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  1. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about the designated flex or the relative stiffness of a particular zone, using qualitative descriptors from one OEM to compare to another OEM is not an apples to apples comparison (in this case, Fujikura’s definition of an “ultra-stiff” tip or “firm” butt may be very different from Graphite Design’s).
  2. Qualitative descriptors like this are useless without an objective point of reference. Additionally, there are no industry standards when it comes to stiffness so cross company comparisons are useless unless a 3rd party profiles all OEMs using a consistent method (like Wishon or Cool Clubs).
  3. Same as the 2020 bag with new color ways for 2021 which has been a common Ping practice for years. As I mentioned earlier Ping has a 2 year product cycle for bags and the current Hoofer is only a year into the cycle.
  4. They are a private business that is free to sell at whatever price they see fit within the restrictions of their suppliers. In spite of their tendency to price used clubs slightly higher than some of their competitors, they are still able to move a lot of product.
  5. I guarrenty that they are not intentionally lying or trying to mislead. As I mentioned earlier their site stores that new retail comparison price (as well as other specs and details) as a single profile for the model and for iron sets that price will reflect the number of clubs that is the standard offering from that OEM (historically eight clubs for an iron set). This means that the same retail price will show for each sku listing whether that sku includes 8 or 7 or 6 clubs. This is likely done for greater consistency for repeat data from sku to sku and to reduce dat entry labor. Keep in mind
  6. 2nd Swing lists the MAP price for the model and that data is not likely stored at the individual sku level so for iron sets it would reflect the same original retail price for that model regardless of the number of clubs or condition of that particular sku. Additionally, if you are likely going to be waiting a while if you order from TM direct vs having these in your hands in a matter of days in this situation. As mentioned earlier, supply chains have been extremely disrupted by the pandemic so many things you can get today without waiting may command a premium. If you don’t lik
  7. Not sure what you mean by “groovy”, but the balls you mentioned have fairly shallow dimples. All other variables remaining equal, shallower dimples will result in a lower apex than deeper dimples which create more lift.
  8. Yes, the Surefit CG weights are the same size they just changes the labeling for the TS line.
  9. and manufacturing location. Ultimately the difference in manufacturing cost is in the realm of a few dollars per part between most OEMs flagship vs OEM program offerings (the “material” cost does not justify the increase in retail price).
  10. They used to be competitors, but Golfnow acquired Teeoff in late 2019. They migrated Teeoff to the Golfnow platform in early 2020, so they are essentially the same with a different website/app skin (there may be done course differences while legacy contracts runout). Teeoff has historically had more coupon codes, but I expect that to slowly die off.
  11. @Guia As mentioned earlier Ping’s Tour shaft is just the name of the shaft model, it has nothing to do with the flex. This is also how you should look at the Fujikura Tour Spec lines, best to view these as completely unrelated shaft lines rather than intermediate “tour” flexes. Nearly all OEMs use qualitative designations for flex which many times are not objectively consistent across that OEMs entire product line (qualitative descriptors are useless without a common baseline to compare to). Additionally, most OEM flex designations are only a measurement of the butt section wh
  12. Actually Aldila uses the TR designation for the Rogue 125/130 MSI models, although the designation is utterly useless given that all flexes in that line have a preceding T.
  13. I know this is an old thread, but wanted to post this for future reference regarding the insert comparison: https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2020/01/15/odyssey-stroke-lab-black-putters/ “While many golfers liked the White Hot Microhinge insert, some thought it was too soft and muted. After testing several prototype inserts, Odyssey opted for a firmer hitting surface that has Microhinges but no grooves. It’s called the Microhinge Star insert, and it makes a slightly louder, higher-pitched sound, like a click, that many players found pleasing.”
  14. Maybe indoors where you are more sensitive to sound but I found these to feel/sound completely different outdoors. The Snell balls have a very similar cast thermoset urethane cover to what TaylorMade uses which will be the biggest factor in feel/sound off the putter.
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