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  1. The ERC Soft is a 3-piece dual core single cover design similar to the legacy NXT Tour and technically doesn’t have any mantles (both inner layers are made from polybutadiene while mantles are injection molded ionomer).
  2. Tiger signed with Bridgestone before Taylormade. Also many high profile free agent signings are more influenced by money than a particular product’s performance.
  3. Believe it because the Professional did have a liquid core: Next, the first US Open hosted at Pinehurst was in 1999 at which point very few if any balata balls were still in play on tour. Do you have actual driving distance data from the US Open by year? Lastly, the Titleist Professional was released in 1994 which was several years prior to the Maxfli Revolution which was released in 1998 so I think you may be confusing different models.
  4. The Titleist Professional had a liquid core as well. The spin reduction of the Professional vs the Tour Balata was primarily due to the introduction of the cast thermoset urethane cover. Also, the difference in PGA Tour driving average from 1990 to 1996 which is a good sample for the switch from the Tour Balata to the Professional (both the highest played balls for their respective time periods) was a hand full of yards which would also include a number of other variables beyond the ball.
  5. Ball Plant 2 (MA) - all Acushnet injection molded ionomer or TPU cover models (including Titleist, Pinnacle, & Union Green). Ball Plant 3 (MA) - Titleist multilayer cast thermoset urethane cover models. Ball Plant 4 (Thailand) - same capabilities as plant 3. Fully owned and operated by Acushnet. Initially meant for non-USDM fulfillment, has been used to supplement USDM ProV1 demand in recent years. Ball Plant C (MA) - logo and personalization stamping.
  6. Single sleeve prices at green grass course pro shops tend to be more expensive than at the big retailers though (low buying power and the convenience factor).
  7. Every Golf Galaxy I have been to also has single sleeves from the major OEMs for sale.
  8. A 5 core compression point difference is negligible especially at that end of the spectrum and more in the range of an allowable tolerance than an explicit performance design spec. If someone has liked one of Callaway’s similarly constructed balls from the past few years, they should have no problem buying these the with confidence that the differences in name/packaging outweigh the actual differences in the balls themselves.
  9. Technically their guidance states that a stamp shouldn’t be reused until the previous submission has been discontinued for 3 years, but the USGA does not really enforce this (nor would they really have anyway of knowing with their testing methods). They simply test whatever is submitted for but will only allow a single entry per stamp to be on the list at a given time (ultimately they really only care about conformance). Given the submission schedule, it wouldn’t be hard for a submitter to time the new submission so that it is added to the list the same month that the previous submission expires.
  10. That quote from Golfalot is a misprint. The ProV1 had 392 dimples from 2000-2010 before changing to 352 in 2011. The only odd numbered dimple pattern I have ever seen was Srixon’s 333 pattern. Also, the left dot has a single core so it is not the same as any previous v1x core (that lineage has been a dual core design since the 2002 ProV1 Star).
  11. Submissions to the USGA expire after 12 months. Most of the time the OEMs resubmit the same ball with the same stamp if it is in use where the one ball condition couple be in play. Sometimes the same ball is submitted multiple times under different stamps as backups in case one fails the conformance tests (ex TP Red LDP) and sometimes the same stamp is used for a different ball of the prior submission has fallen off the list (ex Kirkland Performance+).
  12. This appears to be a TPU offering at a lower price point vs the rest of the Foremost made Pro line which are cast thermoset urethane. I also believe that the 344 dimple pattern is an old Srixon pattern (patent may have expired).
  13. Two Walmart's near me are completely bare. Also went to multiple DSG/GG stores last week and they were completely out of Callaway ionomer covered balls (they had a bit of everything else but it was the lowest stock I have ever seen at these places).
  14. The test 8 iron they used had a loft of 34* which could be around the same loft as a 6 or 7 iron in a more traditionally lofted set. With that said, mid-high 70's mph mid iron does seem high for someone only swinging their driver 85 mph.
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