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  1. > @BraxtonFullerton said:

    > Having a really hard time keeping my golf swing and my baseball swing separate. I know a lot of professional ball players will switch to their off-hand for golf to prevent this sort of thing. Unfortunately that's not an option for me (I'm a lefty). My golf swing tends to get too over the top and my elbow starts flying out. I've been practicing with a towel tucked to try to keep it closer but as soon as I get on the course I can feel it creeping away from my body at the top of my swing again.


    > Anyone have something else I can try to help keep it in?


    It would seem that if you actually did use a baseball swing you would have no trouble with over the top.

  2. > @2bGood said:

    > Some of the one arm drill suggested have me worried about developing swing flaws as I am using my low hand. It is fun to chip right handed, but it more of a flop shot.


    Hitting full shots with one arm will ELIMINATE many swing flaws not develop them! Check this out: https://www.revolutiongolf.com/experts/martin-chuck/trail-arm-role-try-this-drill-to-learn-about-your?utm_source=ShotZoom&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GolfPlan&vrg=ys

  3. > @2bGood said:

    > I have suffered an injury and won't have use of one hand for 6-10 weeks.Drives me crazy that I can't do the normal golf related things. I can't even hold a putter.


    > Any ides on what I could be doing to keep in golf shape and keep sharp at the game as I just found about 20hours a week as I can't play or practice. All I can think of is walking/ running. Maybe some core work, but keep in mind I can only use one arm to get up and down off the floor etc.


    Hit full shots with your right arm only. It has proved extremely beneficial for keeping my ball striking sharp.

  4. Mell needs to take Econ 101 before he writes another article about gender-gap pay and/or corporate support. Athletic events produce nothing other than an entertainment product. The value is determined solely by the demand just like any other entertainment product. Having more LPGA events televised in prime hours may result in a few more eyeballs but it may also result in fewer due to direct competition from the PGA. I will not be watching unless there is a compelling reason or story that would draw me in.

  5. Just because they do so many great things in their golf swing does not mean that they know what the golf swing is all about . Most of the great stuff they do comes naturally to them


    Nonsense. The tour pros have spent a lifetime learning from the best teachers and playing with the best players. They have all fought through slumps and swing changes and are a wealth of knowledge. To suggest any top player got to where they are without learning what the golf swing is all about defies logic. Whether or not they could teach their knowledge is a function of teaching skills.

  6. .......The difference between golfers of different levels is how well you hit the ball. The difference between golfers at the same level is how good your short game is.


    The difference between an 18 and a 10 is ball striking, pure and simple. However, bring me two 10's and I'll bet on the one that gets it done around the greens better..........


    Don't two 10 handicappers shoot roughly the same score? Why would one be better because they had a better short game? If they had a better short game they would necessarily be worse at ball striking otherwise they wouldn't be a 10!


    Two identical handicaps aren't necessarily created equal. Handicap is based on best 10 out of 20. Someone who is a 10 but has his ten "dropped" scores be in the mid 80s is obviously a better golfer than someone who is a 10 but has some "dropped" scores in the 90s and higher. Id say a bad ball striker with a good short game who is a 10 is more likely to have some terrible rounds than vice versa.


    So you are disagreeing with the OPs assertion that the better short game would rule between two 10s.


    I don't think that you can assume that one type of player will have higher dropped scores than another type of player. I think everything would depend on the consistency of the individuals game be it in ball striking or short game.

  7. .......The difference between golfers of different levels is how well you hit the ball. The difference between golfers at the same level is how good your short game is.


    The difference between an 18 and a 10 is ball striking, pure and simple. However, bring me two 10's and I'll bet on the one that gets it done around the greens better..........


    Don't two 10 handicappers shoot roughly the same score? Why would one be better because they had a better short game? If they had a better short game they would necessarily be worse at ball striking otherwise they wouldn't be a 10!

  8. The biggest thing I felt right away were the hips on the backswing. You can tell on the images how his lower half is reacting.

    I wish more people would at least try this movement if they are struggling and inconsistent. Even if it's for fun in your living room. See what you can find with just playing around with it.


    Tried it yesterday on the range. It does a great job of syncing up swing without trying to do so. Seems like it would be very beneficial to use while warming up to play.

