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  1. There is nothing wrong with hitting it 30 feet short or 30 feet long when you’re in between clubs. Most players will choke up a bit to take a handful of yards off a full swing. You won’t see many guys throttling their swing 4% from 180.
  2. Hi. I want to buy a ping 7 wood. Please let me know what you’ve got. Thanks! brian
  3. I’ve played one round since the pandemic started where we were able to remove the flag. This is from USGA fourball qualifying rules sheet for my site in a couple of weeks: > Flagstick: For the health and safety of all players, the flagstick may not be removed from the hole or touched during play. Exception: When a flagstick is at rest in the hole and is not centered, the flagstick may be centered using a club or by hand with a towel wrapped around the flagstick.
  4. I am 6’5” and have large hands. I have dabbled in midsize and extra wraps for my right (bottom) hand. I play standard sized grips for that exact reason. I grew up with them and now find that I like to feel the grip in my hands. Great post! Thanks for sharing.
  5. On that forward stroke he really lays the club down nicely. #superslotting
  6. Hey Richard. Given what I know, how I remember shots and knowing what I was capable of, if I was a 25 I would make the same choice you have. I hope you’re well! Brian
  7. I love seemore! I’ve detailed my experience with them in a post on this site. one of the best, thank you!
  8. You have to wait 24 hours to create a new listing and you have to wait 30 days to relist the item in the original BST ad.
  9. Ol’ Gene had himself a pretty nice spot on the beach, looks like!!
  10. Thank you!! That makes sense. I thought it was “no” but couldn’t get any context that worked in my mind. that works! You da man!
  11. What’s the word before “4 wood, 1935 -“? That is an awesome find!! “shot heard ‘round the world”
  12. lol!! 2020: BLUCK!! Amirite?!? anyway. This is obviously a complicated issue with lots of facets and angles and layers. But it really boils down, in my opinion, not to “the ball goes to far” but that “the ball goes too far AND can be played successfully from the rough and around the greens” The current ball is an engineering marvel. You hit hard, it bounces hard. You hit it soft, it spins hard. it’s less effected by the wind. Vastly! Remarkably so! It goes forrreverrrr. They fix that “problem” and they bring much of the artistry that is good back
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