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  1. We had our trip to Scotland postponed for a second time and are now booked for the second week of June 2022. When does the Trust start putting regulations on the OC and using mats? Cheers and stay safe!
  2. I have a trip planned next June to Scotland and wanted to throw in a day or 2 to Normandy. Does anyone have and experience with doing this and how easy is it to get there? Would prefer to take the train so we can see the sights and land. If you have done this please let me know or any advice. Thanks as always
  3. We fully canceled our Scotland Trip in June and actually got a full refund from the airlines. Sounds like many of the courses are letting us just rebook to the same venues for next year and bumping the people from this year to the top of the list. It will take some time for them to go over all the logistics as they were fully booked due to the Open at the OC. Hopefully they continue to do the right thing.
  4. Was just given the go ahead that we can postpone our Scotland trip for June of 2020 and rebook in Aug of 2021
  5. Are you going to do the final deposit or what are you thinking?
  6. In the same boat. Is there anything we can do about this?
  7. I have a trip to Scotland in mid June. Does anyone else have these same plans and booked with an Authorized dealer? We are being told if we don’t go that we would be out of our money? Obviously we have 3 months until the time comes and we don’t known what will happen next. Any help or insight would be great.
  8. We booked with a tour company for a trip in mid June. We had a conversation with them this week talking about Covid19. We paid half of our trip so far and will need to pay the remainder in a month. We all know insurance doesn’t cover this and he mentioned that he paid the hotels and all the golf courses( we have 8 tee times locked in, all the major tourist courses). They mentioned it will be up to the courses if they would give a refund or if they would be willing to reschedule to a different time frame. Is this all pretty accurate?
  9. When you say better experience with Kilspindie why do you say this? We need to fill our first round and trying to see what would be best with our current itinerary. We fly in Sunday AM so will be a little jet lagged with our first course Currently we already have confirmed times at North Berwick, Muifield, Old and New Course, Kingsbarnes, and Carnoustie.
  10. We have a trip set in June and need to fill our first round. We are staying at the Ducks Inn and have North Berwick and Muirfield conformed. Should we play Kilspindie or Renaissance?
  11. I am trying to plan what to get for Xmas this year and need to know what the weather will be in Scotland in June? Is packing shorts necessary? What type of rain gear is the best? Is a typical days pants, underarmour long sleeve and a polo? Thanks for the advise.
  12. Hey all, I am traveling in June 2020 to Edinburgh. Flights are just staring to come out . Does anyone have any experience on when to book and if prices will go down at all? Our crew going is trying to meet somewhere to then travel together. Thanks for the help as always!
  13. We are playing 36 at Muirfield and then the day at TOC
  14. Afternoon all, I just finalized my trip to Scotland in June of 2020 with my 2 brothers and Dad. Here is what we have lined up so far: Arriving on a Sunday morning with no golf lined up. We are staying at the Ducks Inn and want to get a round in. We are being told either Kilspindie or Gullane. What would be the best place to start the trip or any other suggestions would be great. In the area we are playing North Berwick and Muirfield. We then are making our way to Fife and staying at the Dunvegan the rest of our stay. We have Carnoustie, Kingsbarnes, and TOC all lined up. The day we play TOC we are playing 36. Currently we have on schedule the Castle Course but we can change it to any of the other St Andrews course. Out of the New Course, Jubilee, or Castle what would you suggest to round out all the courses we are playing? Would you also suggest caddies at all of these and if not which would you leave out? Thanks for everyone’s input. Wish this trip was sooner.
  15. What is everyone’s take on playing Muirfield?
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