaller butt diameter which was a big criticism of the CK. This would point to the AV butt material being stiffer. The CK Pro profiles were similar to the regular CK line only slightly stiffer across the length of the shaft and with slightly lower torque so I would not expect a night and day difference.
  7. Short iron/wedge spin is predominantly impacted by cover hardness (other layers/overall compression has a negligible impact), so if you are spinning the ball back that severely on full short iron shots, you may have to move to an ionomer covered ball to reduce spin enough to make a difference. Unfortunately moving from urethane to ionomer is going to mean other concessions that may be a greater detriment (less greenside spin, lower driver ball speeds since most 2-piece balls are fairly low compression). I know it is easier said than done, swallowing out your angle of attack is like
  8. First, which shots are you talking about? Driver? Fairways/Hybrids? Irons? If the answer is driver, a ball change is not going to be effective at combating excessive spin/launch. All other variables remaining equal, the variance in launch and spin off the driver is relatively small across all multi-layer urethane balls that are available on the market. The most effective solution to this problem would be to lower driver loft (or better yet address the root cause which would be a swing flaw).
  9. Unread Content seems to now showing each individual post meaning it is returning multiple results for the same thread vs just the latest post for each thread.
  10. Yes. Most of the industry now uses the same bit and torque values.
  11. More pics in this thread: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1757428-new-titleist-woods-20202021/
  12. Better way to state that would be that the MTB Black is the closest option in terms of performance characteristics to the TP Red LDP (they in fact do not have the same construction).
  13. Diamana TB. Specs and more detail below: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1740992-diamana-tb
  14. What is your current gamer putter? Ping IWI D66 How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? Distance control What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? #8 If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Yes
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