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  1. I have no idea how fast I swing but when I play I hit it as far as most of the longer hitters. Some hit it a bit farther than I do. I have a TSi2 13.5 and love it. It performs well and sounds better than any 3 wood I’ve ever hit. I like it very much.
  2. I mean, ok, yeah. That kinda sucks. But interest? If you have a usurious credit card and aren’t paying it off we’re still only talking $15 or $20. It’s not nothing but it’s hardly worth noting. At least you got your money back.
  3. fantastic idea! For the price they might be worth a look, but I just want black ferrules and they don’t do black ferrules.
  4. OK. Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback!
  5. I have a set of clubs with white ferrules and I hate them. I know I can remove them and put on new ones and I’ll do that if I have to. But can I just paint them? Maybe nail polish or something?
  6. Yes. As @bladehuntersaid, I’m a reinstated amateur. I got my amateur status back 10 years ago. I had to fill out a form and detail all the money I had made that broke the rules of being an amateur. That was easily the hardest part as I had played for almost 10 years on a dozen mini tours and PGA Section events. I submitted my paperwork and after the maximum two year wait I was an amateur again. It’s not hard but it can be tedious.
  7. I simply stated what they could do. I did not say it would be equally effective nor did I say it would not. That's you assuming that's what I'm saying.
  8. I run 46-52-58 and, very occasionally, I’ll have a shot where 52 is too much of a stretch and a small 46 would be too low and/or too low spinning to be extremely effective. But it’s a very small set of circumstances that leads to that (front pin with firm greens, for example) but it doesn’t happen often and I just grin and bear it. Or whack 52 hard It’s a consideration but a small one.
  9. Im not sure how I’m “not wrong. But not entirely correct”? What am I not entirely correct about? I’ve said before and nothing’s changed, I don’t much care what the rules are. Whatever they are I will follow them. I have opinions but they aren’t strongly held opinions. Nothing I’d get worked up about. Im a hit it, find it, hit it again person. I’ve never used aimpoint and I don’t care if you use a level to calibrate your feet or you use Monte’s voodoo putting. I just try to hit every shot the best that I can, every time. So I’m pretty sure I didn’t editorialize or opine on anything. How can I get facts “not entirely correct”?
  10. it will keep them from calibrating with a level, yes. They are welcome to feel the ground, roll a putt and calibrate using the results.
  11. this was originally posted in Tour Talk I think. Mods moved it.
  12. Agreed. That’s why I said “strictly speaking”, it’s certainly not a universal truth that all drop zones maintain the two points I italicized above.
  13. I would say strictly speaking a drop zone should not go there. Drop Zones are supposed to require the player to still have to negotiate the penalty area that the player is seeking relief (with penalty) from. ”(2) Where to Position Dropping Zones The Committee should attempt to place a dropping zone so that the architectural challenge of the hole is maintained, and it is typically not closer to the hole than where the player would be dropping the ball when using one of the options under the relevant Rule. For example, when situating the dropping zone for a penalty area, it should be set in a position where the player would still need to negotiate the penalty area rather than being located on the putting green side of the penalty area.” ** italics are mine **
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