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  1. it wasn’t removed. It was moved to Recommend/Help Me Find forum.
  2. I have absolutely no idea what opening the left hand for a right handed golfer means. Add "top of the backswing" to that and I am utterly baffled.
  3. All of GolfWRX and the Internet at large would be thankful if you'd do a "how-to" on your picture layout. It's perfect! GLWS
  4. I'm not sure whether you're agreeing or disagreeing. But, the cost of oil is volatile, the wealth is not.
  5. I agree completely. The key to the whole deal will be world ranking points. If the PGL can't get world ranking points for their events, this is a non-starter, not matter what they offer to pay out. The elite golf world is still centered around the 4 majors, and nothing in the near future is going to change that. Not even Middle East oil money.
  6. DJ is 1 event (made cut) away from becoming 3rd on the all time earnings list for the PGA Tour. Behind Tiger and Hefty. His career earnings are $71MM+ That means in one moment he can get almost half of that. I know that doesn't include endorsements and other income streams. Nonetheless, anyone who thinks that isn't going at least make someone think about it on his behalf, is bonkers. $30MM is a compelling amount of money, even for dudes that are already rich.
  7. I've conferred with The Council and we've concluded that it's ok for you to use whatever works best for you. The Council has spoken.
  8. @Redjeep83 or someone else please explain to me how Louis "early extends a good amount" in that swing?
  9. Paywalls are shyte. Here is an article that is not paywalled. I'll bet that mandatory player's meeting is going to be interesting.
  10. 8.1b indicates which actions are allowed. And 8.1b(11) says that natural objects can be moved to see if they are loose. It's self-evident.
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