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  1. I have a Casper Cal King and my boys both have Casper mattresses, one a queen and the other a full. I have nothing but good things to say about Casper mattresses. We didn’t buy any beds, just the mattresses, so I can’t comment on them.
  2. to be fair, that wasn’t 80-130 yards. and anyone would get tired and/or bored hitting 50 shots in a row and have a few brain dead swings. but, we get it: you still don’t get it.
  3. hey @cwilk you're arguing with yourself. I’m not arguing again shotlink data. I get it. But the points you’re trying to make aren’t germane to the question asked by Obes nor the back and forth he and I had about his son having the pulls with his wedges.
  4. I would be very interested to see data on this. As stated before, it’s totally possible I’m looking up at my chair instead of sitting in it.
  5. no dude. If Joe Pro hits it to 18 feet and is 6 yards short he hit it 0 feet offline. If I hit it to 18 feet and I’m dead pin high, I hit it 18 feet offline.
  6. I asked him how far offline, not how far from the hole. These two things are not the same.
  7. In my experience, both myself and guys I played with, it would have been much more common to be 6-8 yards short or long than 6-8 yards left or right. But maybe I’m off my rocker? It’s possible.
  8. Now or when I was playing? I’ll still put my short game up against anyone. But from 80-130 I’m merely average, I think. When I was playing, among the top. Had a knack for hitting the ball pin high from just about anywhere. It’s pretty easy to hit a wedge online. It’s the distance that most have more trouble with.
  9. Time and drive. I don’t have the time and when I do have the time I don’t have the drive. As expected, I no longer excel.
  10. Yes. You absolutely can. Has to be a reasonable way to play the shot, IE you can’t play it right handed. Nearest point of relief may be right in the bush though. NPR is nearest point of complete relief, in this case, from the path. It does not, in any way, guarantee a free swing at the ball or an open shot.
  11. If you hit driver 200-220, 180-190 is about right for your 3 wood. I don’t understand?
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