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  1. I love Ping equipment and I hate to say this but the shape of these is terrible. Way too rounded and they look like spoons.
  2. My apologies. Yes the ADG3’s are the ones I was talking about. That sucks the tongue is mesh.
  3. Is the tongue on these mesh material or a leather like material? If mesh, won’t that get discolored and yellowish brown with use?
  4. 1.) Srixon ZX7 irons (4-PW). KBS C-Taper Lite X-Flex. Shaft labels were not applied per request. Ferrules are all black. Length +1/4”. Lofts are standard. Lie is +2. Grips are Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT .58 Round with logo installed under with +2 wraps under bottom half of grip. Condition is mint. Used for only 9 holes and about 30 minutes off artificial mat. Most irons haven’t been hit. Asking SOLD. 2.) Srixon ZX Utility 20 degrees. Stock UST Recoil in F4 (stiff flex). Standard length. Standard loft. Lie +1. Grip is Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT .58 Round with logo installed under
  5. Looking for a size 13 in the Jordan XI white or greys.
  6. Yea they sent me one too. I tried that and the tether broke before even getting to test it out in the course...
  7. Give me a shout. I will absolutely take those off your hands if you like. I have no need for the box.
  8. Been searching for a pair of these for a few weeks now. Super jealous.
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