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  1. I have played and sold tons of B330 series balls and have NEVER encountered any with the issue referenced above. Very interesting.
  2. My previous post was deleted because I posted one too many items and exceeded the '10' restriction, so, I'm re-posting what's left. I'm open to combining for better pricing. Also, feel free to send offers but understand that low-ball ones will be ignored. 1) Bridgestone J715 Driver, 10.5*, RH, w/Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT 60g Stiff shaft. Plays at 45". My backup gamer, this drivers is in very good condition. Includes brand new headcover, wrench/pouch, and 10g / 8g / 2g weights. Asking price is $200 shipped CONUS. 2) Bridgestone TD-01 Putter, 34", RH. This is the steel shafted model, not the True Balance one that comes with a graphite shaft. Pretty much in mint condition, has only been rolled inside a few times. Includes brand new headcover. Asking price is $65 shipped CONUS. 3) Bridgestone B330 balls, 1 dozen, brand new, non-logo'd. Asking price is $27 shipped CONUS. 4) Scotty Cameron Divot Tool. Only the Silver is available. Brand new. Asking price is $16 shipped.
  3. Freddy Couples used to be my favorite player... until I spent two days in a row walking/scoring with his group during the Insperity Championship a couple of years ago. So full of himself, definition of douchebaggery in my book. Totally disillusioned with his behavior. Had the chance of meeting Matt Kuchar and was gladly surprised that he is the same person that you see during the broadcasts and interviews, extremely approachable, very fan friendly and always smiling. The same applies to Graeme McDowell, whom I have met and even drank a beer with at his restaturant, while visiting a friend of mine that's a good buddy of his. Super cool guy.
  4. Had my 'Kevin Na' experience during a tournament round and posted a 17 on a tough Par 5, which included 3 OB's, 2 water balls and a 3-putt.
  5. 77 on a 72.8/133, Blue tees (~6550 yds).
  6. diabolo

    2016 B330s

    I have tried all of the 2016 but the RXS model. My normal ball is the B330 because of its lower spin and the 2016 maintains that but feels a tad softer than the previous model, which is a welcomed change. A bit longer and with a little more stopping power green-side, which is another positive change. The B330S feels amazing this year, with great spin but also a little extra distance, an average of maybe 3-5 yds longer than the 2015 model. Making me ponder a move to it. The B330RX is my "off"/colder weather ball and the new 2016 model is, without a doubt, a BETTER and MUCH MORE COMPLETE ball than its predecessor. Always had issues holding greens with previous models, especially when hitting from very close to the green. With this new one, not anymore. The ball has more green-side spin but still maintains its 'straighter/longer fly' characteristics. Bridgestone is making it difficult for me to decide which way to go, especially with the B330 vs B330S debate. Planning one more side by side test this coming weekend, weather permitting.
  7. LOL... "Man, this is so boring, I hit it well enough throughout the front 9 but all I got were lousy pars"... #WRXproblems
  8. LMAO... after the first mention of "Lh vs Rh", I would have turned around and continue my range session.
  9. Great post! Some around here wish they would hit it as long as your grandpa does, op!
  10. I've been using Aimpoint Express for the past year and a half and the results have been great. It's definitely quicker than the old (original) Aimpoint. Now, like with everything else in golf, it can be faster or slower than other methods, but it all depends on the player. If you do your reads beforehand, while you wait for your turn to putt, you can be super fast with it, but if you wait and do all the steps right before you're to putt, then it can become slow depending on how deliberate you are.
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