  9. I'm not a rules guy .... but I do not see a penalty here. Assuming his 1st and only shot was the original shot.


    Had he proceeded to seek relief from the cart path and then still choose the 1st shot ...... that's a problem.


    In your scenario the player would essentially be playing best-ball. It should have been as though the first ball was a provisional in the event relief was not allowed.

  10. Awesome to see so many quick replies!


    So it seems pretty clear that it's a dq offense given we didn't say anything after.


    But the conversation about what would happen if we had brought it to the committee is interesting.


    There is that part of the rule itself stating that if you don't declare which ball you want to count in which circumstances, that your original ball counts as long as the rules permit the procedure you used to hole it. This would seem to imply no DQ. Even if relief would have been granted.


    Now on the other hand, and I don't know if it's relevant, but I thought I would add that although he had not verbalized explicitly which ball he would want to count, it was extremely obvious he wanted relief if he was entitled to it from his exact word choice to his body language.


    Is that enough to make it so that the ruling in decision 3-3/7.5 would stand, in that if the relief would have been granted he would be DQed for failure to hole out.


    I guess it depends on whether his first or second ball is deemed to have been his choice in this ambiguous situation.


    I think it is pretty clear which ball the player would want to count, otherwise there would not have been a problem in the first place. If a player wants relief but is unsure whether or not he can take surely indicates intentions as to which ball is preferred.

  11. This is a brilliant analogy that I really had not considered. But what about the fact that the single paid the same to play as everyone in every other group out there? Since many of my friends moved away I often go as a single in the hopes that I can get joined up. Sometimes they send me out alone. I play at a normal pace, relax, and enjoy being outside. Since they were willing to take my money can it not be presumed that a playing slot belongs to me?


    If a course chooses to send you out as a single then a slot certainly belongs to you. Shouldn't a course have final say on how they fill a slot?

  12. I just played yesterday at a Private Course (I was seeing if I wanted to become a member there and was checking out the course) that actually has on the card that a Single has no standing whatsoever and must yield to all other groups. Second private course in the area that I saw this same thing on the card. of course, I can't believe that a single should be slower than any two-some thru 5 some but I supposed its possible.


    And it allowed 5 somes without any issues. And it had pace of play issues, serious ones.


    A course does not benefit by a single or even a twosome playing. Can a single play 72 holes in the same time that a foursome can play 72 (18 each)? Singles eat up course bandwidth to the detriment of others on busy days. From the perspective of a private course, I would have to believe that the priority is to foster an environment that promotes association with other members. To that end, singles should not have standing.

  13. Ok, I'll say it again, slowly.


    While it is possible to play bad golf from the back tees quickly, and while playing a more "appropriate" set of tees doesn't in itself guarantee fast play, the reality is that the slowest golfers on almost any golf course on almost any day are men who are playing from too far back for their skill level. Not women. Not old guys. Not good players. Bad golfers who insist on "playing the whole course". Note that the yardage isn't the ONLY reason they are slow; throw into the mix that, in addition to playing "too long a yardage", they are inept at using their carts, are NEVER ready to play when it's their turn, and plumb bob 2' putts for triple. They wouldn't be fast if they moved up, but it would take them less time to be slow.


    You can see this on any golf course anytime you care to look. Or ask any course ranger. It's always the same thing.


    That's as blunt as I can be. Hope it helps.


    I don't disagree with you! I just disagree with the solution that everyone must move up if you don't fit into a certain ability category. Slow play shouldn't be tolerated by anybody. Just don't try to tell people that you are moving them up for their own enjoyment. That is the epitome of arrogance.

  14. There is also NO reason that golf has to be played slowly from a particular set of tees. There is NO reason that bad golf has to be played slowly. And there is NO reason to expect that good golf will be played quickly.


    That said, there is a very real connection between less-skilled players choosing to play big yardages and playing slowly. Think of it this way; does it typically take longer to play a par three, or to play a par 5? Is the difference more about the time spent riding or walking, or about more shots being hit?


    The slowest golfers in the world are 4 guys in carts who are playing a yardage that is too much for them, and have no idea what they are doing. If any of you think that players playing from too long a yardage doesn't slow a course up dramatically, you just aren't paying attention.


    You completely contradicted yourself with your first paragraph and your last paragraph. What is "too long a yardage"? You either think tee choice is a pace-of-play issue or you don't. If you think there is NO reason bad golf has to be played slowly then the answer is marshaling slow play and not dictating where to play.

