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  1. Does anyone know if the lie angle on the Truss putters can be adjusted? TM’s website doesn’t allow you to customize… only allows you to buy stock specs.
  2. Had the ZX7’s but agreed they didn’t feel quite as soft as the Z785’s, and the Z785’s are more forgiving IMO. Lastly, the Z785’s have a slightly longer blade length which is more appealing to my eye.
  3. Brand new Footjoy Premiere Series Flint golf shoes. Style #53922. Size 13 medium. Asking $185 shipped.
  4. Looking for a Titleist 915F 7 wood. Really only interested or needing just the head. Obviously prefer the best condition possible, but open to considering all options.
  5. That T-11 with only a Topline looks awesome. Really wish the retail model had only a topline and not these massive alignment lines going the full depth of the putter.
  6. Looking for a 2014 Select Squareback. Not interested in any other Squareback models-only the 2014 version with crosshair alignment on cavity/flange.
  7. Agreed. I just don’t have the time to watch 4-6 hours of straight golf coverage. Those 10-15 minute condensed speed rounds are awesome.
  8. Damn. So they really did stop doing those? Then I have no reason to continue my subscription. In my opinion that’s where the value in the subscription was.
  9. Has anyone else noticed that last week and this week the Speed Rounds haven’t been recorded/available to view? Has NBC removed or stopped offering this feature?
  10. Would someone with the Gen 4 irons T or P version post some quality address photos of the PW and 8 iron?
  11. Bump. Curious to know as well. My guess is he plays midsize but can’t find any info saying for sure.
  12. Has anyone here used a Scotchguard or Crep type of protectant on their Jordan XI? If so, what type of shoe protectant spray do you recommend for the XI’s?
  13. I had the ZX7’s and also ended up going back to my Z785’s. I prefer the shape and longer blade length appearance of the Z785’s. The slightly wider sole works better for me as well.
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