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  1. You will notice that most baseball players flatten their bat prior to starting their forward swing. Doing that brings the elbow closer to the body.
  2. > @BraxtonFullerton said: > Having a really hard time keeping my golf swing and my baseball swing separate. I know a lot of professional ball players will switch to their off-hand for golf to prevent this sort of thing. Unfortunately that's not an option for me (I'm a lefty). My golf swing tends to get too over the top and my elbow starts flying out. I've been practicing with a towel tucked to try to keep it closer but as soon as I get on the course I can feel it creeping away from my body at the top of my swing again. > > Anyone have something else I can try to help keep it in? It would seem that if you actually did use a baseball swing you would have no trouble with over the top.
  3. > @2bGood said: > Some of the one arm drill suggested have me worried about developing swing flaws as I am using my low hand. It is fun to chip right handed, but it more of a flop shot. Hitting full shots with one arm will ELIMINATE many swing flaws not develop them! Check this out: https://www.revolutiongolf.com/experts/martin-chuck/trail-arm-role-try-this-drill-to-learn-about-your?utm_source=ShotZoom&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GolfPlan&vrg=ys
  4. > @2bGood said: > I have suffered an injury and won't have use of one hand for 6-10 weeks.Drives me crazy that I can't do the normal golf related things. I can't even hold a putter. > > Any ides on what I could be doing to keep in golf shape and keep sharp at the game as I just found about 20hours a week as I can't play or practice. All I can think of is walking/ running. Maybe some core work, but keep in mind I can only use one arm to get up and down off the floor etc. Hit full shots with your right arm only. It has proved extremely beneficial for keeping my ball striking sharp.
  5. > @Bnelly428 said: NSAIDs are fine. Look up the maximum daily dose of your NSAID of choice and don't go over. There have been 30+ years of research on these products.> And here is what they found: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/fda-strengthens-warning-that-nsaids-increase-heart-attack-and-stroke-risk-201507138138
  6. Mell needs to take Econ 101 before he writes another article about gender-gap pay and/or corporate support. Athletic events produce nothing other than an entertainment product. The value is determined solely by the demand just like any other entertainment product. Having more LPGA events televised in prime hours may result in a few more eyeballs but it may also result in fewer due to direct competition from the PGA. I will not be watching unless there is a compelling reason or story that would draw me in.
  7. I think Professor Mark Broadie might disagree with your assessment.
  8. Nonsense. The tour pros have spent a lifetime learning from the best teachers and playing with the best players. They have all fought through slumps and swing changes and are a wealth of knowledge. To suggest any top player got to where they are without learning what the golf swing is all about defies logic. Whether or not they could teach their knowledge is a function of teaching skills.
  9. Don't two 10 handicappers shoot roughly the same score? Why would one be better because they had a better short game? If they had a better short game they would necessarily be worse at ball striking otherwise they wouldn't be a 10! Two identical handicaps aren't necessarily created equal. Handicap is based on best 10 out of 20. Someone who is a 10 but has his ten "dropped" scores be in the mid 80s is obviously a better golfer than someone who is a 10 but has some "dropped" scores in the 90s and higher. Id say a bad ball striker with a good short game who is a 10 is more likely to have some terrible rounds than vice versa. So you are disagreeing with the OPs assertion that the better short game would rule between two 10s. I don't think that you can assume that one type of player will have higher dropped scores than another type of player. I think everything would depend on the consistency of the individuals game be it in ball striking or short game.
  10. Don't two 10 handicappers shoot roughly the same score? Why would one be better because they had a better short game? If they had a better short game they would necessarily be worse at ball striking otherwise they wouldn't be a 10!
  11. The drill gives confidence that you can control the face without steering. As for releasing, if you were pounding a 2 inch nail through a board would you release the hammer?
  12. I found that the drill worked better if the nail was angled to the right of the target line and not directly down the target line.
  13. Tried it yesterday on the range. It does a great job of syncing up swing without trying to do so. Seems like it would be very beneficial to use while warming up to play.
  14. In your scenario the player would essentially be playing best-ball. It should have been as though the first ball was a provisional in the event relief was not allowed.
  15. I think it is pretty clear which ball the player would want to count, otherwise there would not have been a problem in the first place. If a player wants relief but is unsure whether or not he can take surely indicates intentions as to which ball is preferred.
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