  15. You have no business playing the tips if you are not a 5 cap or less. I don't care if you can drive it 300 yds. So you're hacking out from 150 instead of hitting from the fairway. You paid your money and can play from where you want but don't tell me a 94 from the tips is more enjoyable than a 79 from the tees a step up. All you're doing is looking like a weekend warrior and not impressing anybody with macho tees.

    IMO if you can't consistently break 90 from the middle tees you need to move up until you can. From the back tees you should be able to consistently break 80. Just my opinion of course but I think it would make golf more enjoyable for all.


    I like it. It would be hard to enforce though. I would make it 85 and 95.


    I have been told several times in this thread that pace of play is not an issue. So what would be the point in having a rule that would restrict where some decides to tee off? Do we really need a Department of Tee Control?

  16. Yes, there's something to be said for choice. I play Black, Blue and White. From black to white I may lose 2-3 strokes depending on my frame of mind that day. Being in my mid-sixties, that will change for the worse in the next year or so. Anyhow, choice in tees is all about ego. Has little or nothing to do with skill or age. But an argument could be made that says, the guy that yesterday posted a high score from the Blue or back tees, today posts an equalyl high score from the front tees is likely to be mentally crushed. Maybe drink himself to oblivison, cry some while repeatedly mumbling "what do I do now?". :lol:


    For some people any choice of tees is ego driven. No doubt there are players that will have to play the back tees to get their mancard punched. Others will play the up tees to keep their score respectable. I know far too many players who enjoy the challenge of the back tees and prefer testing their games to make a blanket statement saying they do it because of ego.

  17. Slow play is not essential to tee boxes, that is why I made my post and agree with Tanner..... I dont think slow play should be correlated to tee boxes..........All in all The tee it up campaign should be more for those that do lack the physical ability to make the game as enjoyable as it can be. Someone made an example and we even have one going about a 3 vs 25 handicap.


    If there is water that is 150 carry and the 25 Handicap cannot carry the ball no more than 140 yards from the white tees. But the Red Tees are across or closer with a max carry of 100 yards. No matter how good the 25 hits it, they WILL NEVER carry the water, why frustrate your self and others by losing a ball and having to re-tee. (while this is pace of play in essence, its again being responsible and knowing your limitations) Maybe just that hole you would tee it forward, Not all holes.


    If slow play is not a result of tee choice then do-gooders should let people make their own choice for what passes as entertainment. Why does choice of tees matter to anybody other than the player in question or his playing partners? I'm pro-choice when it comes to tees!


    For as many players I see playing the back tees because of ego, I see twice as many playing the forward tees for the same reason. The embarrassment of posting a higher score keeps them from "enjoying" the back tees.


    # 2 Is what this is all about - enjoyment of the game. Not sure why slow play is part of this thread. If you hit it shorter than others, play it forward and enjoy the day. On my last time out, on the last few holes, we played the beige tees (old reds, they added a new red tees box ahead of that). Now, that was an extreme. But, it was nice to hit driver wedge for a few holes. Plus one hole had a long carry over a waste area, teeing it forward allowed me to clear the hazard with no problem!


    Slow play is essential to this thread! Slow play can ruin the enjoyment of your playing partners and certainly for the people playing behind you. If the tees you are playing from cause disruptive slow play then you should move to a more appropriate set of tees. If tees do not affect pace of play then a player should be able to choose their own form of enjoyment be it hitting wedges into par 4s or hybrids into par 4s.

  19. 4Eyes method makes the most sense to me. Everyone throws 54 into the pile and gets back a dollar per point.


    So the other way if player 1 earned all 162 points, he'd win double that?


    But I don't play these betting games, so I know nothing.

    you can't earn 162 points. If you were low man on every hole you would make 90 points and the other two guys would be splitting 72 points.


    See, I told ya'll I know nothing. :)


    Actually a player could get 162 points if playing the 2 point sweep rules.

  20. ........9 point is a good game for a three some.


    Try 16 points for a foursome or 25 points for a fivesome. When playing 16 or 25, I have found that a good way to play is to determine the first 2 positions and then consider everybody else is tied for 3rd. So the scoring for a hole might be 7-5-2-2 (16) or 9-7-3-3-3 (25). Speeds up play and won't bury a player for a bad hole.

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